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FAQ: Lamiderm Skin Serum

Frequently Asked Question on Lamiderm Skin Serum

What is Lamiderm?

Lamiderm is a skin product collection made to transform skin, working deeper and on the molecular level.

Who owns and makes it?

Lamiderm is owned and manufactured by LifePharm Global Network, based in the USA.

What are the ingredients of Lamiderm?

It contains elastin, fibronectin, and collagen component that provides high-performance bio-serum through LOX enzyme activator.

Does it have harmful chemical side effects?

Unlike most skin beauty products, Lamiderm does not have harmful chemicals and has no known side-effects.

What effects should I expect?

Lamiderm tightens, softens, and brightens your skin. It’s the only product known to have a 350% efficacy with full money back guarantee*.

Are there any side effects of Lamiderm?

All ingredients that Lamiderm uses have no known side effects.

How to buy Lamiderm

Lamiderm was launched in August 6, 2016 in Asia. It will be available worldwide by the end of the year. To buy or order your product, please look for the nearest distributor near you or order the product online.

How to become a distributor

Lamiderm products are new in the market and is sold through MLM, anyone can become a distributor by purchasing Lamiderm Activation Package.

Where to buy Lamiderm in the Philippines

For distributor in the Philippines, please contact 63.925.533.8815

Where to buy Lamiderm in the Indonesia

For Indonesia, please contact – 62.21.56956156

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