How to Earn Commissions & Bonus as a Distributor

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How to Earn Commission in Laminine

✓ Be a Laminine Distributor in your neighborhood or sell it globally.*
✓ Do all your transactions online, anytime, anywhere.
✓ No hidden fees come with your own back office or personalized website.
✓ Prepare for retirement by starting to build your own network now, at your own pace.
✓ Take advantage of residual income and earn even when you’re in vacation.
✓ Enjoy the anti-aging benefits of Laminine and help others experience better health.

How it works

As an Independent Business Owner (IBO), you can earn rebates or bonus when you sell LPGN products using your personalized website. You also get overriding commission on products bought by your member or member’s member. This method of selling and earning is referred to as Multi-Level Marketing or MLM.

Your sponsor or “upline” is the person where you connect and can get added support that the parent company, LPGN gives. Choose your sponsor wisely and make sure he or she can provide continued support.

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Monitor your business earning through the Virtual Office

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All members get their own FREE back office or Virtual Office. You can monitor your business activity, get resources, or withdraw or transfer funds using this portal. There are two versions of the Virtual Office.
● PRO Virtual Office (with personalized website; advance users) – US$19.95/Month (Free for 90 days)
● BASIC Virtual Office (with personalized website) – FREE
→ Click here to compare PRO Virtual Office (with monthly fee) & Free Basic Virtual Office.

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How much will I earn?

Multi Level Network is not an overnight success. You need to develop your own network and expand your customer base. The average income of a Laminine distributor range from US$500 per week to US$5,000 – depending on your matrix tree.

There are 3 basic ways to earn

1. Sell at retail (Buy and Sell)
2. Promote your website
3. Get expanded commission and bonuses

Sample rebate or commission on popular packages

1. Get US$4 for each bottle bought by your direct member.
2. Get US$11* rebate on Activation Pack (3 Bottles).
3. Get US$21* rebate on Activation Pack as Premier Rank.
4. Get US$35* rebate on Family Pack (9 Bottles + 1 FREE).
5. Get US$60* rebate on Family Pack as Premier Rank.
6. Get overriding commissions from all sales from anyone in your matrix tree.*

* Matrix or generation tree are all direct and indirect accounts under you.
* Get unlimited rebate/overriding commission & bonus from anyone in your matrix.
* Use your commission (rebate) to purchase a product or convert them to cash.

stan bowerStan Brower receives US$100,000 Bonus. as short as 4 months after starting to sell Laminine on-line using his Virtual Office. He is one of the earliest Laminine Independent Business Owner (IBO) who started early.

How do I start?

Disclaimer: Views expressed on this site are solely those of Althea Distributor and do not constitute advertising of LifePharm Global product. LifePharm Global Network does not guarantee income, and all commissions and bonuses are based on IBOs meeting specific activity and performance requirements.


To have a successful business, you need to have a strong connection with whoever you work with. You should speak the same language and have similar business goals. You are welcome to join Althea Group and we will do our best to equip you with marketing techniques and support to boost your own network.

→ How to become a Laminine distributor


Promote your free replicated (personalized) website by sending emails to your friends or posting it in social media. You can also organize ‘tea parties’ and introduce your product to your friends, relatives, or office mates. Another popular way to build your network is by partnering with organization that allows you to present a product.

Share your personal testimony about Laminine and you can introduce it as a unique anti-aging food supplement, that has stem-cell like properties. If you are under Althea Group, we’ll be happy to assist you in developing your own network.

If you signed-up under Althea Network, we can manage your
account or assist your first level direct downlines.

Building your own team is easy. Just share your personal experience with Laminine or refer them to Laminine Seminars conducted in your area. Ask help from your upline (Althea Group) and get online support. Your team or “Laminine Network” is your own. The sooner you start building your own team, the higher possibility of earning overrides and commissions.

Earn from US$100 to an average of US$2,000 a week!

Start your own business right at your home. Sell on-line through your own Laminine website.Use your Virtual Office to check your earnings or sell Laminine. Choose Althea Group as your sponsor! * This video will be updated soon.


Your goal for the first 6 months should be to have a PREMIER RANK (also referred to as status & position). This means you need to add at least 10 members under you. As PREMIER RANK, you get higher compensation.

Even if you stop adding members (or direct selling), you can still get overriding commission or bonus, depending on how your member (downline) performs. Your commission or bonus is based on your rank or level and the activities of your downline or downline’s downline.


ASSOCIATE 15% (2 members under you)
LEADER 20% (3 members under you)
BUILDER 20% (6 members under you)
PREMIER 20% (10 or more members under you)

Ranks (Director level*)


* A director can get an additional monthly bonus should the left and right matrix reach at least 6,000 / 4,000 volume each month. The average matrix bonus is from around $500 to $5,000 or even higher, even without any personal or direct sales. There is also the global pool (profit sharing) which a director can qualify. The compensation plan is currently uni-level with a binary root.

* You need to maintain your account by buying at least 1 bottle to continue receiving bonus overrides.
* An Associate member gets a commission of approximately USD11 per Activation. A Premier member gets USD18 per activation pack, exclusive of additional matrix bonus, depending on how deep or wide your network is.


To do this, you need the following:
1. Your own desktop or laptop computer
2. Mobile Smart Phone
3. Facebook account
4. Knowledge in making a website through WordPress (Added advantage)
5. Preferably lives in a country with a Laminine Business Center (Added advantage)

You need a computer to organize your virtual business office (website). Customers normally contact sellers through telephone or email. If you have a Facebook account, you can create a Like Page to promote your personal url or website.

For countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Vietnam, you need to buy or get the product through a business center or local stockist.

[vc_message]Be a LifePharm Independent Business Owner starting at US$29.95. Choose ‘JOIN NOW’ and scroll down to select “Business Starter Kit.” You will get an ID number with Virtual Office access to start your online business. Choose Team Althea as your sponsor and contact us for support.[/vc_message]

How to start laminine business

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  1. hi, is Laminine compensation plan applicable in Turkey?
    I know importing from the country other than EU is
    very complicate. Even almost impossible. Do you
    have any distributer from any EU country?

    • It’s not at the moment, but you can establish your network already while waiting for Laminine to put up its business center in Turkey. Laminine EU is still on the groundwork. We send product via courier/parcel which can be added to your cost if you want to sell Laminine Turkey.

  2. I have purchased 2 boxes of Laminine from the office at Ortigas center, last August 2015 I avail the promo 4 boxes and earn $30 + 1 bottle Omega+++. My downline also avail the promo. Can you be my upline? Thank you!

    • LifePharm does NOT allow an active IBO to transfer to another upline/IBO. What you can do is to first request LPGN to cancel your account, then you can register again to a different upline. Accounts which are dormant for at least 6-months (no transaction) can be registered again, just send an email request to LPGN by going to our Support menu > Submit a ticket.

  3. Je suis camerounais et je veux développere le réseau de distribution de laminine au Cameroun.
    Que dopis je faire?
    Dois je d’abord m’inscrire en France ou je peux le faire sans problème?

    • Si vous habitez en France, vous devez vous inscrire en France. Vous pouvez distribuer Laminine à n’importe quel pays, à travers votre site Web gratuit (répliqué). Nous vous avons envoyé un courriel.


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