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Depression, Insomnia, Sleep Disorder & Mental Breakdown

1. Depression, Insomnia, Sleep Disorder & Mental Breakdown

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Transcript: “Well, about three years ago, my mom died and I was on anti-depressants for about a year and a half. It’s half spiraling downhill and it’s not something I wanted to stay on forever. My insurance was going up and I just didn’t want to remain on that forever.

I wanted something out to take its place and somebody suggested try Laminine I might be able to get the same result through that and I notice the changes almost immediately and I was actually able to win myself of anti-depressants and use Laminine instead and I think I feel a lot better, I feel a lot healthier. I don’t get headaches. There’s a lot of side effects from the antidepressants that Laminine didn’t have.

Q. So you notice the changed almost instantly?
A. I think within about a day or two. I notice a change, Yes.

Q. And how do you feel now?
A. I feel great. I’ve got a lot of energy, I was taking naps in the middle of the day. It’s just insane to have the energy to get housework done and I have a lot of energy, more clarity, more focus, I’m more even killed on my moods. I’m certainly not feeling as blue as I was before. I feel like I can handle life now and I don’t have to depend on a drug to do it.

Q. I do remember that it also helped with others members of your family?
A. Yes, my son. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD about three years ago. He was on medication recommended by his doctor that had side effects that were almost as bad as the reaction to ADHD and Asperger’s. We had eventually taken him off to medication. The mood swings were so high.

We just couldn’t deal with it and since a friend of mine was trying it with their children I thought well then if it works for them and increases their focus and moods, maybe it will work with the child with Asperger’s and ADHD. So I gave just one dosage a day and that had an immediate effect. He was focused in school, his mood swings were even, he didn’t have any more mood swings.

The moods are more even killed cause He uses to be he had tantrums like two to three times a day. The same thing you do with like a two or three year we’re not talking about eight or nine years old. So the mood swings went away, more even killed, focus on the school a different person altogether and with Asperger’s children usually don’t talk to strangers very often and people that know him now know that he’s actually looking them in the eye. He’s talking to them, his whole personality has changed.

I teach an acting class and he wanted to be a part of it and he’s talking to people and it brought new personality inside of Him.

2. Manic Depression & Mental Problem

Maria was 49 years old in 2013 when she started taking Laminine. She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia since her early 20s and has difficulty sleeping. She occasionally loses her sanity which happens if she stays awake for 48 to 60 hours. She is brought to a mental hospital and given antidepressant drugs and is forced to sleep through heavy sedation. She gets well in 7 to 14 days. This cycle has been happening for the last 20 years.

Within 3 to 7 weeks of taking Laminine, her sleeping habit became normal and she began to have a better mood. She no longer had signs of manic depression. After nearly 3 years, she stopped Laminine, unfortunately, her mental breakdown and sleeping problems returned. In September 2016, she started taking Laminine again.

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3. Carol on Sleep Disorder

Carol suffered from a chronic and severe sleep disorder for over 20 years. She sleeps an average of 1-2 hours every 2-3 days. She tried virtually every supplement she has access to. Carol knew that prescription drugs or sleeping pills was not the solution and she wanted something that is lasting if not a permanent fix. Her homeopathy doctor introduced Laminine. She was skeptic given the many years of her unsuccessful try on many products.

A week after taking Laminine, she slept a solid hour without waking up. After 3 weeks, her sleeping pattern averaged 3-5 hours. Today, Carol has no trouble sleeping even from her most stressful day.

4. Sleeping well

“To be successful, you have to be persistent, believe in yourself and love the company and product you are involved in. I have been through seven months of therapy to improve my health, and I believe Laminine assisted in my recovery by allowing me to sleep well and maintain my muscle tone and strength. I am looking forward to getting even more involved with LifePharm Global in the coming months and well into the future.” – Laurene B., Australia

5. Sense of calmnesss

I felt an amazing sense of calmness come over me after taking Laminine for two months. “I’ve had problems with my back for over 24 years and chiropractors, yoga, acupuncture, and reflexology didn’t help. I’d spend a day in the garden and my back would be wrecked for a week. It was so bad in the morning that I’d have to get down on my hands and knees just to tuck the bed sheets in. My cousin told me about Laminine and the first night after taking it, I slept like never before.

I felt an amazing sense of calmness come over me. After taking Laminine for two months, I seriously could not believe the improvement in my health. I can now work in my garden without discomfort and had no pain after a recent move—I lifted heavy boxes and moved furniture! My nails are no longer brittle, my hair is stronger and my skin is smoother. Laminine is the most powerful (and natural) product I’ve ever seen, and I’m now a full-time IBO with LPGN.” – Erica M., Australia

6. Sleep deprivation and hormone imbalance

I struggled with sleep deprivation and hormone imbalances for years. “I first started consuming Laminine in June 2012. In the first week I noticed I had more energy, and then my sleep improved! I struggled with sleep deprivation and hormone imbalances for years. But as time went on, I noticed my back problems that began 25 years ago were gone. My digestion improved and other physical problems eventually dissipated. I love this product and share it with anyone I can.” – Christine R., U.S.A.

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