Complete List of Laminine Benefits

The complete benefit of taking Laminine Health Supplement


5. Downregulate pain receptors in the body

Laminine may help a person in pain relax, either caused by muscle damage, cell, or nerve. FGF in Laminine has the ability to signal cell receptors and encourage the production of ‘relaxing’ hormones to aid pain. Laminine has been seen to help people with Fibromyalgia which amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals.

The mechanism or mode of action of FGF found in Laminine encourages and assist in the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that has a very broad effect on the body.

It’s been studied since the 1980’s and research has found that it helps us sleep better. Sleep is important and we are able to regenerate during this period and help restore our body’s proper PH.

PH is one of the most difficult things to regulate in the human body and with a balanced PH, it increases our ability to cope with pain. Since prolonged intake of drugs or medicine to regulate pain has side effects, there are very few food supplements that can offer to help regulate pain receptors in the body. [3]

According to Dr. Rena Davis – “I have several people who are dealing with very serious pain issues and I think most people recognize that even though we have medications to assist with that, they’re not foolproof. They have side effects and in this more difficult cases, they don’t rid the body of pain, they only allow them to function. So in overtime, it does not work so well, so when we couldn’t deal with it.”

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Pain is actually a perception of the body. Oftentimes, it uses this ‘perception’ to protect the body itself from further harm. A nociceptor is a sensory neuron (nerve cell) that responds to potentially damaging stimuli by sending signals to the spinal cord and brain. This process, called nociception, usually causes the perception of pain.

Neurotransmitters also known as chemical messengers, are endogenous chemicals that enable neurotransmission. Scientists have not figured out the exact role of FGF and how it affects this chemical messenger.

It will appear that from one neuron (nerve cell) to another “target” neuron, muscle cell, or gland cell. [6] Neurotransmitters are released where they are received by receptors on the target cells.

Many neurotransmitters are synthesized from amino acids and this is where Laminine as a food supplement for pain regulation may help. Neurotransmitters play a major role in shaping everyday life and functions.

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    • Laminine is a food supplement that promotes better health and repairs damaged cells. We have users who takes it as maintenance against Lupus. We recommend high dosage of 4 to 6 per day for 90 days and check for improvements.

    • Information in this website is copy write protected. You can send us an email for a hard copy of the list of benefits of Laminine.

  1. Hi! Is laminine safe for a person who has diabetes and trigeminal neuralgia plus GERD as well? Maintenance drugs are too much already for us, including emotional and physical turmoil. Please help, Please reply asap. Thank you so much.

    • Our group does not have a personal experience on GERD, but these other sickness can actually be a complication of other body problems. From experience, we have seen diabetic (type 2) patients recover dramatically. They also experience relief from neuralgia – related sickness/pains. Laminine helps the body heal itself.

    • We have customer/Laminine user who in fact had ovarian cancer, stage 4. She was able to recover after a month at a full 9 capsules dose per day. For more information, you call or text us at 09255338815

  2. I have endeometrial ovarian cysts. my doctor said i need a operation. if i would take laminine do you think i still need to go operation? pls help. hoow can i purchase? Im here at turks & caicos island Providenciales. Near bahamas carribean. Pls reply.

    • We have Laminine testimonials on cysts but depending on the size, if it’s big, an operation will be the fastest way to remove it. However we will still advice Laminine for fast recovery. Laminine has the ability to repair or restore damaged cells. Since there’s no Laminine in your country, the fastest way is to send the product through “your contact from either Australia, USA, Canada, or Philippines”. Free delivery.

    • We are not allowed to make claims on behalf of the product, but based on user-testimonials, there are hundreds of cancer cases that went on remission already, as short as one month. It was actually intended for cancer patients, until recently, they discovered that it could do more.

  3. Hi

    I am suffering from vaccine damage to the brain due to the aluminum attaching to the tubulin in the brain cells. Can Laminine help in the detoxificatoin process? I have been suffering from neurological issues resulting from this toxic build up and resulting an autoimmune response from the body attacking my brain cells.

    I stay in Singapore, how can I order the product as it is not available via delivery to Singapore currently.


    • Laminine’s FGF is an intelligent ingredient. What it basically does is to direct the stem-cells in your body to “fix” damaged cells including nerve cells. We believe it can work since Laminine has shown to dramatically regulate certain hormones that the brain needs or does not need. For Singapore orders, you can contact our seller Sonia Danker – 85104220

  4. Thank you for the reply. Just another questions, for autoimmune response whereby the body attackes its own cells, you mentioned that Laminine direct the stem cells to fix the damaged cells, does it also regulate the autoimmune responses in the body?

    I read somewhere Laminine helps in autoimmune cases.

