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Laminine Testimony on Autism

Testimony from a 5 years old child

We have been taking Laminine for 6 months and we have seen cognitive improvement on our 5 years old child. He is calmer and has improvements on the way we communicate with him. – Maria, Philippines

Working testimony from a 6 years old child

The patient is autistic, he is 6 years old. We used to give him Transfer Factor but it doesn’t seem to have any effects. We’re trying Laminine and it’s been a month and there has been no clear benefit yet. We’re taking Laminine for our child because our friend who also had an autistic child have shown dramatic improvement after 3 months. We will continue the dosage – Josua, Philippines

Testimony of Bonnie Denton for her 13 years old autistic daughter

Bonnie Denton’s 13 years old daughter in 2014 began taking Laminine. After a few weeks, she has been able to increase her upper body strength which made it possible for her to do more in swimming. Her mom has done nothing different besides letting her take Laminine Food Supplement. It’s been almost a year and significantly, Laminine appears to have contributed a lot in helping Suzie deal with her autism.

Not many are willing to come out with their testimony on autism, although we have repeatedly received positive feedback directly from our own customers. Among the significant results Bonnie has seen with her child includes the following:

Eight significant and noticeable improvements:
● She became quicker in her responses and she wants to have real conversations. She wants to have real conversations with real people although gets distracted, she comes back to focus so much better.
● Suzie is home schooled and she’s responding really well online since she took Laminine. Her learning desire has greatly increased, “Mom, I just love learning” which is music to Bonnie’s ears whenever she hears her say it.
● She’s listening better, things are being retained better. Suzie’s mom is discovering she doesn’t have to repeat directions as often as she used to.
● Suzie has mild dyslexia. Her mom noticed that since she’s been on the Laminine, she’s not doing the reversals as much, really simple reversals. She knows the difference between right and left, but if I would say ‘hand me your right hand”, she would hand me her left. Those reversals are dissipating away.
● Suzie often mix up her pronounce, but she has improved a lot on her use of ‘I’.
● Her musical ability, appreciation, and response have greatly improved. Her music teacher said, “I cannot believe she is the same student that I had at the beginning of September”.
● Her diction is also improving. Suzie has a tendency to slur her words. Now she consciously makes the effort to enunciate and use better diction. She’s slowing down in her words. She used to be very fast and a lot of times to the untrained ear it was inaudible. People couldn’t understand it, but now everybody can hear her words and understand her better.
● Her sleep is improving as well. Her mom does not give her any Melatonin anymore and she’s sleeping really, really soundly and in fact, more relaxed.

Watch Bonnie Denton’s video on autism

In this video from Bonnie taken in 2014, she shares her daughter Suzie’s results on Laminine. Suzie has autism and Laminine has benefitted her greatly.

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