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How to sell Laminine

Want to be a distributor and sell Laminine?

LifePharm Global Network makers and distributors of Laminine products can be sold through distributors from most countries worldwide. You can see Laminine yourself when you sign up as a member. Click here for more info on how to sell Laminine.

1. Sell Laminine products by referral

As a distributor, you get a FREE replicated website URL that you can use to sell the product online. You can promote your website by posting it through Social Media, and when someone orders using that link, you automatically get a commission.

2. Sell by buying and selling your stock

You can buy your stock (at member’s price) and sell it at retail price. You can earn by reselling the product and, at the same time, get rebates/commissions when you buy your stock.

You can go to the following link for more information on how to sell the product:
● FAQ – As a Laminine distributor
● How to personalize your free website URL
● Laminine FAQ

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