How to become an IBO Laminine distributor or member

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Laminine Food Supplement is sold through Multi Level Marketing or MLM. You can start your own home-based Laminine store. Just purchase an Activation Pack or Equivalent and you will be given an ID or IBO number (Independent Business Owner) plus your own FREE Virtual Office with a personalized URL or FREE replicated website which you can promote to your friends or post in social media. Anyone who ‘joins’ becomes a member and is given the option to become a distributor.

How to become a member or
distributor of Laminine products

STEP 1: Sign-up as a member

There are 2 ways to buy Laminine (Buy and Join now options). Please choose ‘JOIN NOW’ option and purchase ‘ACTIVATION PACK’ which is equivalent to 3 bottles or boxes of Laminine. Please ensure you have a dedicated business email address when you sign-up.

Membership is open to anyone from ages 18 years old and above. Membership is currently not available in all countries but we are working towards establishing this worldwide. You should have a credit card in order to order and become a member. For membership in HK, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand, please go to our BUY LAMININE menu and go to our country-specific page.

● Make sure you have a good internet connection, preferably on a desktop computer.
● Prepare your Credit Card number, CSV number (3 or 4 digits located at the back of card), and expiration. Some debit cards are not accepted.
● Please be ready to list and save your ID or IBO Number, Username, and chosen password.

Be a LifePharm Independent Business Owner starting at US$29.95 or $99 with products. Choose ‘JOIN NOW’ and scroll down to select “Business Starter Kit.” You will get an ID number with Virtual Office access to start your online business. Choose Team Althea as your sponsor and contact us for support.

how to buy laminine
Buy now option allows you to buy 1 bottle at retail price.

How to sign up as member/distributor
STEP 1: Choose ‘JOIN NOW’
STEP 2: Choose Country Flag
STEP 3: Select ‘Activation Package’ or ‘Business kit’ at US$29.95.
STEP 4: Add to cart and proceed or checkout (You can change your order)
STEP 5: Fill out information details
STEP 6: Review order summary and click SUBMIT
STEP 7: Continue registration and save your ID or IBO number & password


This serves as your login ID which you will need for your back-office.
→ Understanding your back or virtual office.

STEP 3: Stock on Laminine

Your first customers will be those wanting to try the product. You can direct them to your free replicated website (ordering website) where they can choose BUY NOW option (retail). If this option is not available in your country, you should have your own stock for individual retail sales as needed. You can start with Family Pack (9+1 Free). If your customer wants to reorder, you can direct them to your personalized website and this time ask them to sign-up or choose the JOIN NOW option (member’s price).

→ Laminine pricing.

STEP 4: Review our Frequently Asked Question page

→ What you need to know as a member (FAQ).

STEP 5: Get in touch with us.

→ Contact us

Want to be listed in our directory?
If you registered under Team Althea, we can help promote your business by adding you to our directory (country-specific page). Please email us the following information:
1. IBO Number, name of the registered member, the country you want to sell.
2. The mobile phone that you are willing to be published (must be in the same country).
3. Email you used to register and email you want to use for selling.
4. Spoken language or dialect.
5. Address (Street or vicinity area including town and city)
6. Calling hours and restrictions (if applicable).
7. Colored photo with plain background.
8. Your personal LPGN website or URL (registered under Team Althea) that will direct customers to buy directly to you. (Example

The MLM concept

Laminine & LifePharm products are sold through Multi-Level Marketing or MLM. This means that the company spends less on an advertising campaign or product awareness and instead delegates this to its own member. The savings the company gets is added as incentives to the members, apart from commission and bonus a member/distributor can get.

→ Why Multi-Level Marketing or MLM is the best option for ensuring a good & steady retirement income.

FREE Personalized Website

Membership comes with FREE access and use of your Virtual or Back Office. Also called “REPLICATED WEBSITE”, this personalized website facility allows you the convenient way to transact, promote, and handle your business customers. Virtual PRO is free for 90 days. If you don’t want to pay extract for a PRO version, you can continue using your Virtual Office BASIC for FREE. You will receive an email notification if you wish to continue using your PRO version and you can upgrade anytime.

→ Know more about your Virtual Office


1. Annual membership of US$20
This will be billed one year after your sign-up. You can remove this option or ignore paying the annual membership which will prevent you from earning commissions or rebate. But you can still continue to use your account.

2. Autoship or product maintenance
There are three basic ways to earn – retail profit, commission or rebate from new members under you, and additional bonuses depending on your rank. You need to maintain 1 to 2 bottles or boxes of Laminine each month if you want to receive additional bonuses. You can continue to receive overriding commission or rebate for each new sign-up under you even without autoship or maintenance. You can concern yourself with auto-ship when your own network has at least 10 new sign-ups (premier rank).

→ Understanding your virtual office, Go to this link for more information on autoship or membership fees.

What if Laminine is not available in my country?

If you are looking forward to an online business, MLM is the way to go and the key is to start as early as possible. LPGN (parent company) is expanding globally and if it is not yet formally available in your country (meaning Laminine is not auto-delivery), you have 2 options to start selling:
1. Register from another country and later change your address when Laminine opens in your country.
2. Buy & sell the product by buying in bulk and sell it as retail to your friends and initial contacts.

You can email us for more information on how you can do this. Choose Althea Group as your sponsor!

laminine business opportunity

Useful links for Laminine Independent Business Owners (IBO)

lamiderm apex


  1. Following the information sent to me by Althea and further research into the product laminine I would really like to join as a member. I am a health promotion specialist and it seems like my clientele would benefit from the product.
    Only problem I travel between two countries the UK and Jamaica.I am currently in the UK and will be going to Jamaica shortly. I would like to know if laminine is in Jamaica and can I signed up and get it there or do I have to wait until I come back to the UK? Thank you for your advice

    • Laminine is not yet available directly to Jamaica, LPGN is working towards opening in the Caribbean countries, it is already available in Puerto Rico and some sellers are starting to establish their networks in Jamaica. If you have someone who can answer inquiries in UK while you’re away, there should be no problem since all deliveries are done by LPGN. Meantime you can already start introducing the product to your friends in Jamaica, and can sell it to them by buying the product from UK and selling it at retail. When LPGN goes direct delivery to Jamaica, we can put you online. If you are interested to sign-up and be part of Althea Group for UK, please email us your contact information, ID number so we can put your account online already, for our UK inquiries.

  2. I LIVE IN TRINIDAD (Trinidad and Tobago- Caribbean), can I become a distributor? OR AN OFFICIAL LINK SO THAT INTERESTED DISTRIBUTORS CAN JOIN UNDER ME?

    • Good day Ms Fox-Simon:
      My name is Linda Hoyte, a distributor in Trinidad of laminine products under the Althea Distributor group. I note that you are interested in becoming a distributor in Trinidad and Althea suggested that you contact me and join my team.I would be happy to have you on my team where we can build your business together. You can reach me at Phone no.18684771160. My lifepharm website is Hope to hear from you soon.


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