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Lamiderm Apex Skin Serum Ingredients, Benefits, & Side Effects

Benefits of Lamiderm Skin Serum

• Revitalizes skin’s texture and appearance without expensive treatments or harsh chemicals
• Restores skin’s natural elasticity, firmness, and healthy glow
• Actively brightens and lightens skin
• Repairs skin from UV damage

Core ingredients

• Radiance Complex Blend (Swiss Alpine plants)
• Vitamin C & E blend (Skin antioxidant)
• Nourishing Moisturizing blend
• Natural delivery system (skin absorption)
• With Fertilized Avian Egg Extract applied (with LOX Enzyme Activator)


An exclusive synergistic blend made from the extract of seven Swiss Alpine plants.
• Brightens the skin in a natural way
• Contains powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties
• Safe and effective for all skin types

Clinical studies* / positive side effects:
1. Lighten skin by 15% in 12 weeks
2. Reduce color of dark spots by 54% in 12 weeks
* These results are based on studies from the University of Toronto with Human Skin Cell Cultures.


• Reduces the level of damaging free radicals that produce age spots through the use of Vitamin C & E blend
• Plumps and firms skin texture
• Improves acne conditions by deactivating bacteria


• Softens fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduces inflammatory effects from damaged skin
• Provides protective barrier to sun-exposed skin

lamiderm moisturizer


Aloe Vera juice and coconut oil help all the ingredients in Lamiderm Apex naturally reach all three layers of skin.


lamiderm ingredientsLamiderm is unique and is the first “Skin Cell Activator”, an ingredients sourced from eggs. This proprietary ingredient called Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE) is the primary ingredient and success of the “anti-aging” Food Supplement, Laminine.

If you are already taking Laminine supplement you would have noticed have better skin texture, feel, and color. The same ingredients are applied topically. The Fertilized Avian Egg Extract applied contains three important components:

1. LOX (Lysyl Oxidase)

It is a natural enzyme that the human skin has but is also found in LifePharm’s proprietary egg extract. Rich in protein nutrients, it lengthens and strengthens the skin fibers – Lysyl Oxidase. This enzyme is plentiful in a youthful skin and helps to link small collagen fibers to longer, stronger fibers.

2. Growth factors: PDGF and TGF1-ß

These growth factors stimulate collagen, elastin and fibronectin fibers in human skin cells.

3. Elastin and Collagen Production

The FibroBlast Growth Factor applied in Lamiderm boosts the production of elastin and collagen by up to 250 percent.

Clinical studies and positive side effects:
Boosts the production of fibronectin by up to 350 percent after three days*
* These results are based on studies from the University of Toronto with Human Skin Cell Cultures.

clinical study elastin collagen
clinical study elastin collagen

Known adverse side effects

Although Lamiderm is a new player in the skin market, no data has shown adverse side effects. The ingredients used however have long-term use that proves it does not harm all types of skin but instead give positive side effects to having better, healthier and younger skin texture, color, and feel.

Why choose Lamiderm over known cosmetic skin care?

Lamiderm APEX Skin Serum is truly unique. Its core proprietary ingredient has clinical studies to support its claims. Lamiderm is currently the only known skin (non-cosmetic) product with naturally occurring LOX Enzyme Activator.

Comparing Lamiderm with other popular brands of cosmetics, Lamiderm stands out because of the following:
• Does not contain harmful sulfates
• Does not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)
• Does not contain Synthetic Fragrance
• Doctor recommended, hypoallergenic

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