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Laminine testimony on energy, stamina, & libido

Testimonials on Energy, Stamina, & Libido

I didn’t have the heavy feeling behind my eyes that I used to experience daily

“When I first started taking Laminine, I recorded how I felt every single day. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have the heavy feeling behind my eyes that I used to experience daily. I feel so refreshed and have so much energy. My dad actually thought I was glowing! My family has seen such a change in me. Some people might be skeptical but Laminine works differently on everyone so I tell everybody to give it a try.” – Melissa T., Australia

Skepticism was unfounded

“We came across Laminine through a massage therapist and noticed an extremely positive impact on our well-being. Yes, we were skeptical at first but we did our research, tried the product, and realized our skepticism was unfounded. We will continue taking Laminine because we’re experiencing such wonderful benefits. I (Catherine) have personally experienced amazing results in my energy levels and motivations. I feel better now than I did 20 years ago. I injured my thigh and felt no improvement in four months, but three weeks into taking Laminine and I feel better!

My husband’s mood has lifted, his energy has improved and he’s more motivated! He’s able to do more exercise now and has a faster recovery time. I highly recommend Laminine.” – Catherine & Ken B., New Zealand

I have delayed a scheduled injection for my inflamed ligaments

“I always introduce the product and its benefits. I also tell people my personal story, whether I’m on the phone, one-on-one or by email. With Laminine, I have more energy, and I’m able to move around more freely. I have delayed a scheduled injection for my inflamed ligaments, and it’s been five weeks now and I feel a definite improvement.” – Maria C., Australia

Diagnosed with myotonic muscular dystrophy

“Pete was diagnosed with myotonic muscular dystrophy about 27 years ago. Pete says, ‘I can do more things such as walk again; I’m not in a wheelchair now, which is an amazing feeling. With this independence, I’ve been able to travel to more places, such as Bali. In Bali, I was able to go out every day and sometimes walk a few kilometers. Since coming back from Bali with renewed invigoration and confidence, I started driving again for short trips. It just feels great to have my independence and mobility back.’” – Lucie D., Australia

Appetite returned, more energetic, started doing well in school

“The first time I heard about Laminine was in early 2013. At that time, my daughter had an operation and could not recover. We took vitamins, changed up her diet and made sure she was active.

However, she was weak, pale and was not able to perform in school. After just the first capsules, my daughter’s appetite returned, she became more energetic and started doing well in school. In a very short period of time, she recovered completely. We’ve been working with this product for more than a year now and have not only improved our own health, but the health of many others. Thank you for this wonderful product.” – Vladimir K., Russia

Increased stamina, power and endurance during my workout

“The LifePharm Global Network products have improved my health. I have had an increase of about 20-25 percent in stamina, power, and endurance during my workouts. I feel less stress and have experienced a general sense of well-being. My primary reason for being part of LifePharm Global Network is because of the company’s unique and powerful products.” – Dr. Jose T., Puerto Rico

Short of breath and lack of energy

I had a neighbor ask me if I had something that would help with his difficulty breathing and lack of energy. I directed him to Laminine. After 2 weeks of retracing, he got his energy back and got off the couch, where he was spending 90 percent of his time. He now plays 18 holes of golf 3 times a week and works around his property and his daughter’s property all day long. He told me that he hasn’t felt this good in a long, long time. I noticed that his skin looks better, too!. This man is 76 years young! – Mark Silveira, LPGN IBO

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