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Buy Laminine in Ireland – Direct Delivery

Laminine Ireland is now open for direct delivery. First-time customers can order 1 pot of Laminine by choosing BUY NOW. If you wish to buy it at wholesale, please choose JOIN NOW (Activation Package), minimum of 3 orders for the initial order. You can get discount in form of rebate as a member.


Laminine Ireland is now door to door auto-delivery. Direct deliveries to Ireland are shipped from LPGN’s hub in U.S.A. or Europe. Shipping is approximately 7 working days. LifePharm (parent company) is working towards having its own delivery hub from within Ireland. When this happens, all deliveries will take as short as 2-3 days only.


1 Pot (Retail) – £29.85
1 Pot (Member) – £25
3 Pots (Activation pack) – £76.50
* 30 Days money back guarantee
* Additional shipping and handling fee

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Open for local distributor.
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Join our team, be part of Team Ireland and start your own home-based online business with Althea Group.

** Althea Group invites you to become part of our team in Ireland

As a distributor, you have an opportunity to earn online. All you need is a desktop computer and some social media skills. To be a distributor, just sign up for an Activation Package (£76.50 for 3 Pots!). Selling Laminine anywhere in the Ireland is easy and you do not need to worry about delivery, returns, or other issues. LifePharm’s Global Support suite will do that for you.

Laminine Ireland is now officially open for direct delivery. This means you can order or distribute anywhere in Ireland by just going on-line (auto-delivery). Your market is not limited to Ireland and you can sell Laminine to anywhere in the world. All they need to do is to go to your free replicated website. If you sign-up with Althea Group, your name and contact information will also be listed on our local site.

→ Click here for instructions on how to place an order or register
→ How to become a distributor

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