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NEWS FEED: Introducing Laminine Powder

Dr Edward Andujar LPGN Doctor Scientist

Laminine Powder

Dr. Edward Andujar, LifePharm Global Network (LGPN) Research Scientist launched in the Philippines – Laminine Powder.

The best even got better! Dr. Andujar shared the health benefit of Laminine Powder, a special mixed-protein blend enhanced with Spirulina. It comes in a convenient container that can be set on the table, eaten as soup additive or to any cooked meals, giving wonderful health benefits to the family.

Laminine Powder contains the life-giving nutrient of Fertilized Egg Powder Extract that contains FibroBlast Growth Factor or FGF, which is a unique protein that helps in the development or restoration of growing or damaged cells.

Who is it for?

Laminine powder was created specially for children. It is a delectable topping to any dish, particularly rice, mashed potato, pasta and vegetables. It enriches the taste of food while providing optimum daily nutrition that your active child needs.

Laminine is known to help tweens and teens with their mental focus specially during an exam, while those who are hyperactive toddlers and kids help balance their serotonin level helping them to think and act more relaxed.

This wonderful food product will come to Asia and launched globally by December 2016!

* To experience the full potent power of Laminine, take Laminine capsules that contains OPT9 Blend.

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