How to Add or Enroll a New Member

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How to add or enroll a new member under your account

* For those who bought an Activation Package by choosing JOIN NOW option.
* Please ensure you know your ID/IBO number & password

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You can earn rebates from purchases made through your free replicated website. You can reorder as “New Member” or “share your website” to others who can order using it. You can register anyone who is 18 years old and above, such as family members, friends, or your own customers. Your billing details can be different from the delivery address.

STEP 2: Choose country
STEP 3: Choose Activation Pack or equivalent order

laminine how to buy
You can choose other packages aside from Activation Pack. Your order will be processed in 24-48 hours, to cancel or change your order, please go to SUPPORT> SUBMIT A TICKET.

IBO ADVANTAGE: If you have an ID or IBO number, you can reorder through your Virtual Office. You can buy Laminine at a lower price (wholesale) and avail of the special promo. As an added benefit, you can also get rebates or commissions if you purchase another Activation Pack (Use another name for this order). This purchase is known as your Downline. Likewise if your Downline orders, you can get an overriding bonus or commission, depending on your rank and status.

QUICK TIP: You don’t have to login to your account to add your own member, just type your website url – “username” and click JOIN NOW. If your downline chooses a special package such as Family Pack (9+1 promo), you get USD35 rebate or more, depending on how wide your downline is.

laminine how to know website
Use your FREE replicated website to earn rebates. Share to your friends!

QUICK TIP: Your earnings or rebates will be credited to your account in the form of EWallet. You can use this earnings to purchase a product. You can check your commissions online, reflected on your Virtual Office every Friday.

→ Click here to know more about commissions or rebates.
→ Click here to know more about your Virtual Office (Back office)
→ Click here to know more about your EWallet
→ Click here for Laminine Business Opportunity.
→ Click here for Laminine Business Opportunity.
→ Click here how to get discount in form of rebates, commission, or bonus.

Try logging on to your own Virtual or Back Office

You can try going inside your VIRTUAL OFFICE by entering your User Name or IBO number + password. If you have forgotten either of them, just click forgot password and open the email account that you used to enroll. If you have problems accessing your email or may have forgotten it as well, please go to our SUPPORT menu and send us an email.

Laminine Virtual Office How to use

→ Click here to know more about your Virtual Office

Join now & get rebates

There are 2-ways to buy Laminine: BUY NOW (Retail price) and JOIN NOW (Wholesale, member’s price). If you choose JOIN NOW, you automatically become a member where you can earn rebates and commissions. As a member, you are also authorized to sell or be a distributor of Laminine if you wish to do so.

As a member you can purchase Laminine at a lower price (wholesale). Example – ECO Bottle 120s is USD172 at retail vs. member’s price at USD132. You save USD40.

Member benefits

As a member, you can buy 1 bottle* of Laminine for only USD33 instead of the retail price USD43 and other packages. You can also avail of special promotions, discounts or commission. Laminine Food Supplement is sold through MLM or Multi-Level Marketing.
* Must order Activation Package first (3 bottles), reorder has no minimum required.

TIP: Post your personal website url – “myname” on your Facebook account. If someone clicks it and decides to JOIN, a rebate or commission is automatically credited to your account.

→ Click here how to promote or personalize your FREE replicated website or url

Disclaimer: We do not offer medical advice. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information and views expressed on this site are solely those of the owner of this site and do not constitute advertising of LPGN. Results will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each person. If you have concerns, please consult your physician or call LPGN at 800.400.1287.

buy laminine How to buy Laminine and Lifepharm products.
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  1. hello,

    I have already IBO # 9037191 but under Forever Rich International Link since I register using there site. no body sponsoring me its just that I saw the registration form, I already purchased 3 Boxes from them Invoice # SR2468584 & SS 246004 but I got a problem with them because lately I have noticed that its not a free shipping to the given address upon registration and it requires the addressee to pick up the purchase product to Ortigas which which is far from the delivery address or not unless you have to pay again shipping charges which they provide bank account. its not a problem but its time consuming for me.

    Now my Question is it possible to transfer to part of this group using the same IBO #.? I know LBC is your courier partner in delivery so that every time I buy there no hazard again. I need this monthly for my sister who has a breast cancer.

    Please advise ..
    reply to my email please..

    • There are 2 ways to enrol as a member, through Foreverrich (FRPI) or any individual or another company like us (Althea Distributor). Whoever is your upline (sponsor) will and should take care of your needs and requirements. If you ordered through FRPI, you can claim your product at the office in Galleria.

      Althea Group also has regular staff in Robinson’s Galleria to assist our members/those registered under Althea, you can ask our staff in Robinson’s for help but you cannot transfer to us if you’re already registered with another IBO. You can cancel your order with them and start all-over again, it really depends on you. All prices and commission or bonus are all standard with FRPI or other distributors. FRPI, individual distributors, Althea Group, etc… are all under LGPN (USA).

  2. hello,

    I am a newly member from althea group. just a question, if I will purchase online using my vertual office its either to register a new member to my downline or new order, ito po ba ay automatic e deliver given address. papanung arrangement sa pag dedeliver? saan po ba ang mas convenient mag order mas ok po ba na gagamitin ang vertual office or doon sa link

    Please reply to my email.



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