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Laminine in Norway

Laminine products are now available for direct delivery to Norway—where Laminine began its roots.


● 1 Bottle (30 Capsules) – €36.20 (Retail*)
● 1 Bottle (30 Capsules) – €28.95 (Member’s price)
● 2 Bottles (60 Capsules) – € 57.90 (Member’s price)
● 3 Bottles (90 Capsules) – €86.85 (Activation Pack)
● 9 Bottles (270 Capsules) – €260.55 + 1 Bottle FREE (30 Capsules)
* Minimum of 3 Bottles (Activation Package) for Auto-delivery

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Laminine Europe convention in 2019.

About Laminine Norway

LifePharm, makers of Laminine, first sourced its eggs from Norway in partnership with a local Norwegian group. LGPN moved its production and sourced its eggs directly in the United States.

This ensures better logistics and delivery across the world. It also assures customers of the same and unrivaled quality of extracting FGF using patented technology developed with Norwegian egg expert Dr. Bjodne Eskeland.

However, the subsequent manufacturing of Laminine was moved to the United States, where Eskeland became part of the team. He coined the word YTE or Young Tissue Extract, which was later improved and blended into the Laminine ingredients – OPT9.

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