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The Egg Cholesterol Myth

albumen laminine albuminBackground: Laminine Food Supplement is made from the albumen of a chicken egg. This compiled article aims to show that an over diet of egg is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it is the contrary as egg research today shows that is is a vital component in maintaining a healthy body.

Hypoalbuminemia or Albumin Nutrition

It is considered one of the hallmarks of protein-calorie malnutrition. The serum (composed of albumin) is proposed as a critical predictor of the response to nutritional support to enteral feeding in critically ill patients or those who cannot take solid food in a regular manner. (A1)

The albumins are a family of proteins and consists of water-soluble proteins. Substances containing albumins, such as egg white, are called albuminoids. Albumin is essential for the maintenance of plasma proteins (plasma colloidal osmotic pressure), prevention of edema, and transport of certain drugs and nutrients. Experimental studies have shown that rapid plasma expansion and reduced plasma protein concentration and osmotic pressure induce a net secretion of sodium and water into the small intestinal lumen.

The Egg Myth

Most studies concluded that cholesterol from the diet has little, if any, effect on the level of cholesterol in the blood. In fact, the body produces 1000 mg of cholesterol per day. When a person consumes too much cholesterol, the body will slow down its production. And when less cholesterol is consumed, the body will produce more. The bigger factors here are genetics, lifestyle, stress, and individual differences. (A1)

Like the egg, cholesterol also suffers the same fate. It has been demonized for many decades to the detriment of the health of the multitude. Little do people know that cholesterol is one of the most important nutrients in the body. Without cholesterol, there is no life, for it is a part of every cell membrane and is required for the production of steroid hormones, Vitamin D, and bile acids responsible for fat digestion.

Cholesterol does not deserve the bad reputation and there is no reason to fear eggs.

Eating eggs does not cause heart diseases and stroke to healthy people. A study in Harvard of nearly 120,000 men and women, found no correlation between egg consumption – one per day – and heart disease, except in diabetics.

The Japanese consumes an average of 334 eggs per person per year as of 2008. Yet, they have lower levels of blood cholesterol and rates of cardiovascular mortality as compared to other developed countries.

On the other hand, Filipinos only consume 14 grams of egg per day, but diseases of the heart ranked number One in the Philippines, as the leading cause of mortality in 2009. This difference is due to the fact that the Japanese diet is low in total fat and saturated fat, while the Filipino diet is the opposite.

An inexpensive protein source, one egg can already provide 10 per cent of the daily protein requirement. A good source of antioxidants – lutein and zeaxanthine, it can help lower the risk of age-related eye disorders. Moreover, it contains choline, a B vitamin-like molecule responsible for cardiovascular and brain functions.

The consumers’ dereliction of the egg yolk should be stopped because compared to the egg white, it contains 100 percent of the fat-soluble vitamins(A,D,E, and K) and 90 percent of the calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiamin, folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Though egg white is higher in protein and riboflavin, it would still be best to eat the whole egg to be able to get the best of both worlds – unless you’re an athlete preparing for an event.

There also is no connection between the nutritive value of the egg and its shell color.

An egg is actually good for one’s health when eaten in moderation. Though studies that daily consumption (one per day) is not linked to heart disease and stroke, a recent report published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concluded that it increases the chance of developing type-2 diabetes.

A person at risk; or currently diagnosed with diabetes, stroke, and heart disease should be more cautious in eating eggs. A diabetic person should limit egg yolk intake to 3-4 times per week. In the incidence of stroke, egg yolk consumption should be stopped. A healthy individual may eat more, but with other food sources available, variation is encouraged.

To optimize the benefits from eggs, go organic. Organic eggs have more omega-3 and nutrients. Poaching and boiling are also better methods of cooking, because they do not require the use of oil, and do less damage in the egg’s nutritive value. (A2)

Some uncomfortable facts about eggs

Our Body Makes Cholesterol. Your liver makes 3-6 times more cholesterol than you can get eating eggs and/or other animal products.

We need Cholesterol in our body. You need it for the production of steroid hormones like testosterone and also to build & repair cells (which is a perpetually occurring process in the human body). Although eggs themselves are high in cholesterol, but no, consumption of eggs does not cause a spike in human cholesterol levels.

Benefits of eating the egg yolk

It’s full of vitamins A, D, and E. Vitamin D is especially important since most people are vitamin D deficient, and eggs are one of only a handful of foods that provide dietary vitamin D.

It’s twice The Protein. Eating whole eggs doubles the protein intake you’d get eating egg whites only because the yolk contains half of the protein (3 g of the 6 g). This protein also happens to be the highest quality protein in the world, according to the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of the World Health Organization.

Increased Testosterone Levels. Saturated fat and cholesterol increase testosterone production. Both are heavily present in the egg yolk. Testosterone levels help build muscle, which is something that almost everyone could use more of, especially as we age (even you ladies!). (A3)


Adam Bornstein over at Livestrong.com recently did his own ‘Eggsperiment’ and after adding three whole eggs to his diet daily for three months, his blood work showed a small decrease in bad blood cholesterol (LDL), a rise in good blood cholesterol (HDL) and a decrease in body fat percentage (13 per cent to 12 per cent). Sure, he was already healthy before starting this experiment, but the addition of eggs made him healthier than ever before.

Egg found in Laminine

The primary ingredient of Laminine is taken from a 9-day old chicken egg. It’s technically a tiny extract from the Albumen (white part) that contains FibroBlast Growth Factor (FGF). Although the extract is primarily made up of Amino Acids & Proteins, FGF cell signaling is responsible for developing the egg into a fully formed chicken.

Laminine has a stem-cell like behaviour that when ingested by humans or animals, provides the nutrition and cell signaling repairs, a damaged cell needs.

Laminine Food Supplement is a combination of the powdered egg extract, yellow pea, & fish cartilage to complete the full chain of 22 Amino Acids, that aids the ‘repair mechanism’ of our body to ‘fix’ itself. In a nutshell, FGF is like an architect that triggers the ideal design of a healthy cell.

Does Laminine have cholesterol?

No, Laminine’s egg extract is taken at exactly the 9th day of incubation, the egg has hardly developed. Furthermore, the extract is taken from the albumen not the yolk, which technically has not fully formed yet. If there will be cholesterol traces, the amount is insignificant to pose any danger to health, and as discussed above there’s really no need to fear egg and the cholesterol it may have when consumed in large amounts.

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A2 – Cez Donasco,formerly nutritionist in Fitness First & nutrition consultant.
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