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How to buy Laminine without paying membership fee

Most countries require minimum of 3 bottles (Activation package) on the initial sign-up. Technically, this is a good 1-month supply if you are to take the ideal recommended dosage of 3 capsules per day. Join now option enables you to buy the product at wholesale price and get discount in form of rebates. You can remove the annual membership fee by doing the following:

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Login to your account and enter your ID number and password.
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Inside your account (Virtual Office), please go to “My Business” > “My Auto-Delivery” and click “X” button on the right to remove membership fee. By removing this option, you will not be billed as a member. You can still use your account continuously (without paying for the annual fee) or create another account when it expires, using a new name or email address.
how to remove laminine membership fee

Ready to Join?

Click here and choose JOIN NOW, choose your country and “select” your order, “next”, and checkout. You will get an ID or IBO number which you can use to reorder minimum of 1 Bottle on your next order.
→ Click here for instructions on how to order Laminine
→ Click here for a quick visual instruction on how to buy

Benefits of Join Now option

1. Get rebates on your re-order (depending on your order)
2. Reorder at no minimum quantity.
3. Join Now is auto-member and grants you the privilege of distributing the product (optional)
4. No hidden charges, no added fees except for annual membership fee which you can remove in the “Auto-Delivery menu”.
5. Get your own personalized website for ordering and referring the product.

→ Click here to login to your account (input your ID & password).
→ Click here for more instructions on how to buy.
→ How do I maintain my account to continue getting rebates?

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buy laminine How to buy Laminine and Lifepharm products.
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