General Overview of Laminine

Laminine® is a supplement comprising FGF2, amino acids, and plant- and sea-derived proteins. FGF2 is a cell-signaling protein that occurs naturally during fetal development and plays an essential role in maturation. However, FGF2 levels naturally decrease with age.

In 1929, Dr. John Ralston Davidson used egg extract as an effective treatment for his cancer patients. The discovery remained dormant until Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, an expert on eggs from Norway, developed Young Tissue Extract or YTE.

In 2011, Dr. Bjodne Eskeland collaborated with scientists from LifePharm to develop the OPT9 formula, a patented ingredient blend. The formula includes an improved version of YTE and precise amounts of marine proteins that make up Laminine.

The Science Behind OPT9™

OPT9’s active ingredient is Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF), which has been clinically proven to positively influence aging or damaged cells.

It also contains amino acids and natural sources such as plant protein and sea vegetables, which help to normalize the skin and boost nutrients for hair, memory function, and cardiovascular health.

FGFs have been shown to promote self-renewal and inhibit cellular senescence in almost all tissues, making them essential for tissue repair and homeostasis. [NCBI]

Lamine is a form of a natural adaptogen. It makes it possible to do wonders in the body.

The Science Behind Fibroblast Growth Factors in Laminine

1. Support Cell Tissue Injury

Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) is a signaling molecule. It activates and mobilizes adult stem cells, and amino acids for local tissue repair when an injury occurs or repair is needed. It plays a critical role in hormonal, cellular, and muscular repair.

2. Anti-aging and Anti-stress

FGF and amino acids are natural repair tools for damaged or aging cells, bones, muscles, nerves, and tissue organs. This is why Laminin, which contains both, can provide the “body fix” for an aging or sickly person.

High levels of cortisol (stress hormone) accelerate the aging process. The study showed a 23% reduction in cortisol after 12 days of taking Laminine.

Effect of FGF on Telomere

Telomere is a compound structure at the end of a chromosome. It’s a protective strand of DNA. Losing telomeres as we age contributes to aging and increased joint pain. FGF activates telomerase, lengthening it up to six-fold.

3. Reduce Joint pain & discomfort

Laminine ingredients significantly affect the C Reactive Protein (CRP) that affects joint pains. CRP is a systemic marker for inflammation. It is elevated in osteoarthritis patients. As a predictor of progressive disease for osteoarthritis, Laminine helps reduce CRP in those with mild to moderate osteoarthritis symptoms.

In addition, Laminine helps restore lost telomeres. A study showed a 6-fold increase in telomere activities that, in turn, help reduce joint pain discomfort on the DNA-chromosome level.

4. Regulate Normal Blood Sugar

A study published by PDR shows a significant difference between glucose levels before and after taking Laminine. A change of .04 in Hgb A1c marker measurement before and after 12 weeks of Laminine supplementation in Group B was evident.

The preliminary evaluation indicates a possibility that the supplement may have a beneficial effect on helping maintain normal blood glucose in subjects “at risk for developing high blood glucose.”

Laminine is an ideal food supplement for diabetic people.

Dosage and Side-Effects

Laminine is a supplement made entirely of food-grade ingredients. The recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules daily, although people with certain conditions may take 2-6 capsules daily. To check for egg allergies, individuals can take one capsule per week.

There are no known severe side effects or interactions with drugs or medications associated with Laminin.

Laminine supplement is backed up by studies and has been tested by medical professionals.

Supported by clinical studies and medical endorsement

I usually take 2 Laminine capsules in the morning and two sometime in the afternoon. I like to describe my experience as brain-changing because it has not only changed how I feel but how I think.
Rick G., U.S.A.

Since using Laminine, I’ve been able to sleep better and have more mental clarity. I had serious brain and heart difficulties and had to undergo several procedures, but I could recover from them quickly because of Laminine. Laminine has changed my life.
Shanna M., U.S.A.

My vision worsened, and I was partially blind, unable to speak, and demoralized. Before this incident, I drove over 1,000 miles per week. From that point forward, I could no longer drive. However, since I started taking Laminine in November 2013, my feelings of desperation have dissipated. My vision has improved, and I’m living independently, doing my shopping, cooking, and cleaning.”
Jack B., U.S.A.

Doctor’s endorsements.

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