    • The clinical tests on how Laminine affects the autoimmune is still in long term test . However based on user-testimonies, there are positive feedbacks not specifically on patients diagnosed with the disease but recovery from similar symptoms that autoimmune disease have. This include unexplained joint pains, difficulties in breathing, unable to walk (diabetes, psoriasis, IBD, scleroderma in particular).

  5. Another question. For brain neurological issues, Laminine has activited the dormant stem cells to repair damaged brain cells. In other words, new brain cells will be generated and the damaged brain cells will be removed and discarded out of the body?

    • Its actually the work of the existing stem cells in our body – to repair/replace the damaged brain cells. What Laminine (FGF) does is to “signal” the repair. The dead cell is removed from the body, together with other “wastes”.

    • I cannot be certain it cannot, but what Laminine can do is to improve your eye muscle, which in turn may help your astigmatism. It’s not for Sinusitis though, but if it is swollen, Laminine Omega has the ability to reduce inflammation

  6. I suffered from Guillean Barre Syndrome (GBS) for almost 8 years. My other parts of the body has recovered from paralysis except my lower extremities. Can laminine help my lower extremities to fully recover especially the joints so that i could walk normally?

    • Users rarely post their personal and private testimonies in most sickness such as GBS, therefore we currently do not have testimonial data on this. However since Guillain-Barré Syndrome is a disorder of the immune system which affects nerve cells, muscles, Laminine can definitely help because clinical test have shown it can improve nerve cell functions, rapid muscle repair. In order to avoid long-term nerve damage, a person with GBS should really take into consideration maintaining cell and nerve repairing supplements, if one cannot afford stem cell therapy. As to walking, Laminine will first help with the “energy boost” to cope up with physical therapy. It will also boost muscles repair as well. To boos immunity, you can consider taking Immune +++.

  7. Can i ask for a copy of laminine benefits for my friends. Can intake of laminine help patients who have high creatinine recommended for dialysis and also for patient who has fractured leg. What are the doses? How long? And what is the price of the product. Please email us.thanks.

    • Yes, we have testimonies of kidney patients who took Laminine at 3 capsules per day, the creatinine increased a few weeks and went back to normal after a few months (depending on the condition). The kind of protein Laminine produces help the kidney recover itself. Patient can start at 1 capsule am/pm before eating for a week. Increase am dosage to 2 capsules after and 2 capsule pm. Check for creatinine after 4-6 weeks. For price, please go to BUY LAMININE menu and choose country.

  8. Can laminine help for parkinson’s disease and what is the recommended in take daily and can be taken for general wellbeing is there any side effect ?

    • For Parkinson’s, take Laminine as daily lifetime maintenance. 1 capsule before breakfast, 1 to 2 capsules at bedtime. No untoward side effect is reported, unless allergic to egg or sea plants.

  9. Hi! I have some questions about laminine. Can it heal people who have neuropathy due to partial sacralization in the spine and cervical spondylosis? Thanks.

    • We have a recent testimony on neuropathy which resulted into very numb arms, improvement was seen after a month of Laminine. For spine related illness, the closest testimony we have would be unexplained pains (cervical spine) which disappeared after a month. We don’t have a first hand testimony on Spondylosis but Laminine has been proven to improve muscle, nerve conditions

  10. can laminine heal prostate problems, if yes how much is the dosage? will it have any effect if the person is also suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure? pls advise. thank you

    • For Diabetes Type 2 we recommend Laminine (original) as supplement. Standard dosage is 3 capsules per day (at least 30 minutes before meal). If the person has prostate and high blood pressure, it should be supplemented with Laminine Omega (on top of Laminine), suggested dosage 1-2 capsules only, taken with breakfast.

  11. I have suffered from Crohns Disease for most of my life, now Being a former smoker, I am suffering from severe breathlessness, diagnosed as Emphysema, or COPD cam Laminine help me with theseroblems, also I a always tired, weak and have no energy.

    Kind regards,

    Carmen Spence

    • We have testimonies already for a full recovery from COPD & Crohn’s, except emphysema which we don’t have a (volunteer) data yet. Laminine is proven to promote faster wound healing (cells) and boost energy because it contains the full chain of 22 Amino Acids, which supports the energy boost. However in your case, the recommended dosage would be at least 4 capsules per day. (2am, 2 at bedtime, preferable on an empty stomach).

    • Our team does not have a first hand testimony on MND but we met a woman who had hearing problems and Laminine was able to help her address this. The doctor said Laminine (FGF) worked to repair the nerve cells that caused the problem. You can try Laminine continuously for at least 3 months to see results. Adult dosage is at least 4 capsules per day.

  12. I have had anxiety for about 2 years now. Just have a general feeling of fear, especially when driving or in social settings. Will Laminine help in any way?

