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Breast Cancer increasing in UK

UK longevity giving way to cancer?

UK life expectancy has increased over time and the number of people living into old age is higher than ever before. Recent statistics show that the biggest risk factor for most cancer patients is simply because they are getting older. More than three-quarters of all people diagnosed with cancer in the UK are over the age of 60. (Cancer Research – UK)

Longevity in the UK is higher than ever before

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United Kingdom. In 2012, 50,748 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, excluding undocumented cases. According to a study at the Oxford University, cancer overtakes cardiovascular disease as the No. 1 killer in the United Kingdom among men while cancer as the primary cause of death among women. (National Friendly UK)

Cancer is a disease of our genes. Over time, ‘dysfunctional’ DNA signals pile up and it triggers the beginnings of a cell’s journey towards becoming cancerous. Defects in cell cycle checkpoint and DNA repair genes, especially mutation are associated with a wide spectrum of diseases, including neurodegenerative condition and cancer. (DNA Damage)

Higher chances of cancer as we age

As we age, the risk of cancer becomes higher because dysfunctional DNA can accumulate over time. That is why perhaps, more than a third of cancers in the UK are diagnosed in people aged 75 and over. More than half of new cases of cancer are breast, lung, prostate or bowel cancer. The same goes in other countries. (World Cancer Research Fund)

Cancer Incidence in UK (2012)

In the UK in 2012, 338,631 cases of cancer were diagnosed.
Men – 171,958
Women – 166,673
Death – 161,379 (84,775 were men, 76,604 were women)

Preventable cancers

Scientists estimate about a third (32%) of 13 of the most common cancers in the UK could be prevented through proper diet, exercise, and maintaining an ideal body weight. The list below includes preventability estimates by type of cancer according to WCRF.

Bowel Cancer
Breast Cancer
Gallbladder Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Liver Cancer
Lung Cancer
Mouth Cancer
Pharynx Cancer
Larynx Cancer
Oesophagus Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Womb Cancer

Simple steps can be taken to prevent cancer:

1. Be smoke-free
2. Keep a healthy weight
3. Drink less alcohol
4. Eat Fruits and vegetables
5. Avoid too much sun

Food Supplement for breast cancer

Some food supplements can do more harm than. Always check with your doctor if the food supplement you wish to take can increase rather than suppress cancer cells. Some cancer feed on certain type of food or herbal food supplement.

Laminine Food Supplement to date is the only supplement that has clinical studies to support it’s ability to regenerate damaged cells (example is a cancer cell). In fact, Laminine was originally intended to cure cancer, according to Dr. John Ralston Davidson.

Dr. Davidson’s research & clinical studies in in Canada showed dramatic recovery of his patients from cancer, after taking in the powdered egg extract or Laminine Capsules.

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