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IMPORTANT: For IBOs registered in the USA, who wants a New Zealand Delivery

New Zealand IBOs who have already submitted an Internal Revenue Service W-8BEN form: Your New Zealand address will be updated in our system within two business days from the time we receive your W-8BEN form. Once the address is updated in the system, you can place orders from your Virtual Office for direct shipment to your New Zealand address.

New Zealand IBOs who have NOT submitted an Internal Revenue Service W-8BEN form: To have your order shipped directly to your New Zealand address, we must receive a completed and signed W-8BEN form to change your address and home market unit officially. This form can be emailed to LifePharmNZ@LifePharmGlobal.com.

If you choose, you may submit an Australia/New Zealand NFR Order Form along with your W-8BEN form (Please note that products CANNOT be shipped to a P.O. Box). For your convenience, both forms are available online under the Resources tab in your Virtual Office under the “Australia/New Zealand” country selection.

If you are a New Zealand IBO who is currently signed up for Auto-Delivery and have sent in your W-8BEN form, you must first CANCEL your current Auto-Delivery file that has a U.S. address, then re-sign up with your New Zealand address. Otherwise, your future Auto-Delivery orders will continue to be shipped to the U.S. address on file.

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  1. Hi i am a laminine member last 2014 in the Philippines. I am living here now in Auckland New Zealand. Do we still sell products here in New Zealand ? Thank you
    Please contact me via my email. Thanks


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