Chemotherapy vs. Food Supplements

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How chemotherapy destroys cancer cells

An organ or body tissue is made of billions of cells. Cancer is basically damaged or dead cells. An organ has cells that only divide if it needs to repair itself. Repair involves splitting itself into 2 identical new cells and so on. In cancer, the cells keep on dividing until there is a mass of cells. This mass of cells becomes a lump or tumor. Unless removed, cancer will eventually spread to the rest of the body (metastasis).

Cancer treatment

Chemotherapy is a chemical or drug treatment is the most common way to kill cancer cells. Since cancer cells divide much more often than most normal or healthy cells, these cancer cells are more likely to be destroyed first. This is the reason why early detection has a higher rate of success, the chemotherapy does not need to last long, that is long enough to destroy the rest of the normal cells. [1]

Side effects of chemo

As the chemical kills cancer cells, it does the same to healthy cells that are growing and dividing. Chemotherapy affects and downgrades your skin, bone marrow, hair follicles and lining of the digestive system.

This is the reason why cancer has become synonymous with bald, pale, & skinny patients. Chemo may also result in vomiting which is our body’s reaction when it wants to rid of something. It also lowers immunity that affects the ability to absorb many nutrients. While newer drugs or oral chemotherapy is being introduced, this type of treatment does not apply across cancer types. Chemotherapy is still the top of mind prescription for the most oncologist.

Dr. John Cairns, a professor of microbiology at Harvard, published his view in Scientific American in 1985, “the war on cancer was a failure and that chemotherapy was not getting very far with the vast majority of cancers.” [2] Although less invasive oral (tablet) chemotherapy is available, it is an expensive alternative.

Homeopathic Doctors do not recommend chemotherapy because it brings more havoc to the body. Our body can heal itself and if we can reach the state of homeostasis, we can achieve longevity.

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What else can you do?

1. Change the diet

It is widely known that junk food and high preservatives in food causes cancer. Most people are eating fewer vegetables and greens are rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help avoid cancer. Our body has the ability to heal itself, this is possible if our body has reached homeostasis.

2. Please exercise

Exercise has a number of biological effects on the body, some of which have been proposed to explain associations with specific cancers such as lowering the levels of hormones, such as insulin and estrogen, and of certain growth factors that have been associated with cancer development and progression.

It also prevents obesity and decreases insulin resistance. It alters the metabolism of bile acids, resulting in decreased exposure of the gastrointestinal tract to these suspected carcinogens (colon cancer). Excercise also reduces inflammation, improves the immune system function. (Souce:

3. Take dietary supplement

Vitamin C

Ewan Cameron, a Scottish physician, did a study in which 100 cancer patients were given 10,000 mg of vitamin C for the rest of their lives, while control patients were not. The patients on vitamin C lived much longer than the age-matched controls. The Mayo Clinic did two studies on vitamin C, and in both studies found that vitamin C did not help.

However, both studies were set up in a manner that almost guaranteed failure, which is to say that it may have been done intentionally to generate negative publicity for this non-toxic approach (of Vitamin C), says Dr. Whitaker (Source: Row my boat).

Cartilage & Nucleotides from beef blood

Nucleotides from frozen bovine blood has antitumor effects (Source: NCBI). Nucleotides supplement are most beneficial to our DNA which in turn is essential when cells repair themselves from mutant gene or cancer cells.

A three- to the four-month trial of bovine or shark cartilage. The mucopolysaccharides in cartilage stimulate the immune system and normalize malignant cells. 90% of patients with a variety of cancers responded to a clinical trial of bovine cartilage; shark cartilage has demonstrated success rates of 25 to 50% (suggested dose is 1 g per 3 pounds of body weight). (Reference: NIH)

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Used as an effective therapy in congestive heart failure. It is an antioxidant that fights oxidative stress in the blood vessels to encourages smooth and clear blood flow.

CoQ10 has only recently been studied as a cancer treatment. Cancer patients have been found to have deficiencies of CoQ10. Clinical trials in breast cancer have resulted in no further metastases, improved quality of life (no weight loss and less pain), and partial remission in six of 32 patients. It can be taken in liquid form. It is also available as food supplement in capsule form and is one of the ingredients of Laminine Omega CoQ10, that also works for cholesterol problems.

Essiac Tea

It is a blend of four herbs -burdock root, sheep’s sorrel, slippery elm and Indian rhubarb root- has its genesis in Native American medicinal folklore. Since it was “discovered” by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse in the 1920s, thousands have claimed to have had their cancers cured by this tea. (Reference: Mercola)

Chicken Egg Tissue Extract

In 1929, a Canadian Doctor discovered that the nutrition extracted from a 9-day old chicken egg (tissue extract) can help the body recover from cancer. Known as YTE or Young Tissue Extract is the key component of Laminine’s OPT9 formula.

Its peptide (proteins) ingredient signals cancer cells to stop proliferating and encourage healthy cells to multiply, overcoming cancer cells. (Reference: Dietary supplement for cancer

[1][2] How chemotherapy works | Cancer Research UK

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