    • Laminine was formulated to repair damaged cells and balance certain hormones, it has also been found to help with depression by increasing the production of Serotonin. In your case, we do believe Laminine can help. On a personal note, the feeling of fear may be driven by something else, and has to be dealt with through counseling and even faith.

    • We do not have a first hand testimony on hyperthyroidism but a woman in the Philippines did testify on this. The Fertilized Avian Egg Extract in Laminine has the ability to balance or product certain hormones to promote recovery. You can take Laminine 2 capsules am/pm (total 4), for at least 3 weeks and ask your doctor for recovery tests.

    • We do not have a first hand testimony on Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, but Laminine is known to positively affect nerve cells (clinical studies). The patient can try it at 3-4 capsules per day for at least 3 weeks.

    • We don’t have a first hand testimony on Avascular necrosis. But since Laminine has a stem cell like behaviour, it has the ability to encourage proliferation of red corpuscles (blood). We do have a first hand testimony on bone decompression for years, after 6 months of Laminine, bones started to form. For hip joint, the testimony we currently have is relief in joint pain.

  13. oh thank you for the reply , so what is the best one to take for the relief in joint pain and to start the bone to form again? I mean is it the Laminine food supplement or the laminine omega+++?

    • We would still recommend Laminine (original) at high dosage (4 to 6) for 30-90 days. The patient can add Laminine Omega+++, which is a supplement to Laminine (original) if the person has cholesterol, heart problems, inflammation and for better calcium absorption (Vitamin K). Laminine (original) has higher content of FibroBlast Growth Factor and a complete chain of Amino Acids needed for the bone/blood repair whereas Omega+++’s ingredient focuses on heart with lesser FGF & AA. You can read our quick review if you have not done so.

  14. Ok thank you so much for that information, I will have to get this Laminine Original so my hip joint will get to form again and to relieve..

  15. Hi. My son was diagnosed with learning disability and he has tachycardia. He is 8 yrs old. Is it allowed for 8 yr old kid? Thank you

    • Laminine can be taken by all ages, while we dont have a first hand testimony on Tachycardia, what we know is that Laminine has a stem cell like behaviour which can help repair damaged cells, nerve, or balance certain hormones. Recommended dosage for children below puberty (with health condition) is 1 to 2 capsules per day. Not recommended for kids with egg allergy.

  16. May 7, 2015 my doctor ordered an EKG to compare it with the EKG taken in 2014. He started asking me questions and then pin pointed the question to what is the one (1) thing in my life which is different than it was in 2014. I told the doctor that I am now taking Laminine. He had never heard of it so I told him that it is in the PDR. He wrote it down and said that he is very interested and will research it, he said that this is truly remarkable; that my EKG results show a remarkable improvement over what it was in 2014. He said that he has never seen any thing like this. And he explained to me that as of now my heart is working perfectly which is amazing.

    • Laminine is not a cure, but helps the body cure itself through a process of cell repair and regeneration. Since polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormone imbalance, we have had testimonials already on how Laminine help balance certain hormones. You can take at least 3 capsules for 30 days, and check for improvements.

  17. Reading about Laminine is interesting, clear explanation, testimonies shared by users for those who lost hope. Allow me to ask question for the benefits of those who has a bad experience, some taking herbal supplement, some for cancer, please explain

    • Laminine can help by providing the amino acid chain needed to boost energy and eliminate fatigue. When the adrenal glands function below the necessary level, this is usually associated with prolonged stress (high cortisol). Laminine helps to control or lower cortisol levels, which causes the stress. If its a condition related to Addison’s disease, cortisol is not enough, Laminine being an adaptogen help balance these hormones to an optimum level to reach homeostasis.

    • Actually the patient bought Laminine for her other health issue. Regaining her hearing was not the objective, but apparently was a side effect. Doctors explained that the FGF in Laminine repaired tiny nerves in her ear, which was the cause of her hearing problem.

    • We have no evidence that Laminine can work on kidney stones, but for the cyst, yes if it is a tumor (we have had similar testimony). For this age, she can take 2 capsules per day. Not recommended for children with egg allergy.

  18. Hi..
    my brother suffer of Parkinsin Diseas..
    Can Laminine cure Parkinson Diseas?
    He takes medicine regularly almost eveyr 3 hours..can he combine Laminine and his medicine?
    If can..what is the dossage?
    Is Laminine have to be consumed in every 12 hours?

    • Laminine does not cure Parkinson’s but research shows it can help with brain/nerve rejuvenation, that helps delay or prevent the disease, although direct studies on Parkinson has not yet come to light. Patient suspected of Parkinson can take 1-2 capsules per day as health maintenance (depending on the weight). Laminine can be combined with any drugs or medicine, but we recommend it to be taken at least 30 minutes before meal or medication. Laminine can be taken anytime of the day.

