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Laminine testimony on arthritis, back and joint pain

Testimonials on Arthritis, Back Pain, Weakness, & Joint Pain

Lori on Arthritis (Hip & knee pain)

Lori lived in a ranch in Layton Utah. She had an active life until she started to have hip and knee pains. She took Laminine for 4-weeks, and it just disappeared.

Transcript: My name is Lori I’m from Utah and I’m taking this product for a month now. The first thing I noticed was normally I suffered from arthritis especially when it starts getting colder and my knees and my hips don’t bother me at all. The job that I do I stand all day many, many hours in the day so I suffer from shin splints as well that would wake me up at night restless sleep not necessarily getting more sleep.

I’m just getting more restful productive sleep my shin splints don’t wake me up anymore my knees and hips don’t ache before going to the gym was a chore now it’s a joy I can work out I work out longer I can work out harder and I knew the next day when I wake up I’m gonna jump up energized and ready to go to work the next day.

I just can’t tell you the benefits that this has had I don’t know if it’s actually the product that has to help me to lose weight but I think that just the fact that I can go to the gym work out longer work out harder I actually lost 9 pounds in the last 4 weeks so that’s awesome you know I struggle with that my entire life.

I just can’t tell you how much I appreciated a friend who introduced this product to me it’s just been great and highly recommended to anybody that wants to try it.”

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Gene from Utah is 84 years old and wanted to give up

Gene from Utah couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, forced myself to get dressed and nearly gave up. He took Laminine for a few days and now lives normal, like a 40 years old man.

Transcript: My name is Gene from Provo Utah. I’m 84 years old and I was at a point in life when it wasn’t worth living. I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning and I forced myself to get up I forced myself to get dressed it just wasn’t worth it.

I took the Laminine pills for a couple of days and all was at the energy of a 40-year-old and I can’t stop doing everything now my days are full and excited and I just love life completely as compared to how much I detest to drive when I could not get out of bed.

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Charles could not make a short walk

Doctors could not detect the source of knee pain, except perhaps due to aging. But Laminine miraculously turned things around for him.

Transcript: About 2 1/2 years ago my knee started hurting real bad and I wish to go out somewhere and walk around 6 or 7 miles. I can’t go anymore because I couldn’t walk my legs is giving me so much pain I could take a pain pill and maybe it last for 30 minutes and then I went to four doctors 2 medical doctors, 2 chiropractors in a physical therapist and none of them could help me it just hurt, hurt, hurt, until I finally could walk about 50 to 60 steps.

Then I had to quit coz I could stand the pain on my leg so I started taking Laminine and in 3 days the pain started going down and then it vanished completely after about a week and a half. And I hadn’t any pain since. It saved my life so that I could not be afraid to go somewhere so that I could walk and still go parks and stuffs like that. Get some exercise coz I did have diabetes and I had to exercise. And so this has helped me exercise so I cut down my blood sugar. So it’s really really helped in several different ways.

I have a daughter and I got her on it and she has eliminated a lot of hurt pain in about a month. She couldn’t find anything that could relieve the pain of it. So that’s my story and I’ll keep telling it.

Laminine on osteoarthritis join condition.

Dean had shoulder pain and cannot sleep

Dean had shoulder pain for the longest time and it prevented him to have a sound sleep. Laminine miraculously removed the pain with a side effect of better and longer sleep.

Transcript: First heard about this product it was delivered to my door. I mean this guy came in and said Dean try this product there’s all kind of wonderful things and so I said well want to give it try if it has anything to do with stem cell research that’s a leading age of medicine. So I said I want to give it a try.

I called my wife and I said Jenny you need to try this you know that’s hoax stuff. I don’t think I want to do that. The worst thing it can happen because it comes from chicken eggs and it will be like well would you resist in a fight and said would like an egg over easy this morning, I mean it’s not gonna harm you so she took up reluctantly.

I took up willingly and I noticed as time went on I was having a hard time sleeping at night because my mattress started feeling like it was made of cement instead of something soft. If I lay down on one shoulder it would wake me up with pain so I roll over and sleep on the other side.

Well since I’ve been taking this product I’ve been sleeping through the night on the side if I roll over it’s just involuntary. I don’t wake up to do it just happens. So just to get up and get rid of that pain is absolutely phenomenal and I’m sure there’s a lot of good things about me but I just can’t measure that but you can measure pain that I don’t have pain in my shoulders anymore

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Justin had arthritis

Justin had arthritis, back and knees pain. He does not want to be dependent on pills. He also had ADHD which further real bad No Longer takes medicine (Adderall‬)

Transcript: I got Rheumatoid Arthritis real bad my lower back my hips my knees ever since I was 8. My name is Justine I live in Utah. I started taking Laminine about a month ago. I got Rheumatoid Arthritis real bad my lower back my hips my knees ever since I was 8 years old. I’ve been fat my whole life taking pain pills and all that trying to get feeling better.

A friend of mine told me about this started and taking it, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve taken Tylenol or anything I don’t know how long, but I sleep better use not be able to sleep at all toss and turn all night.

Just couldn’t get to sleep come to work really tired and just can’t get hardly anything done and since I started taking that I sleep better. I look forward to waking up in the morning and get stuff done it just the pain feels great.

I also got ADD? real bad been taking Adderall my whole life and I hadn’t taken that a little over a month now since I started taking Laminine I just feel my attitude is better I can concentrate just as well as a kid on anything else. It just makes me feel really good and concentrated.

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Back pain had it for 25 years!

“I first started consuming Laminine in June 2012. In the first week I noticed I had more energy, and then my sleep improved! I struggled with sleep deprivation and hormone imbalances for years. But as time went on, I noticed my back problems that began 25 years ago were gone. My digestion improved and other physical problems eventually dissipated. I love this product and share it with anyone I can.” – Christine R., U.S.A.

Laminine testimony

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