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Laminine testimony on Diabetes Type 2

Testimonial on unhealthy blood sugar levels

Laminine Food Supplement is a health food supplement, much like vitamins that works to help the body cope with sickness and diseases. It is not intended to replace medicine but for the last few years it has been out in the market, significant numbers of customers testifies it works well and have helped them recover from sugar related diseases such as diabetes.

The simple answer to why it works for some is Laminine’s special protein that signals stem cells in our body to repair itself. FibroBlast Growth Factor or FGF is a signalling molecule whose job is to tell our body to basically – repair itself.

Clinical study

To prove the positive effect of Laminine to blood sugar, a clinical trial was conducted with participants who have unhealthy blood sugar level. The result participants experienced a normalized down-regulation in Hgb A1c levels and saw positive change in their sugar levels. Growth factors (such as FGF) react with receptor sites on somatic cells, this activity could support glucose absorption. (Source: J.B. Spalding, Ph. D.)

DISCLAIMER: While Laminine make work well with most people who have unhealthy sugar levels, it should be noted they should also do their part by eating proper diet, exercise, and not consume sugars and sweet above their required intake.

Diabetic for 18 Years

(Taken from Dr. Jose Toro M.D. transcript) “We have a 77 year old lady that has had diabetes for 18 years, totally uncontrolled. Her HGBA1C levels have been no less than 9.0. That means that her average blood sugar was about 225 (mean average). After 3 months taking Laminine, she had to cut the dosage of her diabetic meds in half. Because her HGBA1C has come down to 5.8,

That’s like not having diabetes. The HGBA1C is a test performed every 3-6 months that shows if blood glucose levels are controlled or not. Usually a diabetic UNDER CONTROL has this measure in the range of 6.5 to 7.0. This lady has 5.8 but has been diabetic for 18 years. (Credit: Darcie A., IBO)

Diabetes Type 2 & Lumbar Pain

Steve was hospitalized due to a severe lumbar strain and the doctor told him it will take at least three weeks to recover and go back to regular work. A friend introduced Laminine and he took it immediately. Upon discharge, he was able to return to work within 3 days.

Steve also had Diabetes. A year after he was diagnosed, his blood sugar averaged 162-180. After taking Laminine for a few months, his sugar plummeted to 111-130. Steve stands with Laminine and after all the products he has tried before, only Laminine provided the lasting energy and relief he needed. Incidentally, Steve was also experiencing low grade depression for years and with Laminine, the depression no longer persisted.

Male 45 years old with developing diabetic neuropathy & peripheral vascular disease (first hand testimony)

The patient was having chronically high blood sugar (glucose) levels and was beginning to show complications. His feet was also becoming darker. Worried of becoming worse or even leading to gangrene, his own Doctor recommended Laminine who knew it can affect immediately blood sugar levels.

He took only one capsule per day and saw the effect after 3 months of taking Laminine daily. His feet began to lighten and sugar went to normal. He continues to take Laminine as his natural supplement maintenance for his Diabetes.

Diabetic male 55 years old feels young again (first hand testimony)

I tried Laminine few years back and I felt little effect on me. I’ve had diabetes since I was young and just dealt with it with my maintenance. When I turned 54, I felt my diabetes was getting worse and when a friend said it worked for him, I tried it again.

Maybe its because I’m older or my diabetes have gone worse, but after 3 weeks I started to feel stronger and better. I’m overweight and easily gets tired thus could not drive more than 2 hours. For the first time, I was able to drive for 5 hours and felt good and strong.

I’m in my 2nd month but is afraid to let go of my maintenance, but I do feel I may not need it in the near future. My wound healing is better, I’m more active now than I was before. If there’s any regret, I should have continued taking Laminine before. I’m older now and missed a lot of stuffs I could have done.

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