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Transverse Myelitis

Testimony on Transverse Myelitis Joanne Leall, female 30 years old from Benguet, Abra is a call center agent. In 2012, she went to work feeling normal. Suddenly, she felt a distinct pain at her nape....
laminine testimonials

Laminine testimony on stress, mental & emotional boost

Testimonial on Stress & Strain Relief, Mental & Emotional Boost I have not experienced any anxiety Since I have taken Laminine, I have not experienced any anxiety, something that I usually have to contend with. Being...
laminine testimonials

Laminine testimonies on mental focus, anxiety, stress, back pain, & discomfort

Testimonial on Mental Focus, Anxiety, Stress, Back Pain, & Discomfort Stress & Back Pain Michelle was suffering from an upper back injury due to stress and over lifting. The discomfort prevented her from having a productive...
laminine testimonials

Laminine testimony on energy, stamina, & libido

Testimonials on Energy, Stamina, & Libido I didn't have the heavy feeling behind my eyes that I used to experience daily “When I first started taking Laminine, I recorded how I felt every single day. I...

Laminine testimony on Sports Injury & Depression (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy)

Laminine Testimonial of Rick Goltz from Canada Rick Goltz from Canada was depressed, suffered pain and traumatic brain injury as a former football player. He had Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Transcript:. Hi my name is Rick Goltz...
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Laminine testimony on arthritis, back and joint pain

Testimonials on Arthritis, Back Pain, Weakness, & Joint Pain Lori on Arthritis (Hip & knee pain) Lori lived in a ranch in Layton Utah. She had an active life until she started to have hip and...

Testimony of Nancy Andujar – Overcoming the Appalachian Trail

Overcoming Obstacles with Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++* Beyond the Frame is about the adventures of Nancy Andujar who obtained the last jewel of the Triple Crown, the Appalachian Trail, on her 56th birthday in October...
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Testimony of Golf (Unexplained Back Pain, Tumor, & Glaucoma)

Testimonial on an unexplained Back Pain, Tumor, & Glaucoma* WATCH VIDEO: https://youtu.be/sJygLdQ8TLk Transcript: My name is Golf I'm a personal trainer and I'm twenty. The reason why I did get laminine was my mom got a car accident...
laminine testimonials

Testimonials on Anti-Aging, Better Skin, & Sleep

Laminine Testimonials on Anti-Aging, Better Skin, & Sleep* My sleep and mood improved “I decided to try Laminine, and the results were simply stunning. My sleep and mood improved, my level of energy increased, and my...
laminine testimonials

Testimony on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

He was given one year to live but 5 years later, he's still healthy Bong was initially diagnosed with asthma. Medications did not help and was told it progressed to emphysema in 2012. Almost a...
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