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Laminine Business Opportunity

Easy startup online Laminine business

LifePharm Global Network (LPGN) is a forward-thinking company focused on creating powerful, life-changing products and allowing users to earn.

With a caring approach, LPGN continuously evolves to offer the best growth opportunities. Its compensation plan, unique in network marketing, is straightforward, easy to achieve, and offers three key benefits.

● Equal Opportunity

The network marketing opportunity allows anyone – with no prior education or experience, special skills, or even capital investment – to create long-term, residual income.

● Residual Income

Residual income is recurring income that continues to come to you long after the work you have done to produce it has ended. This is possible because, as a distributor, you can get an overriding commission or bonus on your direct customer and customer’s customer.

● Leverage Potential.

Every successful person or business takes advantage of the concept of leverage. You have doubled your potential for every person you teach to do this business. And so on. Now, it is not just you working for the company, it is many of “you” duplicating the efforts, and you benefit from that activity, too.

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Online Business Advantage

1. Ultra-low investment – Choose between a US$30 sign-up fee or a FREE auto-membership by buying an Activation Pack.
2. Work anywhere – The business is online, and you can work at home or a coffee shop
3. Easy tracking, no staff needed – Track your business transaction online without hiring someone. Organize, update, and advertise your business through social media.
4. Leave the business anytime – Joining LPGN is not a lifetime commitment; you can leave the enterprise anytime, and no one will bug or track you down to remain with the company.
5. Get free online support – Choose your sponsor wisely! While LPGN gives free online support and resource, it helps to have an upline willing to go the extra mile to help grow your business.

How do I earn?

You can earn a discount as a rebate, commission, or bonus override. Depending on your rank or status, you can make an overriding commission and bonuses and join LifePharm’s Global Pool, where you earn anywhere from US$200 to US$5,000 per month, LPGN’s way of profit sharing.

How to become a distributor?

All customers who choose the “Join Now” option can become distributors. Getting the Activation Package entitles you to an ID or IBO number and a FREE replicated website that can allow you to start your own online business immediately.

There is no registration fee or holding period, and you can stop without commitment at any time. Best of all, the package you buy is only US$99 (equivalent to 3 bottles), which can be the startup stock that you can sell to friends or family. You immediately get a rebate or commission when you restock, depending on your level.

Why choose LifePharm Global Network?

1. LPGN, based in the United States, strictly follows government and manufacturing guidelines.
2. LifePharm products are life-changing, and the rate of returning customers is very high.
3. An independent distributor can sell in any country where LPGN has direct delivery.
4. Unlike other MLM companies, LPGN products can only be bought through distributors.
5. LPGN handles delivery and support; all you need to do is to promote it.

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  1. Meron na ba kayong distributor dito sa Baguio? Gusto ko sanang maging under ng grupo nyo, mga anung income pwede namin ma-earn sa Laminine. Interesado po ako, please let me know what to do.

    • Wala pong business center sa Baguio, pero meron individual distributor ng Laminine. Pwede kayong sumali sa aming grupo, please email us your cellphone and we will call you.

  2. Please let me know how I become a premier distributor. I am very interested because my friends here (Thailand) has been looking for a distribute here, but you don’t have brance. Will youhave a brance here? Can you send to Thailand? – Ploy

    • To become a premier Laminine distributor, you need to purchase special packs (9 or 36 boxes). Yes we can deliver to Thailand, unfortunately there is no Laminine branch yet in your country. We can a schedule a chat (Yahoo Messenger) with you, just go to contact us and email us your preferred time and day.

    • Purchasing 3 boxes automatically qualifies you to be a member, P6,320. Price until February 28, 2014 only. You may pay through bank deposit.

    • To be a Laminine member – Bili ka lang ng 3 boxes, total P6,960. You can pay through bank deposit or PayPal (credit card), click mo lang ang PLACE YOUR ORDER sa home page.

    • Hi,
      I am interested and my wife to become a regular member of this business.How much should I pay and how can i send a payment through bank deposit.I’m here in Sultanate of Oman.Thanks and Best Regards

  3. hi

    i would like to ask how to be family pack member. im interesting in your products. do you plan to hve a distributor in hk.

    • Yes you can start distributing Laminine in HK already. We’ll send you a separate email. You need to purchase ACTIVATION PACK or 3 boxes to start your membership/independent distributor. You can pay through PayPal or bank deposit.

  4. Hi, my husband is a member we’re from Davao City. I was the one who applied for him because my fellow nurse here in ksa is suffering from kidney failure and amazingly proved that it helped him a lot which medically no one could explain. That’s why I was encouraged to convinced my husband to try because he is suffering from the same disease and had been through dialysis 2x a week. I don’t know what group we join because it was through an OB-Gyne doctor whom I applied and we paid 6960ph also.And my husband will stop using it because a doctor said it’s protein base that’s why his creatinine is going up/increases. I am here in ksa but I am very much interested to be a distributor too. I am an NQI nurse of King Fahad Hospital of the University ,all khobar, ksa.

    • Laminine contains FGF which explains the “repairing of damaged cell” part while the 22 Amino Acids, provides the balance and energy kidney patients need. If you want Althea Group to be your sponsor, just purchase 3 boxes (Go to BUY LAMININE, choose Philippines option for 3 boxes) Delivery is free for Activation Package (auto-member). As a member you get rebates and commission. We can help maximize your network, however KSA currently does not allow shipping of food supplements. However “hand carry” Laminine to KSA is allowed. If you wish to order, just place your order or go to Buy Laminine (PayPal)

  5. Hi I am interested to become a member of this business,and I have a friend who is having a kidney problem and prostate disorder,is it good for him to take this supplement? will it not give him a bad effect on his health condition at present? Thanks.

    • Yes, we have several direct customers who have kidney problems that uses Laminine. It gives them energy and sustains them specially during kidney dialysis. You can search youtube for testimonies. The effects of Laminine on both kidney and prostate problems are very good.

  6. Hi, I’m looking for a distributor in the UK but unable to find any local ones. Do you know of any or do you ship to ship to UK or does Laminine have to be hand carried to UK too? Finally, what is the process if there are no distributors and I want to start the channel here? Many thanks.

    • We can ship Laminine product to UK with an additional Shipping and Handling fee of US$52. If you know someone in US or Canada, we can send the product their where courier is much cheaper, as well as the product itself and your contact in turn can send it to you from US or Canada.

    • Unfortunately, we currently do not ship to Middle East countries, Brunei. Someone has to hand carry the product from another country like the Philippines, Australia, Canada or US. We can send the product for free in any of these countries.

  7. I would like to join your group.Question: Do I have the same website like this to promote my business under your sponsorship?How I can get my commissions? Will you help me giving spill over? Thank you
    Tata Pinar from Zamboanga Sibugay Philippines

    • Yes, as member you get your own replicated website for ordering and organizing your back office. Commission can be withdrawn through EastWest Bank or use it to buy products. Yes there are also spillover. You can text 09255338815 for more info.

    • For Philippines, same rules apply, you need to order 3 boxes minimum (activation pack). You will be given an IBO number and personal website to conduct your business. For more information, please contact 09255338815

  8. i would like inverstir in this area but i do not know how then do we never know if this interests you be sure to answer me thank you

  9. Meron na po ba kayong legit distributor ng Laminine dito sa Biñan, Laguna or near our area? Para po hindi na ako pupunta sa main office which is at Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas.

  10. I am interested w the product..a friend also is suffering w a lung problem,so i need to know more about the product.pls.give me some info..or can send me an address in alabang branch so i can visit.thank you!


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