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Laminine Testimony on Cancer and Tumor

Transcript: Testimonial of Mitos Nepomuceno on cancer and depression

Mitos Nepomuceno from Cebu shares how Laminine helped her recover from cancer.

Translated to English, “My husband was in the hospital 11 months, and he passed away, seven months after I found out that there is a lump here in my breast. I was alone. It was a difficult thing to accept. A week after that, I was told it’s malignant.” Mitos had severe depression because of the things that happened in her life until she found out Laminine.

In December 2012, she met the host of ‘Be Alive Show’, Ana Rivera, who introduced her to the product. Mitos was desperate not only with her cancer but also depression, and insomnia. She was told to try the product and take the dosage of 2 to 4 capsules per day.

Mitos took Laminine for a month, and after a routine check, the result of the bio-resonance imaging showed that the cancer cells are no longer active. Her mood improved, and the depression was lifted.

Charles, one of her friends in the cancer support group, noticed a significant change in Mitos. He said she no longer had any signs of depression. She looks so warm and so happy. “I’m so convinced that she’s here and so much alive for a purpose,” says Charles.

Transcript: Testimony of Luis Cuervo on Colorectal and Prostate Cancer

Luis Cuervo from the Philippines went to Spain for expensive cancer therapy and treatment. However, it transgressed to Prostate cancer and adrenal nodules.

Translated to English: When I was 42 years old, I was diagnosed with Colorectal cancer Adenocarcinoma. I was told to go to Spain, Pamplona. It was there they had this specialized treatment – Chemo concurrent with radiotherapy and an operation. With that, you usually have the problems with depression because you see what your portfolio you know destroyed you know you have to pick up the pieces, and it’s going to be difficult.

I had to go back to London, and because I was not in my environment, things were not very ideal. The operation took me from cancer, but a year ago, I had a recurrence when I went back to the doctor, and he asked me to set aside a substantial amount to go through biopsies and all again. This time it was my prostate, and I have problems with my adrenal nodules.

I lost another weight I encountered a conversation between two doctors. One was a gerontologist, who was being briefed by someone about Laminine. I like the idea of the body curing itself, and I took the supplements, and on the third day, I felt the effect of Laminine.

I will wake up 2 in the morning 3 in the morning, and I have to relieve myself, but can hardly take a pee. With Laminine, wow, I peed you know, “con gusto” as they say. I slept very well that day, and then I said this is something I need. Next thing I know, my family members were intrigued by my sudden change of health.

When I went to revisit the doctor, he didn’t recognize me. He said: “you look 15 years younger, the different person I was talking to”. Judging from the feedback of the doctor who saw me the second time around, he ended up taking Laminine too. I know I don’t have my cancer anymore. I feel like a 30-year-old, and I’m 52.

One thing I noticed when I took Laminine was that aside from always feeling good, I started growing hair.

Transcript: Sony Lucero on Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer having my both breast full of the cyst. At first, I was very skeptical about Laminine and didn’t believe supplements work. The moment I took Laminine, the heavy burden in me was enlightened. After two months of receiving it, the cyst on both my breast disappeared.

Transcript: Carolyn Miranda testimony on Breast Cancer

I found out I had breast cancer. Unfortunately, it was Stage 3 already. I had an operation and underwent chemotherapy. Because of a lack of money, I looked for alternative medicine and discovered Laminine. I took Laminine for two months, and my energy was restored. The wound from my breast operation healed faster. My life is restored, and I can work again to feed my family.

Transcript: Testimonial on Ovarian Cancer

Inocencia from Samar Philippines was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She began having internal bleeding but since she couldn’t afford treatment, the only thing her family can do was pallative care. She began to lose weight. Only prayers and faith sustained her. She took an herbal supplement that only made things worse. The lump became more prominent, and the cancer cells may have fed on the herbal supplement.

She wanted to give up until a friend introduced Laminine. She took six capsules per day, and after four days, she was able to walk. Her appetite returned immediately.

She continues to take Laminine as a food supplement, which helps keep the cancer cells at bay. She removed from her diet cancer-causing food and food supplements and only took Laminine.

Medical Insight: Dr. Rhea Magalona (Philippines) relates how Laminine works against cancer

Translated to English: Fibroblast growth factor is one component of Laminine that is unique as compared to what is available in the market. The fibroblast growth factor is a signal protein. It gives the signal to our cells. Talking about the case of Mitos, who had cancer, cancer could be primary, meaning it may have started as bone cancer or just like her cause secondary bone cancer because of her breast cancer.

Secondary cancer can be from the breast, lungs, prostate, thyroid, or kidneys. In her case, the cancer cells in her breast spread to her bone ribs. There’s been an abnormal signal. If the cell becomes abnormal, it voluntarily commits suicide because that cell will be useless in the body. If the abnormal cell continues to multiply, it will develop into a tumor, which in turn develops into cancer cells. If untreated, it will spread to other cells or organs (metastasis).

What the FibroBlast factor (FGF) does (core ingredient of Laminine) is to signal damage cells not to multiply. This process of marking the body is direct communication between a stem cell, cells, FGF utilizing the proteins also found in Laminine.

Once the cell signaling is in place, the tumor or cancer will begin to shrink.

Bone cancer: Female 24 years old

“Adelle”, 24 years old, could barely stand up and was in a wheelchair when she was brought to a doctor who prescribed Laminine as her last resort. She was towards the end-stage and could no longer cope up with the chemotherapy. She and her family took their chance on Laminine food supplements upon the recommendation of another doctor.

She was diagnosed to have Osteosarcoma, a common type of cancer that develops in the bone. The initial findings indicated that her cancer was high grade and highly aggressive. Metastasis already occurred and affected the lungs. It was rated stage 3B.