  19. I have palpitation, but no heart disease. I can’t sleep better with this palpitation. I’ve been taken this laminine for my cough and really cured me. Can I use this for my hormonal imbalance and palpitaion and better sleep? Can laminine does not affect my kidney and liver? How about the cap of the capsule? Is it harmful to my kidney or not. I want to use it for may maintenance or vitamins everyda. Can I take it?

  20. Thank you for providing this platform. Please i want to find out how laminine can help people with short bowel syndrome?

  21. I have osteoarthritis with a lot of back, neck and joint pain can laminine help me. I also have cramps in the palm of my hands and burning in the soles of my feet.

    • If you are not allergic to eggs, a high dosage of at least 4 capsules is recommended for join paints and osteoarthritis. You can take it at breakfast and at bedtime. Once you begin to feel better (more energy), conditions like osteoarthritis needs immediate exercise (such as jumping jacks, where the legs are forced with pressure to release lactic acids). A side effect of high lactate levels is an increase in the acidity of the muscle cell.

      Research shows that people can and should exercise when they have osteoarthritis. Exercise is considered the most effective non-drug treatment for reducing pain and improving movement in osteoarthritis. When you feel weak, its difficult to do jumping jacks, Laminine helps in both ways. (

    • We do not have a testimony on Diverticulitis, but did on other colon related problems. Doctors aren’t sure what causes diverticulitis where bacteria grows in the pouches that lead to inflammation or infection. Laminine Omega can help this condition by supporting the body’s ability to reduce inflammation. Other than that, Laminine is not recommended to remove bacteria or virus since it is not its function.

  22. Hello, I would really appreciate a response on these issues. They’re for several persons in varying ages. Which of the laminine products are best suited for the following:

    66 years old F
    -Autoimmune Hepatitis of the Liver
    -Myasthenia Gravis

    65 years old F
    -Ulcerative Colitis (2 yrs remission)

    43 years old M
    -Major circulation issues

    42 years old F
    -Kidney pains during PMS
    -Internal Hemorrhoids

    • In general (especially those trying it for the first time), minimum dosage (if there’s an illness) is 4 capsules per day. You can increase that as patient see fit. Dosage is from 90 days to a year. If there’s a heart problem (cholesterol), the person can add 1-2 capsules of Laminine Omega. For kidney, colon, stomach related problems, IMMUNE Plus can help.

  23. I have been suffering with a severe sleep disorder for the past 17-years. Unless I take medication such as 1- rivotril tablet (prescription drug) each night, I MAY get a maximum of 2- hours sleep per night. I am 65 years old and in very good health. I exercise daily except on Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, I am physically comfortable and have no emotional related problems. Can your product Laminine be of any assistance in such a case as mine?

  24. Laminine was able to help my severe insomnia after a full hysterectomy. I’m was taking sleeping pills before but it won’t help my natural sleep disappear. Over thinking, stress because of insomnia.

  25. Can laminne help my 12 years old son with problem in his lung called bronchiatasis , cough and sputum do you recommend laminine to repair the damaged lung tissues if yes what is the recommended dose for him thanks

  26. Thank Laminine! Because he helped me to sleep properly, and also because here I experienced the ultimate relaxing benefit Laminine,

  27. I just started taking Laminine and Laminine Omega for borderline blood sugar and high cholesterol. However my kidney has been leaking protein for the past 20yrs….it was discovered during my first pregnancy, it has never gotten better or worse but is always there. I have a specialist who monitors my kidney functions and it has been at 100% Do you think Laminine will help to reduce the protein? My blood sugar was 6.4 recently and I am hoping for it to be reduced by taking Laminine and Laminine omega.

    • Laminine helps control creatinine (protein vs. protein), the blood problem also works well with Laminine because it has FGF, that encourage healthy blood production. However, if the kidneys have shrunk, it is likely that Laminine can help grow it back to its original size.

  28. I have problems with my kidney it spills protein that my body needs. How laminine can help my condition while this type of supplement is a kind protein?

  29. Hi..
    Actually I took laminine n it worked great. But I stopped it after I had consumed it for 2 months. Is it ok if I take laminine again ? I have OCD ( compulsive disorder) and how long should I take for completely recovered?. Thxs for your answer

  30. Hi! I’m currently taking maintenance for hypothyroidism (euthyrox 100mcg) before breakfast and rosuvastatin 20mg (for high cholesterol) before bedtime. If I decide to take Laminine, should I stop taking all my other meds? Also, I have just been diagnosed of Lumbar disc disease and Uterine Mayomata. Will Laminine be able to help? What should be the dosage? Thanks


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