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Transcript from Laminine Doctor’s Panel Interview

At our Aspire Super Saturday Event held on February 18th our VP of Business Development, John Altashur, had to the opportunity to host a Q & A with 3 distinguished doctors and our Director of Compliance Javier Canales. Listen to Dr. Steven Petrosino, Dr. Rena Davis and Dr. Charles Norwood as they explain how to talk about Laminine’s exceptional health benefits without having your own PHD. Published on March, 6 2012

Laminine Doctor’s Panel – Part 1

I want to start talking about what is it you know what our experience of that healing is or how do we rephrase these things. And so it’s really about understanding that Laminine is a mechanism that increases the health integrity of the body so that the body can be a miracle itself. And learning how to create a dialogue around that I think it is really valuable. So what would I’ve like to pose are series of questions really for everyone here and I’d like to startup actually with you Dr. Norwood and I want you to talk a little bit before we get into the response for advocacy which we kind of weave around in this conversation.

You’ve talked the other day we were filming a PBS special which is kind of a need we’re going to have something for people to talk about our product in the near future which is very exciting. But you talked about the body’s ability to heal, the healing mechanism. And what the body is capable of doing. And I think we’re still in awe but maybe could talk a little bit about that.
I think we were created by our creator with tremendous healing capacities within our body. When I started out in medicine forty-eight years ago the main emphasis was doing something to fix things and of course, I was a surgeon I’m going and try to fix things.

The more I got into it the more I realize many times that in our attempt to fix things we were actually doing more harm than good. And now the tendency is to continue doing things to what I think is override the body’s healing systems and when we keep giving drugs these drugs have the effect of actually dumping the healing process and so a lot to say that the healing process is kind of like letting your body take care of itself.

I did some training and one of the things that we learn is when the plane is completely out of control and you’re in spin, you take your hands of all the controls and the plane is designed to fly and it actually corrects itself and then you can take back to controls. But this is what we tend to with our bodies. Instead of doing things to change our bodies we need to let our bodies help what it needs to heal itself and Laminine gives the body all these components that we need to heal.

Let me further, that’s awesome. Third, how far can the body go? I mean are we starting to venture the area where we can see am literally growing I mean how far can the human body go?
We’ve got some really interesting research going on now. In the area that I refer to regeneration, you have all seen star wars I’m sure you remember how Luke Skywalker has an arm cut off and then they have a process where they put their arm in a healing medium he actually grew another arm. Well, this is true actually in nature if you cut off some others arm he will actually grow another arm.

They’re actually doing research now to show that the human body can actually grow parts back that were lost. Now they’re actually working on fingers but I see in the future it’s going to be really dramatic and it all relates to stem cells. The stem cell is the key to all this new development.
That’s exciting, that’s very exciting. Rena you’re from a biochemical standpoint and I know that everyone’s body chemistry is different. And one other thing that’s been interesting to me in watching people’s experience with Laminine is it for some people it’s immediate and profound for other people’s very gradual, for some people it might be a progressive experience in some. So maybe from a biochemical standpoint, you can speak to that a little bit on why the variants why is it so significant.

Well were not bio-identical. Each of us is unique and fortunately were humans in the world of all living life plants and animals included, your ability to perceive is about that big. In fact one of the most amazing things about humans is our ability to filter out things. We can live in houses with seven cuckoo clocks and after few days we sleep right through it. Our ability to be able to do this is one of our great abilities to thrive and survive but how many of you realize that this solar system that was living in is moving through the universe close to the speed of sound. Are you feeling that? Are you aware of it? No. But are the plants and many of the animals around us? Yes.

So part of it I think is perception. Part of it what condition are we in. You know some of us aren’t sick and other people have a tremendous physiological burden. So the way I explain it to my clients is imagining that you’re a one-ton truck and if you’re half sick you‘re half loaded yet as 30 percent incline and ???? you’re gonna pop out at fifths into fourths on third in everytime you’re gonna pour on the gas to get the Load over the hill. Well, you know what it’s really the same in a nutritional bank account isn’t it? When we have a greater duress from allergies or for from worry or for lack of sleep or for growing a new baby that nutrition bank account not only needs to get up but it’s gonna get spent faster.

Laminine finally gives us a tool where we can provide that nutritional bank account all the way across the board. All the A’s all the B’s all the C’s all that in one other really the amazing factor and that’s proteins. When I went to school and understood a protein I knew too that the day was gonna come where modern science and healing as good doctors just share with you is going to turn to these things called proteins. What’s a stem-cell? It’s a protein. What’s a hormone? It’s a protein.