Adelle couldn’t handle the chemo, and the common side effects of the therapy had set in such as loss of hair, extreme weakness, and poor nutrition. Adelle was immediately prescribed the mega-dose of 15 capsules of Laminine per day for two weeks straight. It was equally taken three times daily.

A routine test was done after 30 days to check for improvements. The result indicated an immediate and positive reaction when she took Laminine as a supplement. From an 11.7 cm bone mass, the tumor went down to 7.5 cm after in as short as 30 days or one month. After 60 days, the dosage was reduced to 6 capsules.

After six months, the abnormality in the tibia was negative. Test results also showed clear lungs with no signs of metastasis. Her creatine was also affected, and from a 135 GFR, it was reduced to 48.

cancer of the bone result test by laminine
The actual test result, before and after

Bong Alminario, COPD Lung Cancer

Bong, an active 57-year-old male, was a chain smoker. He consumed 4 to 5 packs of cigarettes per day until he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD.

He had difficulty in breathing, walking, and nearly his entire body experienced unfathomable pain. His doctor gave up on healing therapy and suggested palliative care. His doctor said he was already beyond cure.

Bong saw a TV show on Laminine and requested a second opinion with Dr. Rhea Magalona, who was featured on the show. Dr. Magalona knew there was hope and immediately recommended six capsules per day for the next 30 days.

In a few days, Laminine began working on Bong’s sick body. In 3 weeks, he felt immediate relief, began to walk normally again as if he had no arthritis, and slept better. He continued the dosage for the next 90 days, and when he returned to his doctor, everyone was astonished at his dramatic recovery. Bong considered it a gift from God, for it was a miracle.

He was encouraged at how Laminine worked. Bong recommended it to his brother, who was about to have a gallbladder operation and for his 78 years old mother who could not even go out of bed. Both of them recovered, and Bong decided to let go of his regular maintenance and stick with Laminine, despite his doctor’s objection.

It’s been almost four years, and Mr. Alminario continues to live life at a healthy pace as if nothing happened to him.

23 years old female, USA

Wilma from Texas USA was diagnosed with cancer in June 2011. It was already staged 4. Cancer involved nine tumors in the brain, spots, and a malignant lymph node on the lungs. After two weeks of intense radiation and oral chemotherapy, Wilma felt she was getting worse because of the drugs. She felt weaker after.

A friend introduced Laminine on November 3, 2011, and she took four capsules each day for a month. By December 1, 2011, the result of her MRI and CAT Scan showed there were only two tumors in the brain instead of the nine. Furthermore, the spots on her lungs were about 1/4 of the original size, and the doctor couldn’t see anything on the lymph node at all. Her Oncologist, who was not familiar with Laminine, was amazed at the result. It was not a normal healing process for anyone with this cancer stage.

Cancer testimony by a 60 years old female, Philippines

Mrs. C. was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer in 2013. Her doctor immediately recommended radiation and oral chemotherapy, but she refused it and embraced her fate. She gave clear instructions to her children and wanted to spend the rest of her remaining months at home.

Her son heard about Laminine and started his research. Amazed with several testimonies, he took his chances and convinced his mother to take Laminine at a high dosage. She took nine capsules of Laminine for 30 days. After a month, her cancer cells went down from 1,800 units to only 19, which is considered below average. By God’s grace, she is declared cancer-free, without having to undergo drugs or special treatment.

Mrs. C. continues to take Laminine at 4 to 6 capsules per day as her daily maintenance against cancer. Laminine also gave her better complexion, clearer eyesight, and an energetic calm that keeps her day happy and healthy.


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  1. Hi, I would like to know more and probably get a package for my mom. She has cancer in the lymph nodes, therefor there is a mass. She did radiation therapy once but hasn’t done any chemotherapy since December last year. Could this product help? I live in the Caribbean on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, I tried to get some substantial information from people who said they are agents but I didn’t find their information enough, and they never gave me an acceptable answer to what packages or combinations of the laminine product I should use. Can you please point me in the right direction.

    • Laminine no longer use YTE since 2011. Dr. John Davidson’s amazing story and the benefits of fertilized incubated avian egg extract, YTE. ***DO YOUR RESEARCH***, as (Young Tissue Extract) is not all the same! Make sure you source product that contains authentic fertilized & incubated avian egg extract from Norway. Why?
      1. These hens are only required to have one vaccination unlike chicks here in the USA that is required by law (FDA, USDA) to have up to 15 vaccinations before then can be commercially sold. Many of these vaccinations in the USA hen eggs are still HOT even after pasteurization!
      2. You only want to consume the Norway YTE that is organic, free range, fertilized, and incubated for a full 9-10 days. This ensures the highest quality and quantity of live signaling proteins within the YTE — here you get the most bang for your buck.
      3. Eggs in Norway do not have to be pasteurized by heat like in the USA (heat not only destroys the Salmonella within the egg but also destroys the live signaling proteins that are so crucial in cellular communication and the repair/regeneration process. Eggs from Norway do not have to be pasteurized as this country is 100% free of Salmonella contamination.
      4. If you are digesting a supplement that is using an Avian Egg Extract, stop and do your research! Only accept and consume Avian Egg Extract that is sourced out of Norway.

  2. I notice that you have several Laminine products e.g. Laminine Omega, etc. Which one of these products can I use for an eighty years old who has stage 4 Prostate cancer

    • Yes, we have a testimony of a customer whose prediabetic. He took 2 capsules of Laminine and sugar normalized.

  3. Hi, I have a malignant adercaninoma cell and at the moment still looking for the origin of it.
    Would like to try this Laminine might be a help for a cancer free life.


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