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Lamiderm Testimonials

Testimonies of Lamiderm users: What people are saying

Users of Lamiderm are raving about its transformative effects on their skin, with compliments pouring in from television and movie stars, models, stylists, photographers, beauty queens, and more!

Best used with Laminine supplement, Lamiderm works like a miracle from the inside out.

Plump cheekbones

“I noticed an improvement in my skin tone, which seems plumper, especially in the cheekbone area, and an ever-so-slight improvement of the fine line on my forehead.

Since I’ve used the products only for a few weeks, I feel this is quite a remarkable result.”
– ARIANNA REGGIO, Photographer at Angelia Communications and Social Media Strategist

Winter skincare

“I am very picky about the products I use. I am delighted that Lamiderm Apex is an obvious winner and has become my winter skincare secret weapon.”
– ERIN LAYNE, Actress, Model, Hollywood Costume Designer

Brighter skin tone

“After using it for a few weeks, I found this serum amazingly brightens my skin tone. The ingredients in this product have been thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy.

I love this serum and would love to share it with all the beauty junkies.”
– CHRIS HAN, Style and Beauty Blogger, Fashion Consultant


“I have recently been using Lamiderm Apex, and it is such a fantastic new serum, I can’t get over it. I fell in love with this when I opened it and saw the sleek packaging.

I would confidently recommend this to my mom or anyone who wants to protect and improve their aging skin. Overall, this is a great serum.

A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee also backs it.”
– ANDREA CANNON, Founder of TheStepfordGuide.com and Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger

A healthy glow targets three proteins

“I discovered a new serum by LifePharm. I’m so happy with it because it gives my skin a healthy glow.

Give it a try because while most serums target just one or two proteins, Lamiderm Apex targets all three: elastin, fibronectin, and collagen.”
– MIKA NEWTON, Ukrainian-born Actress, Singer, and Model

I love the personal approach!

“New, amazing, rejuvenating serum Lamiderm Apex arrives from LifePharm! I love the product, I love the packaging, and I love their personal approach!”
– BOJANA LAMBROU, Model, Children’s Book Author

Smoother, after a few days

I am trying a new product called Lamiderm Apex. I have been using it for a couple of days, and I love how smooth my skin feels after applying it.

Also, I was so amazed by the packaging – it was in a gorgeous dark blue velvet box- you could say the packaging doesn’t matter, but that is where an awesome product experience begins.”
– OLYA TIMOSHEVICH, Fashion Photographer and Beauty Blogger

You will like it!

“I found a new serum called Lamiderm Apex, and I like it so much. Sometimes my skin feels tired, and this skin care product makes my face feel much better. Check it out. You will like it.”
– MASHA ZAGREBELNAYA, Lifestyle Blogger

Antiaging benefits

“Lamiderm Apex absorbs fast, so it is undetectable on the skin. It has great ingredients like vitamin C, which is my daily favorite!

This works as an antioxidant with anti-aging benefits and improves skin tone.”
– SISSI NUTHMAN, Chief Editor of Beauty4free2u.com

Excellent result after two weeks in actual unedited photos

Eye Circles: Actual non-edited test result after 12 days of Lamiderm APEX Skin Serum
Crow’s Feet: Actual non-edited test result after 12 days of Lamiderm APEX Skin Serum
Forehead: Actual non-edited test result after 12 days of Lamiderm APEX Skin Serum
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