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Selling Tips & Techniques

Tips on how to start your Laminine store: TIP #1 - Get to know the product 1. Watch the following videos: About Laminine About Laminine Omega About Digestive About Immune 2. Read the following articles: → Laminine Quick Review → Benefits of...
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How to become an IBO Laminine distributor or member

Laminine Food Supplement is sold through Multi Level Marketing or MLM. You can start your own home-based Laminine store. Just purchase an Activation Pack or Equivalent and you will be given an ID or...
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Laminine Business Opportunity

Easy start-up online business LifePharm Global Network (LPGN), the parent company is a forward thinking company whose main focus is to create powerful products that are both superior and life-changing. LPGN cares for you and...

Most asked questions by members

1. Who is LifePharm and LPGN?? LifePharm Incorporated or LifePharm is the manufacturer of Laminine Food Supplement and other global health products. LifePharm Global Network or LGPN is its marketing and distributor arm. Lifepharm, Inc....
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How to Get Discount in a form of Commission or Rebate

Laminine, a product of LifePharm Global Network allows signed-up customers to get cash or products, practically for free. Each time someone orders an Activation Pack or equivalent using the member's account (replicated website). An...

Member Advantage: How to personalize your free website url

How to personalize your 'website pointer' or 'url' The 'url' (Uniform Resource Locator) is the website address you see on the top of the browser (example You can promote your 'url' through social media...
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How to buy but does not want to be a member

How to buy Laminine without paying membership fee Most countries require minimum of 3 bottles (Activation package) on the initial sign-up. Technically, this is a good 1-month supply if you are to take the ideal...

Laminine Schedule for Doctors and Seminars

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How to sell Laminine

Want to be a distributor and sell Laminine? LifePharm Global Network makers and distributor of Laminine products can be sold through distributors from most countries around the world. If you are a registered IBO (those...
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How to Add or Enroll a New Member

How to add or enroll a new member under your account * For those who bought an Activation Package by choosing JOIN NOW option. * Please ensure you know your ID/IBO number & password You can earn...
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