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Doctor’s Panel 1 & 2: Testimonial Transcript

Laminine Doctor’s Panel – Part 1

On Feb 18, 2012, Laminine’s VP of Biz Dev, John Altashur, hosted a Q&A with three doctors and the Director of Compliance, Javier Canales. Listen to Drs. Petrosino, Davis, & Norwood explain how to discuss Laminine’s health benefits without a Ph.D.

Laminine facilitates the journey to a healthy body

Healing is a profound experience that many people seek throughout their lives. There are various methods and tools that people use to facilitate their healing journey, and one of them is Laminine.
Laminine is believed to be a mechanism that increases the health integrity of the body so that the body can be a miracle itself.

The human body has tremendous healing capabilities created by a higher power. Dr. Norwood, who has been practicing medicine for forty-eight years, initially focused on fixing problems surgically.
However, he soon realized that many medical interventions did more harm than good. Many drugs can hinder the body’s natural healing processes.

Natural healing process of our body

Dr. Norwood suggests that the body’s natural healing process is like allowing the body to take care of itself. He uses the analogy of a pilot letting go of the controls when the plane is spinning. An aircraft is designed to fly and will correct itself, allowing the pilot to regain control.

Similarly, instead of continually interfering with our bodies, we must allow them to heal themselves. Laminine is a supplement that provides the body with the necessary components to support its natural healing processes.

From a biochemical standpoint, every individual’s body chemistry is unique and different. How a person’s body processes and responds to nutrients and supplements can vary based on genetics, lifestyle, and environmental influences.

Additionally, some people may have preexisting health conditions or imbalances that affect how their body responds to Laminine.

The variability in how people experience the effects of Laminine can also be due to the supplement’s mechanism of action.

Laminine provides the body with essential amino acids, growth factors, and other nutrients that support cellular health and function. As a result, its effects on the body may be gradual and progressive rather than immediate and dramatic.

Furthermore, the degree of healing or improvement that a person experiences with Laminine can also depend on the severity of their condition or health challenge.

For example, someone with a chronic or long-standing health issue may take longer to see noticeable improvements than someone with a minor or acute health concern.

A unique experience

Overall, it’s important to remember that every person’s body is unique, and their experience with Laminine may vary based on various factors.

However, the supplement’s ability to support the body’s natural healing mechanisms makes it valuable for optimal health and well-being.

So, our body chemistry and perception of the world around us are unique to each individual. Our ability to filter out stimuli is one of our extraordinary abilities to thrive and survive, but this can also limit our awareness of certain things.

For example, we may not be aware that our solar system is moving through the universe close to the speed of sound, but plants and many animals around us are. Additionally, our physiological condition can also impact how we experience the effects of Laminine.

Laminin’s proteins are key players

Proteins are vital in regulating our moods, behaviors, and overall health. They control the neurotransmitters and hormones that make everything happen in our bodies.

But in today’s stressful world, we’re rapidly depleting these vital chemicals, like serotonin, essential for regulating mood, sleep, and appetite. Nutrient competition makes it hard for us to produce enough serotonin naturally.

With the discovery of Laminine’s unique combination of proteins and growth factors, we now have a powerful tool to restore balance and support our bodies in these challenging times.

The mind-body connection

Imagine a bus with seats in various shapes – squares, triangles, dodecahedrons. A glycine molecule can fit in any seat, but a tryptophan molecule can only work in one.

We’ve known since 1982 that the population is serotonin deficient, and after 25 years of Prozac, we’ve only learned to use serotonin more efficiently.

It’s a brilliant marketing strategy that made billions, but in the rest of the world, they recognize the mind-body connection and the ability of the mind to heal the body. Ancient medical traditions from India and China have long understood this concept.

The mind-body connection has been lost in America as we prioritize chemical answers and poor nutrition. The stressors in our lives, from processed foods to media overload, throw off balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic phases, which affects our overall health.

Laminine helps us enter the parasympathetic phase, allowing for healing. Health is not a quick fix but a journey that takes time and patience.

Laminine is indispensable

Those sick or with a more significant physiological burden may require more support from Laminine to restore balance to their nutritional bank account, which can get spent faster under these circumstances.

Proteins are vital molecules in the body and play a crucial role in communication, signaling, and information transfer between cells. They are often called the building blocks of life because they are involved in nearly every process within the body.

The combination of proteins and growth factors in Laminine, which signals stem cells in the body, is the most significant discovery of all time in the food supplement industry.

Laminine Doctor’s Panel – Part 2

In this Laminine video, the panelists looked into several people whose experiences with Laminine are factual and truthful. However, there have been instances where false claims have been made regarding Laminine’s ability to cure cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses.

One consultant went as far as claiming that she did not need to follow FDA FTC guidelines because she did not reside in the United States. Such claims are untrue and can put the company in trouble. It’s important to remember that regulations apply regardless of where you live.

Laminine is a company based in the United States with thousands of consultants. It is critical to comply with policies as it affects the paychecks of the consultants and the speaker.

The company has made progress in ensuring compliance and has changed policies to outline what can and cannot be said. Compliance is a continuing journey, and the company is working towards understanding all the subtle elements. Dr. Petrosino has experience in the nutritional industry and will discuss compliance later today.

Independent Business Owners must stay within legal boundaries when promoting and selling Laminine products. The company has thousands of consultants in the US whose paychecks could be affected if they don’t comply with regulations.

The FDA has power and can take action against companies that make false claims about its products.

Dr. Petrosino insists that Laminine distributors should have disclaimers and avoid disease treatment claims to prevent FDA action letters. Instead, say that Laminine assists the body without making specific disease claims.

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