LifePharm Immune +++ Ingredients

lifepharm immune

LifePharm Immune+++ contains the following proprietary blend of natural ingredients:

1. Opti-Shield Blend

The Polysaccharides Complex is composed of important plant extract and mushrooms.
1. Reishi Mushroom
2. Maitake Mushroom
3. Turkey Tail Mushroom

reishi maitake turkey tail

2. Life-C Blend

This blend is not your ordinary Vitamin C. It’s formulated with a unique delivery system that enters the body faster and stays in the body longer.

3. Herb and Botanical Blend

1. Camu Camu
2. Acerola
3. Ashwagandha
4. Sea Buckthorn
5. Pomegranate

LifePharm Immune 3 Plus

24-Hours Protection

The combination of this 3 Powerful Blends generates a powerhouse of immunity against colds and infections. The ingredients in Immune 3-Plus strengthens the immune system for 24-hours. It supports and fortifies your body on the onslaught of illness.

When you do get sick, Immune 3 Plus continues to support your immune system even in the presence of the toughest germs and micro-organism, helping your body cope faster and better.

Immune+++ is your solid warrior of defense!

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