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Buy Laminine in Europe & Eurasia

Laminine Direct Delivery to Europe as of January 2017

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Open for local distributor.
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Price in Europe

● 1 Bottle (30 Capsules) – €36.20 (Retail*)
● 1 Bottle (30 Capsules) – €28.95 (Member’s price)
● 2 Bottles (60 Capsules) – € 57.90 (Member’s price)
● 3 Bottles (90 Capsules) – €86.85 (Activation Pack)
● 9 Bottles (270 Capsules) – €260.55 + 1 Bottle FREE (30 Capsules)
* Minimum of 3 Bottles (Activation Package) for Auto-delivery

● 1 Bottle (30 Capsules) – €33.20 (Retail*)
● 9 Bottles (270 Capsules) – €238.50 + 1 Bottle FREE (30 Capsules)

● 1 Eco-Bottle (120 Capsules) – €115.80 (Member’s price)
● 1 Eco-Bottle (120 Capsules) – €144.75 (Retail*)
* Retail is available in selected European country only
* First time customer should choose JOIN NOW option (Activation Pack)

Other packages/prices are shown when you go to the ordering page

● 30 Days refund available in selected countries
● Delivery any time during the day
● Your order will be processed in 24 hours
● Delivery is 5-12 working days

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Open for local distributor.
Got questions? Contact us.

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    • For bulk orders, the price in the Philippines has additional 12% VAT. You can pay through bank or western union. We can send you a link for PayPal, but it has additional surcharge of 5% (none for bank deposit to BPI or BDO). Free Delivery anywhere in the Philippines.
      Edge Plus US$1,549.00 + 12%VAT (36 Laminine + 4 Free)
      The Edge US$ 775.00 + 12%VAT (18 Laminine + 2 Free)
      Synergy Pack US$599.00 + 12%VAT (9 Laminine / 4 Omega + 1/1 Free)

  1. Hello, when I will can join as a distributor in UK and also (my friend ask me) in Poland? And how much do i need to pay for a career pack to Newcastle upon Tyne in UK? with regards

    • Since Laminine is not yet officially in UK or Poland, the best way is to become a “stockist”, meaning you buy and sell the product. You can modify the price that should include shipping costs and profit. If you have relatives in US, Australia or Canada, we can help you buy Laminine at the lowest price.

  2. ich bin Vertriebsparnterin von Deutschland möchte gern ägypten verkaufen habe viele Freunde dort wie soll Das Gehen Bitte wegen dem Zoll

    • Laminine is not directly available in Egypt yet. What you can do is to order it in Germany, and you can ship it to Egypt through post office. Do not send more than 3 bottles, you can send it as a gift, labeled as ‘vitamins’


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