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Laminine’s OPT9 Blend Formula

The success of Laminine began with the discovery of Fertilized Egg Extract by of Dr. John Ralston Davidson, a Canadian doctor who discovered the healing powers of partially incubated egg extract in the late 1920s. Laminine’s powerful base ingredient called Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE), forms part of the OPT9 Blend that makes Laminine standout among other products.

Dr. Bjodne Bjodne Eskeland, founder of YTE worked with the LifePharm Research Scientists. Together, they used the latest patented cooling technology devised for LPGN to produced the ideal and high quality fertilized and partially incubated egg extract, as the base ingredient for OPT9 Blend formula.

OPT9 Formula
OPT9 Blend is a right blend of powerful ingredients. that makes Laminine do what it does best – repair, rejuvenate, and restore aging cells. Comparing Laminine with other generic egg extracts is like comparing Starbucks coffee with a regular coffee from Sumatra. Yes, you may get their coffee beans from the same area, but the roasting and process make Starbucks coffee unmatched. The same thing applies to Laminine, it is unmatched and LPGN has clinical studies to support its claims.

OPT9 Formula is the right blend of powerful ingredients

Comparing YTE & the superior OPT9 Blend

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Compare YTE and Laminine

1. The YTE & FAEE difference

Both comes from hen eggs that were partially incubated and extracted on the 9th day of incubation. The main differences are:
1. Evaporative cooling process
2. Combination of other ingredients.

THE RESULT: Visually, the difference is clear. Lamninine produces the best and finest quality peptides (amino acids). Comparing it to YTE, Laminine’s color is white because it uses a special cooling method. Unlike the traditional process, the quality diminishes (color changes), when heat is present.

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LifePharm uses a patented evaporative cooling process where the temperature does not cause denaturing (alter the natural qualities) of the peptides (proteins), thus resulting into the purest high-quality grade chain of peptides. This technology is exclusive to LifePharm and is not available anywhere else in the world besides the United States.

2. Nobody has the same OPT9 Blend that Laminine has

The comparison between Laminine and other products is like comparing Apples to Oranges. Every step of our manufacturing process adds to the efficiency of the final ingredient, and that cannot be copied by anybody else. Just like a good cappuccino, it’s not the amount of coffee beans that makes the taste, it’s the blend of coffee beans and other ingredients, at the right temperature and right timing, that affects the end result.

Every step of our manufacturing process adds to the efficiency of the final ingredient, and that cannot be copied by anybody else.

3. LPGN utilizes the highest safety standards

Every batch of the extract remains consistent and safe. By transferring egg production to the United States (from Norway), LPGN has been able to improve upon the manufacturing process.

4. Traceability – Quality assurance

If there are ever any issues about the product, The LGPN team can fly directly over to the local farms in the USA and inspect the manufacturing process from when the eggs are picked up to when they become a finished product.

LPGN product tracking allows it to follow the path of specific components in the OPT9™ blend. Visibility across the supply chain (i.e. the ability to trace each ingredient from “farm to capsule”) through the creation of batch genealogy is vital to ensuring the quality of our products.

The OPT9 Blend is a superior formula

Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, founder of both YTE and the Fertilized Avian Egg Extract was part of Lifepharm Scientific Advisory Board. Before his passing in 2015, Dr. Eskeland acknowledged and said himself that Laminine is a superior product, that is producing unprecedented health benefits (compared to previous extracts).

FGF, the science behind Laminine.

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  1. Laminine does not include genuine YTE nor anything like it.

    There is nothing else comparable to YTE – it is unique and lifechanging.

    The only formulas containing real YTE and stating the actual dose included in each capsule are made by Health Evolution

    Health Evolution formulas contain the clinical therapeutic dose of YTE – and state exactly how much is in each capsule and each bottle.

    There are five Health Evolution formulas, including TeloNine which is the ONLY YTE formula approved by the KFDA, and legally sold in the Republic of Korea.

    Health Evolution also has a far more generous and fair compensation plan for affiliates, distributors, doctors and other health professionals:


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