Complete Ingredients Review of Laminine OPT9™

ingredients review

The OPT9™ Formula

Laminine Food Supplement is 100% food grade. It is a mixture of chicken egg tissue extracts with fish & vegetable protein. Laminine® contains Opt9™, a Proprietary Blend in 620 mg per capsule. Other ingredients are Vegetable gelatin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate. Laminine is in powder capsule form.

Fertilized Avian Egg Extract – 316 mg
Marine Protein – 266 mg
Phyto-Protein – 24 mg

Other Ingredients:

Magnesium Stearate*
Silicon Di-oxide*
Vegetable Gelatin

1. Fertilized Avian Egg Extract:

Also known as Fertilized Chicken Egg Tissue Extracts, this core ingredient of Laminine was originally discovered by Dr. John Ralston Davidson in 1929, a Canadian doctor who was looking for a cancer cure for his patients.

Some fifty years after, the ingredient was referred to as Young Tissue Extract (YTE) by Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, a Norwegian doctor who continued on with the research and found a better way to extract the ingredient. He too believed that the egg extract can positively influence cellular health.

By the mid-1990s, YTE research gained medical popularity. It was even featured in Canada TV as a documentary on cancer-cure, where it was referred to as an important discovery that has been clinically tested and found to influence cell repair, restoration, and proliferation.

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Egg source

Since early 2012, LifePharm Global Network has sourced its Fertilized Avian Egg Extract from organic, cage-free, hormone-free chicken farms in the United States, which is then developed with the process of Hygienic Evaporative Cooling Technology.

When this method was discovered, converting the Fertilized Avian Egg Extract from a liquid to a powdered form made it possible to harvest the peptides from egg in its most purest, potent, and concentrated form.

This technology is exclusive to LifePharm Global Network and was not readily available anywhere else in the world besides the United States. Previously, LPGN sourced its Fertilized Avian Egg Extract from Norway, but the change occurred in order to ensure the quality, traceability, and supply of materials. The laws governing avian products are especially stringent in the U.S.A., and LifePharm Global Network prides itself on operating under FDA and GMP guidelines.

2. Marine & Phyto-Proteins

This proteins extract comes from fish, sea (vegetable) plants, & yellow pea. Fish extracts are from shark cartilage. Cartilage is flexible tough elastic tissues. The extract are known to fight cancer and provide as an agent to increase immunity, arthritis, psoriasis, wound healing, inflammation of the intestine, and damage to the retina of the eye due to diabetes.

The vegetable proteins in Laminine are extracts from sea plants and yellow pea. Yellow pea, in particular, is known to bind up cholesterol-containing bile and move it out of your body. This can help with conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis.

Yellow pea also provides protein, B-vitamins, and several important minerals. Peas also contain isoflavones, which are helpful in reducing the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Peas help stabilize blood sugar levels. Studies shown that type 2 diabetics can lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and VLDL (Very Low-Density Lipoprotein).

3. Other ingredients

Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Vegetable Gelatin, Microcrystalline, Cellulose

Laminine is 100% Food Grade

The ingredients of Laminine includes 20 + 2 complete full chains of amino acids, where 8 are essential to our body’s daily need for repair, energy, and recovery. Laminine’s unique and patented ingredient base – OPT9™ that contains Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF), found in the extract has been proven by science to promote cellular health. Combined with other vitamins and minerals that are sourced organically, Laminine is presented as the best and ideal supplement when it comes to maintaining and promoting homeostasis. All of the ingredients found in Laminine is generally recognized as safe by the FDA (GRAS).

Laminine ingredients as listed in the label:
Opt9™ Proprietary Blend (620 mg per capsule)
Fertilized Avian Egg Extract
Marine & Phyto Proteins
Others – Vegetable gelatin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.
* Silicon dioxide is an anti-caking agent, used to prevent clumping. Silicon dioxide exists naturally within the earth and our bodies.

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  1. Please provide me the contact number in Cebu where I can order this product. I would like to visit the office in Cebu as well. I have been prayer for guidance on how I can help help myself be better and healthier. I honestly feel that God has led me to this product revelation.


  2. Can you give contact person with contact numbers that I can buy lamine.i’m here in paete,laguna ..I diagnosed lupus since 2005 ..I think lamine can help my body to relief my extreme fatigue.hope you reply me thank you godbless us

  3. I have had a gastric bypass and wonder what effects my procedure might have or help with nutrients absorbed. I have also been diagnosed with lymphocyte colitis. Will this be helpful to control the symptoms?
    Thank you in advance for your response.

    • We’ll ask around for testimonies for your condition, but generally, Laminine should be good for you because what it does is to “repair” damaged cells and let your body produce enzymes or hormones necessary for recovery. It also contains amino acids which will provide the necessary nutrients you need, aside from vitamins from food.

    • Since there are no known cures for Multiple sclerosis disorder, what Laminine (original) may do is to reduce flare-ups since it encourages certain hormones to make a person feel ‘relaxed’. It will also give energy (Amino acids), that boosts energy levels during an exercise. Dosage can be the standard 1 capsule am, 2 capsules bedtime.

    • Yes, Endometrial Polyps are usually affected by hormone levels where Laminine may help. Also since it may cause bleeding, Laminine can help restore the blood cells and even repair damaged cells or linings in the uterine.

  4. i was just worried, because i am taking laminine since january of last year. though sometimes i cant take it regularly due to busy schedule and sometimes I forget, Every 3 months i buy the family pack, because i also let my parents take it as their food supplement because they are already old. but just recently, i had my yearly check up to my OB, but sad to say on my ultrasound, the doctor found out i have endometrial polyps.. i dont know if i should continue to take laminine or not.. by the way thank u for the reply, i appreciate it..

    • Yes, we have customers/children who takes Laminine for their ADHD, the effect is very positive. 1 capsule 30 minutes before meal, 1 capsule at bedtime for children below 7-14 years old or depending on the built. 7 Years below is 1 capsule only or split powder in 2.

  5. I would like to try your product Laminine in UK, do you have a shop in United Kingdom? I’ve read reviews and seems to be an ace! but would this be endorsed by UK Department of health?

    • Yes Laminine UK will open in United Kingdom (and soon in other British territories) on March 30, 2015. The Department of Health UK do not make an endorsements of a product, but FDA-UK gives the permit to sell a product as approved, with a disclaimer for general safety. FDA-USA and FDA-UK has a mutual agreement and proper documentation has been submitted and finally approved.

    • Our ingredient knowledge for Laminine is limited to what we’re told by the mother company. To our knowledge, advanced technology was used in producing the extract from the Albumen, since it works well even when ingested through the stomach, this may include nanotech, but we cannot confirm this.

  6. I am Turkish but I am living in Brunei. I couldn’t find any distributor company in Turkey. Will be any problem , If I buy from Brunei and take to Turkey ? I want to buy my brother in law because of they couldn’t have a baby even they married more than 10 years because of male spermas problem. Can u help me how dosage he should use Laminine per day ? Even problem is coming from male side, should female use Laminine as well ?

    • There should be no problem if you’re hand carrying a few bottles/boxes. It will be advisable if you can take with you the receipt or Doctor’s recommendation just in case. Laminine can be taken at least twice a day, breakfast and bedtime. If the male has a low sperm count, he should take it. From our customer base experience however, if the male has no problems, it’s usually the female who should take and we’ve seen many couples have babies in 10 months average.


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