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How to add a member

How to add a member and get a commission in Laminine

You can get a discount or commission as a rebate, or you may withdraw it as a case each time you purchase a membership or “Activation Package” or someone orders using your member’s website.

If you are selling Laminine to your friends or family, you can buy your stock by placing it through your account. Doing this allows you to get more rebates. Please follow these instructions:

STEP 1: Log in to your account.
STEP 2: Enter your “Virtual Office” and click “Enroll New IBO” or “Join Now.”
STEP 3: Follow the procedure in placing an order; use a different email address. If a friend or someone else is placing an order, please direct your potential customer using your FREE website replicated website.

* Rebates apply for Activation Package or equivalent. For retail orders, your account has to be maintained. The higher the rank, the higher the rebate.


IMPORTANT: You can use the same delivery address but not the same email. Please save your IBO number, username, and password. To maximize rebate, you should maintain your account by having an “auto-ship.” Depending on your rank, you need to buy 1 to 2 bottles of Laminine per month.


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