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How to order and buy Laminine

Door to door delivery in USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and soon Singapore.

OPTION 1: ‘Buy now’

how to buy laminine

OPTION 2: ‘Join now’

how to buy laminine
Minimum order of 3 bottles (Activation Pack) for JOIN NOW. This option allows you to get discounts in form of rebate for every NEW Activation package under you


1. Save your ID or IBO number, password, and username you chose.
2. Your ID number is also your free replicated website pointer.
3. Personalize your website pointer (Example: myshop.mylifepharm.com)
4. How to buy as a member (join), but does not want to pay an annual membership fee.
5. ‘Join Now’ is auto-member (wholesale price) but does not bind you to a commitment.

identify ibo number

OPTION 3: Buy as a member

Login to your account or by as “Enroll New IBO” to get rebates
how to buy laminine in usa & canada

Instructions for ‘BUY AS A MEMBER’ option

STEP 1: Login to your account & input ID No. & password.
STEP 2: Go to ‘My Business’ > ‘Place Order’ or
STEP 3: Go to ‘My Business’ > ‘Enroll New IBO’ (If you wish to get rebates)

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  1. very complicated i stil dont understand how to order i live in thailand
    please tell me how to order the activation packages thank you

    • Hi Annick, we have added a menu for THAILAND orders so it will be easier. Just go to our menu “BUY LAMININE – Thailand” and you can pay through PayPal. We also have your address already. Thank you.

  2. How if im already a member of laminine in the philippines but iam already here on usa how can i still be your partner distributor cause i want to pursue it here.i just got here on us,ive ordered laminine here not a distributor but a regular customer my question is iwant to pursue my distributor ibm name can u help on this pls thank you

  3. I have gallstone.
    medical findings: The liver is normal in size and echogenicity. There is no evidence of any mass or cystic lesion.
    Few shadowing echogenic foci are seen within the gallbladder, the largest measuring 1.2cm in diameter. There is no wall thickening or pericholecystic fluid.
    Biliary tree is not dilated. Common bile duct measures 0.2cm in with
    IMPRESION: multiple gallstones

    Can laminine help me?

    • Laminine annual membership is US$20. If you are using PRO Virtual Office, please do the ff:
      1. Login to your account and go to ‘PLACE ORDER’ (upper right menu).
      2. Go to ‘SUBSCRIPTION’ (right column).
      3. Click ‘Add to Cart’, click ‘Check Out Now’.
      4. Complete your payment.

  4. I want to buy laminine I need it for my severe depression & weak concentration but I,m not from those countries you named what can I do ?

    • Laminine is not officially present in India but if you have a friend or relative in the Australia, Canada, UK, USA, we can send it there and your contact can send it to you. If none, you need to pay for additional shipping fee of USD30.

  5. Thanks for the reply.. Since i ve none of my friends or relatives in the above mentioned countries, i am ready to pay the additional shipping charges…kindly do let me know the exact total amount i need to pay and the payment methods.. i want to buy Laminine Omega +++(or whichever you recommended, i am 30 years old (Male) .. and please let me know the delivery time period to reach India.

  6. Just wonder if you can able to tell me a price for Laminine Omega +++ if you purchase 4 bottles pack .



    • For Laguna, we accept bank deposit or possible meet up, PayPal or you can go directly to Robinson’s EDSA to buy. For more info, please contact our Philippines distributor – Lina 09399259126

  7. Nevem kako da narocim tega izdelka p0magajte ker jas pomagam za eno kolega ker potrebuje ta lek in nevemo kako da pridemo do tegaleka laminine cancer fal
    aa za razum

  8. Tengo mi hijo que padece de defisis de atencion y quisiera utilizar el producto pero no soy de esos paises soy de puerto rico quisiera comprarlo pero para uso mensual no como distrbuidora solo uso personal cual seria el costo

    • Delivery to Australia is 7 to 10 working days. Unfortunately there’s no physical office or stocking within Australia. All orders go through the LPGN website and are processed from USA. Once you make an order online, it will be processed in 24-48 hours and will be shipped from USA hub. From our experience 2 weeks is a safe waiting time. You can also order locally (faster), please contact Maria Teresa +61 420874833.

  9. I would like to join to become a distributor, i’m living here in trinidad, and tobago could you please guide me accordingly. Tnx

  10. I have been ordering Laminine from Singapore. I am now in Australia for a few months, and would like to replenish my stocks. Do I order from my distributor in Singapore, and get it sent here, or do I order directly from the agent in Australia? I have not received a reply from my distributor in Singapore, although I have sent her a couple of emails. Please tell me how to order as I am unable to understand the complicated instructions on your website. Thanks.


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