What’s in your transmitter? It’s a protein. What’s an enzyme? It’s a protein. How’d the body communicate with every other cell in the body? Proteins. In fact, we call proteins the building blocks of life because they are the only nutrients that hold information. In fact, it’s how your immune system learns. Mothers know this right? In our bodies when we produce a baby in the first three days of mothers milk we have what? Colostrum. Colostrum is chains of protein that holds that baby’s genetic information with illness as far back as the chain has not been broken. Our bodies can produce proteins that teach our immune cells who the bad guy is who to get ???? and how to get the job done. So we’ve arrived at the moment in time and I think many of you know it, raise your hands if you do, don’t you know that feeling that we have landed on something so valuable that’s never been here before and you are being given the opportunity to share it. I probably took too much time. Don’t wanna give me the mic too often. That’s what think is about scientist they can be very long-winded cause there’s so much to tell. There’s so much to tell.

laminine doctor's panel interview

So here a question for really the three of you that would be, but we know that this has had a great effect on the physical body it’s also had a profound effect on the mental and emotional body, the mental-emotional self. So how does that work? How can it bridge these things and Dr. Petrosino you mentioned it you know it seems unbelievable at first that it could be so broad. So how can we identify, how can we understand the impact on the mental-emotional self as well? Okay. I’ll try to be brief I promise. We want to all believe that the mood was in today and what we want to eat or if we’re tired or if we can’t sleep has something to do with our personality.

In reality from a scientific point of view and what we can bend this if we want to get into quantum mechanics one of my favorite new things but we’ll leave that alone for the moment. The truth is that you are who you are the mood you’re in you are capable or not capable because of neurotransmitters and the hormones, they make it all happen. That’s the ruling class of job body. That’s the Emperor and all of his clothes. And when you get an imbalance in those and we have inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters and we kinda have that same game in the hormone department as well. When we get those out of balance, we can’t sleep, we lose our sex drive, we feel like we’re our appetite goes out of control, we can’t eat at all and it’s all regulated by these chemicals which are made of proteins. So to me, we live in the most stressful time.

I think of our lifetimes. O don’t think there’s ever been a suppression up to the world as significant as it is now. I don’t think we’ve seen so many people lose the homes, their jobs, and their lives as we are seeing today. That means that we’re spending what was that chemical he just talks to you about that regulates mood to sleep in and appetite? Serotonin at a really rapid rate. And we don’t make serotonin well. We don’t make it well because there is something called nutrient competition. Even though serotonin is very present in many of our foods, its ability to cross the blood brain barrier and millions of hour of research has been set for in this area is inhibited by this thing called nutrient competition.

Okay, so imagine a bus, and on this bus it’s like no other but not even the Disneyland but you’ve ever been on every seat is a different shape, you get squares and triangles and dodecahedrons and you know little glycine molecule can fit any of the seats but this little tryptophan molecule can only fit in one seat. So by as early as 1982, we knew the population was already serotonin deficient. Well were a lot worse now. We’ve been through 25 years of Prozac it’s up that, what did it do? It helps you use your serotonin more efficiently. See to me that was really brilliant, it’s a marketing strategy. It seems to be a lot more sense if we just give you more serotonin but then we wouldn’t make the billions would we? No.

Well in the rest of the world, there’s a phenomenon called the mind and body connection, where they understand that the mind has tremendous control of the body. Ancient Indian medicine ancient Chinese medicine, all of the ancient medical traditions recognize that the mind has tremendous abilities to control the body and to heal the body.

In America, we have put this aside, we’ve gone with answers some chemistry and somehow we’ve lost this concept and then the top of that we’ve thrown in poor nutrition. We process so much of our food, that’s not even real food it’s like eating cardboard and then we’ve thrown that on top of it the stress that we’re confronted with, I mean you can’t turn on the TV without your stress levels starting to go up and you go to a movie and they blow up everything, you know that’s stress. And all of that affects this mind-body connection and one of the things we have to remember is the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic, and we’re living in a sympathetic.

It’s like we’re confronting the saver tooth tigers every day. Whereas the healing process occurs when where you are in the parasympathetic phase and I think that’s one of the key things that Laminine does is help [ ] into that parasympathetic after going through a lot. I know you can. Well, we talk about this the other day and that is we are inundated with TV and sound bites and that we’ve collapsed, everyone’s given the idea that we can make things happen in 30 minute TV show, we lose a hundred pounds minutes. We get well in a very short period of time because of how it was projected to us in the media. So it’s a journey. So is health not a journey? It’s definitely a journey. And it takes time. Yeah, it does take time.

Laminine Doctor’s Panel – Part 2

At our Aspire Super Saturday Event held on February 18th our VP of Business Development, John Altashur, had to the opportunity to host a Q & A with 3 distinguished doctors and our Director of Compliance Javier Canales. Listen to Dr. Steven Petrosino, Dr. Rena Davis, and Dr. Charles Norwood as they explain how to talk about Laminine’s exceptional health benefits without having your own PHD. Published on March, 6 2012.

