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Advanced Immune Defense

The immune system is our body’s natural defense to all the dangerous viruses and bacteria that are everywhere in the environment, both indoors and outside. Our immune system is a network of white blood cells that can recognize, attack and destroy foreign substances before they can cause serious damage to the body.

Now more than ever, we have to take care of our immune system and fortify the body against the onslaught of illness. LPGN IMMUNE+++ is a triple defense formula sourced from high quality, natural ingredients that are proven safe and effective to strengthen your immune system*.

Unique Feature

We encase the IMMUNE+++ formula with an enteric coating to help it withstand acidic conditions in the stomach. This protects the supplement from dissolving in the stomach, allowing it to reach the small intestine for proper absorption*.

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Immune System Booster

Triple defense formula to strengthen your immune system

Contains the ‘Opti-Shield Blend’

LifePharm’s Immune+++ contains the “Polysaccharides Complex”, which is a combination of plant extract and mushrooms. The powerful blend of these mushrooms gives you a powerhouse of immune benefits against colds and infections. These mushrooms have traditionally been known to support the immunity.
1. Reishi Mushroom
2. Maitake Mushroom
3. Turkey Tail Mushroom

Contains the ‘Life-C Blend’ = Perfect Antioxidant

Berries, fruits and herbs that have long been used in traditional medicine practices are showing astounding results in recent studies in the areas of immunology, heart health and for chronic age related situations. Combining science and nature, LifePharm has researched and selected the best nature has to offer in a supportive blend of additional herbs and fruits to activate and fortify the Vitamin C blend known as Life-C in IMMUNE+++. The Vitamin C available in Immune+++ is better absorbed by humans than synthetic ascorbic acid alone. [3]

The Vitamin C available in Immune+++ is better absorbed by humans than synthetic ascorbic acid alone.

As we continue learning about health and the benefits of IMMUNE+++, “inflammation” (general and specific) has been found to play a key role in numerous health disorders (joint soreness, liver weakness, mild pain, immune system disorders, infections and metabolic disorders). Scientists have become far more aware of the potential benefits of antioxidants and their key function to support anti-inflammation markers in the body and towards promoting health.

1. Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia) – A fruit in Brazil contains one of the highest and most stable forms of Vitamin C found in any fruit. [1] Acerola (Malpighia emarginata) – A tropical berry fruit that is very high in Vitamin C. It is rich in Vitamin C, almost as much as Camu Camu. [3]

2. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) – Ayurvedic traditional medicine native to India is also known as Indian ginseng. Contains withaferin shown support immunity. It targets mutated cells and reduces considerable damage to the DNA. [6]

3. Sea Buckthorn – Recently been studied for its benefits to protect the DNA during radiation damage. Found in China, Mongolia, Russia, northern Europe and Canada, it has cell protection properties supporting the immune system.

4. Pomegranate – A popular delicious fruit rich in antioxidant. A study of 28 healthy young adults showed a major and significant improvement in antioxidant capacity while consuming pomegranate. In a study, results showed a significant decrease (-29 percent) in plasma lipid oxidation (malondialdehyde concentration), and a significant increase (+115 percent) in plasma antioxidant capacity. [4] What this simply means is that it has the ability to decrease inflammatory responses in the vessels, providing cardioprotective effect, and reduce inflammation throughout the various organs. [2]

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