Compare Laminine vs Laminine Omega

difference of laminine omega

Difference of Laminine vs Laminine Omega

Laminine Original formula Laminine Omega+++
INGREDIENTS FAEE (FGF2), marine plants, and yellow pea. FAEE (FGF2 at lesser amount), marine plants, yellow pea, Omega 3-6-9, CoQ10 Extended Release, Vitamin K2 (100% natural & organic).
GENERAL USE Repair, restore, rejuvenate damaged or aging cells. Can be used as add-on supplement when taking Laminine. Ideal for those with heart & bones problems. Can be used also as an anti-inflammatory supplement. It provides 24 hours antioxidant.
FORMULATED (Specific for***) ● Stem-cell like behaviour that helps the body repair itself from diseases that damages the cell, nerve, or muscle tissues. ● Improved signalling through the body.
● More pliable arteries and blood vessels.
● Increased agility.
● Balanced cholesterol levels.
● Extended release and long-term effect.
RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENT FOR: ● Cell repair, specially after operation or recovery from wound or damaged cells (such as cancer).
● Boost in energy, specially for the elderly.
● Weakness & body pains related to sugar imbalance (diabetes), muscle damage, or advanced age.
● Emotional imbalance, mental stress, or difficulty in sleeping.
● Help balance hormones or production of enzymes that may aid diseases related to poor nutrition or immune system.
● Aids recovery of muscle tear or quick recovery after workout or strenuous activity.
● Recommended for all ages, babies or nursing mother but with the permission of the paediatrician.
● Cell rejuvenation.
● Increase in levels energy.
● Weakness & back or body pains.
● High levels of cholesterol, triglyceride, uric acid, and others blood problems.
● Those with family history of osteoporosis.
● Joint inflammation such as in prostate or joint due to advanced age.
● Frequently exposed to free radicals.
● Help ease inflammation due to prostate, liver, or heart.
● Ideal for women and specially men above 40 years old.
● Not recommended for children below 7 years old.
PRICING USA – $45.95 USA – $46.95

* For the general repair, restoration, or rejuvenation of damaged cells due to sickness, diseases, or aging.
* Laminine Omega+++ is an ideal supplement for Laminine Original.
** Most supplements meet the 8 essential Amino Acids (AA). Laminine contains both 8 essential AA plus another 14 AA to complete the full-chain of Amino Acids.
*** Cholesterol Profile Studies

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