Let’s shift years here just a little bit because I wanna talk about responsible advocacy here a little bit because this is one of the things that keep our journey here with Lifepharm safe and Dr. Steve you’ve got having been in the pharmaceutical industry you really understand what the can and can’t do and the reason that Javier is on stage today is because he’s our compliance he’s the head of compliance and he needs to sometimes read it in for people when we start to say a little bit too much what we put out on email, that talks about all the wonderful things that we just shared by recommending this to somebody else, so you know the curative, mitigation and treatment type of language and medication and treatment type of language is something that we really have to just eliminate.

And so what I’d like to do is for Javier for you just to take a moment and explain to people the role that you play in helping to I guess in one way I’d say police you know what’s happening out there also understand that while we are advocates with our product out to the world he is an advocate for all of you and making sure that you have something here over the long-term.

Even though I may not seem like as if something you think contacted by me. I actually had somebody in the lobby say you’re not as mean as I thought you. Where did that come from really? Actually, it’s not just me before I go any further. My right-hand woman Ashlea she’s been a Godsend so she’s been out there help me police the internet and some of you know we came across several different sites, blog sites social media forms and for the most part here understand compliance what you can and cannot say. And as you come into the business it is your responsibility as a consultant to educate those people that come in, to let them know, look this product is amazing and you can basically say, look take this product call me in 30 days if it doesn’t work for you I’m gonna get your money back. But you won’t call me in 30 days, you’ll call me in two weeks asking me to buy more.

That’s how amazing this product is and if it wasn’t that amazing we wouldn’t have these many people here. But for example, some of the things that we do see and I mean for we had one incident over the past week, we had a consultant who felt that because she was not living in the United States that she could say whatever she wanted to and she said whatever she wanted to. Laminine just in case you guys don’t know according to this website cures cancer cures diabetes. Crank that put it on the record Javier. Cures everything. So when we contacted her she said I don’t live in the United States. I don’t need to abide by the FDA FTC guidelines. I can say whatever I want to and your company is going to get the red flag for it. So instead of being combative, I said look you need to understand, it doesn’t matter where you live.

The company is founded and its base here in the United States, we’ve got thousands of consultants in the United States who if you keep to don’t comply you’re gonna affect their paychecks and mine and I don’t know about you I like getting paid. You guys like getting paid to right? So we obviously made some progress ot that and eventually, she came around thank God but that’s just some of the things you know we have to be careful what we can and cannot say. And we’ve changed policy, we’ve made some additions to that so it’s outline there so you guys can know exactly what you can and cannot say.

Compliance is a continuing journey we’re trying to understand all the fine elements of that and that’s were gonna be talk a little bit later this afternoon about compliance and understand that we do have some things coming that are gonna help us stay within those lines and so Dr. Petrosino having had the experience on the other side of the equation not trying to protect the company in the field by just what’s happening out in terms of what you see in the nutritional industry.

I mean these are lines that get a cross all the time. So how do we best stay within the lines in our effort to be responsible advocates? As I mention before you always have to use the disclaimer this product is not intended to diagnose treat medicate or cure any disease. As long as you say that but at the same time you cannot say Laminine cures cancer and then this product is not intended to diagnose treat or cure, so you can say that Laminine assists the body in X, Y, and Z because the body heals itself when it’s given the proper tools. So the best way to circle around that is Laminine assists the body. You don’t wanna say Laminine assists the body in curing cancer. But as long as you removed the word cure or treat and then a given disease from it now autoimmune conditions if you say rheumatoid arthritis.

I know folks that have great benefits from their rheumatoid arthritis while they’re on Laminine

I know folks that have great benefits from their rheumatoid arthritis while they’re on Laminine but I can’t put on the website Laminine has been known to treat and mitigate rheumatoid arthritis because that’s a disease treatment claim. And the way that you could, if you ever wanted something interesting you can go to the FDA’s website it’s and then you can actually put the names of different companies that’s cell nutritional supplements or even network marketing companies and you could find that there are letters that they called FDA Action letters that go out and they go onto principles in these companies when somebody does something that’s on toward on the Internet.

Now if it’s not seen as an action within the company in other words the FDA finds 20 website from a given company they’re all claiming the product cures cancer then they’re gonna go after the company, if the FDA sees the letter from one person that says they’re gonna treat or cure disease, that first letter usually goes to that individual was probably a copy to the company so you can actually it’s interesting reading it here at least for me it’s interesting reading but you can actually go on there and see this letters and it’s like is there is there cease and this is letters cause the FDA has power.

