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About Dr. Alex Martin

alex martin laminineAlex Martin is a Medical Director at MetroMD, Los Angeles Area. He was educated at the University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Alex Martin, MD specializes in regenerative medicine, featuring HGH hormone replacement and stem cell therapy for men and women. He and his staff at MetroMD Hollywood, are leading the field by offering the latest in stem cell technology and soon, nano-therapy, in the struggle to keep all of us healthy, young and functioning at the highest level possible.

He was invited to join the Lifepharm® institute of technology and help develop what we now know as Laminine.

Dr. Alex Martin was part of a team of scientists that went to work to develop the perfect and ideal everyday supplement. Dr. Martin has a broad knowledge and expertise on anti aging nutrition and found Laminine to be the ‘complete’ anti aging nutrient, using freeze dried extract process in order to preserve the nutrient derived from the egg extract.

Specialties: Hormone replacement therapy, stem cell therapy, anti-aging, cosmetic surgery.

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