General Reference

→ Laminine Quick Reference Sheet*
Print PDR – Full Prescribing Information*

* These documents should be printed and sent together with Laminine products, when independently sending it to non-accredited countries, such as in the Middle East.

Brochures & Flyers

→ Brochure – Laminine
→ Brochure – Laminine Omega+++
→ Brochure – Digestive+++
→ Brochure – Immmune+++
→ Brochure – Lamiderm Apex

Other Studies

→ Laminine: Studies on cortisol, cholesterol, muscle mass, et al.
→ Laminine: Studies on blood sugar
→ Omega: Studies on eye health
→ Omega: Fish oil on weight loss
→ Omega: On heart disease

→ Immune: Helps Skin Look and Feel Youthful
→ Immune: Minimized skin aging together with Laminine and IMMUNE+++
→ Immune: Ingredients benefits (Herb and botanical blend)

→ Digestive: Studies on nutrients breakdown and weight management
→ Digestive: Why is it important to take
→ Digestive: Gut integrity related to thyroid health
→ Digestive: How birth method affect gut microbiota

Laminine Complete Dosage

→ Recommended dosage

Printable Real-Life Testimonials & Endorsement

→ Testimonies and endorsement on Laminine
→ Testimonies and endorsement on Laminine Omega+++
→ Testimonies and endorsement on Laminine Digestive+++
→ Testimonies and endorsement on Laminine Immune+++


→ Laminine Product Presentation*
→ Laminine Omega Product Presentation

Laminine Presentation Ingredients
Sample Presentation

* This presentation has a password and is available to Althea downlines only. Please send us an email.

Other Materials

→ LPGN IBO Horizontal 1-sided editable Business Card
→ LPGN IBO Horizontal 2-sided editable Business Card

Tax Revenue Forms for IBO

→ Form – W9 (USA)
→ Form – W-8BEN (Other countries)
→ Form – DirectDeposit (USA) to widthraw money from your EWallet to your bank*

Other Forms

Transfer of (IBO Account) Ownership Form

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