I was associated with a company with a pretty decent product. This is a number of years back and I won’t mention the product name for the company but it is a seaweed product and it was an extract from seaweed and had some pretty good anti-inflammatory effects and the president of the company actually found some research that showed that the product cause apoptosis of cancer cells in a petri dish. Now apoptosis means that is pre-programmed cell death so it just causes those cancer cells to die in the petri dish now that’s not a human being and that’s not treating cancer.

Well this individual put on the company’s website that the product causes cancer cells to pop, I call them up and I said you better get that off of your website, this is the company website and first of all apoptosis isn’t popping it’s you know you got it wrong there too but, in they were cells in a petri dish you know so, in other words, you’re implying this drug is effective in treating cancer and I said that you will hear from the FDA this civilian side back.

Well after a while you couldn’t get that product anymore, it was not available and I went to the FDA’s website and saw a picture a giant earth mover that was heaping dirt on top of 2.3 million dollars with the company’s product. So the FDA does have a sting and if you ignore them they can go when they can seize all the company’s product and they can bury it a landfill somewhere with impunity. So we don’t want that to happen to our product. Good reason debative. So pay attention and don’t make any claims. Ok.

Well the risk of getting ok I wanna ask just one last question just a 15 second sound bite for each one of you and not possible for Steve so I will come over and hold the mic in front of Steve. If it fitting to sound by each one of you in your own specialty as practitioners and people of science you obviously got stirred up when you heard about Laminine and you tried Laminine. What would be in a 15 second you thing that you could share with the people out here today that got your attention because I think a lot of people, I’m speaking from people in the fields percepting on gosh I would like to talk to my doctor. If we’re gonna change the world you know we have to affect the current medical model we have to help with that transition. We are I think we all are catalysts for that. So what would be a fifteen-second thing that Dr. Norwood would get you attention and then let’s go on down the line here.

On our related basis and so when I first heard about Laminine, I immediately thought of some people that I thought would respond to it and so a columnist at this is something I want you to try and very dramatic some within days had dramatic results from products.

What got you to be willing to try the product or to begin. Well besides I’ve seen so many of these things and I said I wanna see some studies showing double-blind placebo control studies of this product actually works and we have going back two years and I’ve to look at all these random some of these studies aren’t worth very much they actually say there’s no such cool significance but that’s a good study it actually shows that they got a negative result. All right. Thank you.

Well then, I think I kinda already have the science because I’d studied serotonin for so many years with Dr. Robert O Pollac so you know what got my attention about it was the word pain. In nutraceuticals, we have not had anything effective against pain with the exception of large doses avail trip to fan which in high doses can be risky and so when I saw we had a whole food amino acid supplement that was clinically proven to elevate serotonin levels that’s what peaked my interest.

My son was in a near-fatal car wreck three years ago and so for over three years he’s been dependent on oxycodone and then sleep medications and anxiety medications for the side effect of controlling his pain and that’s not I mean control it’s not gone, you don’t understand he’s not like he’s out there swinging from tree to tree it’s still bad but you can function and so for me it was about finally having a natural form of serotonin builder that could help regulate his pain and all of my other clinical clients it’s something that we deal with on a daily basis. 15 seconds Steve if you can. I’ll stand up so I can talk faster.

So anyhow for me and my time’s already up in there but I haven’t yet started. For me what I think I didn’t try it first before I was recommending it to people because I travel a lot and my primary occupation I’m a field-based scientist and I’ve cover like a multi-state area and it was probably three weeks before I even had a chance to get back home to try the product that I’d order. But in the mean time, just like these folks here, I read science and for me the science was good and I said don’t tell me about the testimonials you send me the science I’ll look at the science, if the science is good that’s all I need.

When you had 30 patients that studied that hits the testicle significance that means there’s a pretty profound effect because sometimes in the pharmaceutical world, you needed 2, 5-10,000 patient study to show the testicle and evidence. When you can have stat sig at 30 patients that get your attention and nutritional supplement studies are typically small.

So anyhow, I’d read the studies and then I started recommending it to people before I even had tried it. And people say I wanna try it first to see how it works, well for me it’s like what the science is there, another science is there. This are reputable journals, it’s good data, it’s going to work. But in any rate three weeks later I on the product myself before I got home, I was driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and I remember prior to that maybe a month before I had said to my wife Lyn, I know I’m out of time I’ll be very quick here.

I remember saying to her do you recall the things were sharper and clearer when you were younger and as you get old cause I’m over 60 the things are not quite as clear and she said yeah to some extent but as I was driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike it was like a curt land off everything got clear and so it’s scared me so much I pulled over to rest stop and examine my eyes but that was so what first happen to me that was 3 days on the clock.

That was great. Great. I wanna thank all the Doctors and the professionals here that had shared their time and energy with us. Really appreciate it. Doctor Norwood, Reena Davis, Dr. Petrosino. Thank you, Javier. Looking forward to this afternoon, let me turnover this back to you Dr. Kent.

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