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News Feed: Australia on Supplement for Athletes

Athletics Australia (AA) is the official National Sporting Organisation (NSO) recognised by the Australian Sports Commission for the sport of athletics in Australia. Founded in 1897, Athletics Australia is responsible for administering a sport with nearly 17,000 documented athletes.

Athletics Australia ensures the financial stability to support its athelte, as well as ensuring the protection and the development of athletes, coaches and officials.

Athletics Australia has drafted a policy to forego food supplement use except when an athlete has a doctor’s prescription of a nutrient deficiency such as iron and vitamin D. It warned younger athletes, specially those who are members of AA to stay away completely from these type of food supplements. Instead, athletes 18 years old and below should stick and increase their nutrition through fruits and vegetables, needed for their still developing brain, bone and body.

Athletics Australia spokesman said in an Australian press report – “Without wanting to pre-empt the delivery of that draft policy, it is based on the three principles of athlete health and safety, eveidence-based science, and compliance with the WADA code”.

“The strong recommendation to athletes is that supplement use be discontinued except in a very limited number of cases. The draft policy includes a ban on virtually all supplement use by under-age athletes. These Australian Athletes under the age of 18 would be discouraged from using any performance-enhancing supplements, even group A supplements such as caffeine, creatine and bicarbonate.

A stronger stance on supplementation is important as there are now widespread concerns about the availability of supplies that can be guaranteed as being uncontaminated.

AA has not formally endorsed Laminine Food Supplements yet, but it’s ingredients are not included in the supplement-type that they advice their athletes to avoid. The FDA – Department of Primary Industry of Australia has granted Laminine Food Supplement distribution in the whole of Australia.

Laminine has met all the requirements of the health department and many sports enthusiasts are effectively calling it their own “miracle capsules”. Particularly to athletes, Laminine has been clinically found to aid faster cell and muscle repair. Furthermore, Laminine’s 22 Amino Acids can give the natural boost and energy an athletes need to overcome fatigue.

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