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Exposing bad publicity that Laminine is a hoax, scam, and debunking complaints

Laminine Hoax, Scam, and Complaints Report

Top google search results for Laminine on Scam,
Hoax, Complaints & Negative Review

A. Debunking Dr. Ed Friedlander
B. Debunking StemFit
C. Debunking Dr. Bill Sukala
D. Customer complaints on Laminine

A. Debunking Dr. Ed Friedlander

laminine healthtap hoax

Dr. Ed Friedlander (Healthtap website) is a pathologist. He answers a question posted on a website asking if Laminine is safe. His answers were – “pricey, couldn’t find its exact composition, typical fraudulent & misleading, and testimonials are due to wishful thinking”.

HealthTap is a website where you can chat or get answers from doctors. They make money through micro-blogging and by encouraging readers to subscribe to their services.

1. Pricey

Being pricey depends on the perspective, achieving homeostasis for US$140 for 120 capsules is not pricey. No supplements comes close to Laminine’s core ingredient Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) from a Fertilized Avian Egg Extract.

The other known source of FGF is through injectable vial. When a person undergoes Stem Cell Therapy in the hope for a safe & successful treatment and cure, FGF is injected into the body prior to the stem cell. FGF is known to work well in stimulating stem cells. A vial of FGF is priced around US$1,000. A bottle of Laminine Food Supplement is priced at US$36.95-48.16 for 30 capsules.

→ Get the latest and updated pricing for Laminine.

2. Couldn’t find it’s exact composition

The doctor obviously has no knowledge or even saw the product. Otherwise, he will see the exact composition printed on the box. The ingredients and composition are also widely circulated on the internet. Laminine was featured on the American Health Journal (PBS). A clinical abstract (summary) is also available at Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) website and 2015 publication.

→ Complete review of Laminine ingredients

3. Typical fraudulent & misleading

What is misleading are his invalidated answers. He did not present any clear evidence to counter the claims of Laminine. To say that Laminine is fraudulent can land him in hot seat. LifePharm Global Network, makers of Laminine Food Supplement has been in the food supplement industry for more than 10 years.

→ Scientific review & full prescribing information on Laminine by PDR

4. Testimonials are due to wishful thinking.

Laminine is sold through Multi-Level Marketing. It’s selling technique is similar to Amway, OrganoGold, Herbalife to name a few. This means that Laminine is sold through retail or membership. Individual Laminine sellers (online) are 99% users. Most of these Independent Business Owners or IBO (sellers) post their personal testimonies on the website.

Laminine Testimonies are available on YouTube, among them would that be of Kevin Sorbo, a Hollywood actor known for his role as Mr. Hercules (1995) & God’s Not Dead (2014). Kevin had severe and unexplained pain. He went to the doctor hoping for an immediate cure. Drugs or medicine didn’t work for him until he stumbled on Laminine. Kevin testified how Laminine worked to help him recover from unexplained body pains. Afterward, he saw the positive effects of this supplement unto himself and if he is to take it as his lifetime health maintenance, might as well join and sell it. This way, he practically gets his supply for free. Kevin Sorbo sells it online as his on the side income. Kevin is also known for his faith, being a Christian. Either he together with hundreds that testified it works are liars, or they’re saying the truth about Laminine.

Fertilized Avian Egg Extract Research was a featured documentary, independently produced by CTV Toronto in the 1990s. Click here to know more about the History of Laminine.

→ Know other sickness & diseases Laminine was used for as supplement

B. Debunking StemFit: Laminine and StemFit are not related

laminine stemfit hoax scam

Laminine and StemFit are not related or does it share the same ingredient. The product StemFit claims it has similar if not a better ingredient compared to Laminine. This is not possible because the ingredient of Laminine is patented.

StemFit’s advertising hinges on what Laminine can do. They claim that their product works the same way as Laminine does. They also claim it’s safe and can cure types of illness because its ingredients are similar to Laminine. According to their website, their ingredients come from Norway but is vague when it comes to documentation of their sources which include basic information such as manufacturer’s address and medical references to their scientific claims.

StemFit’s unsupported claims

Sellers of StemFit randomly add comments to several Laminine websites. Their comment includes saying that their product is better than Laminine at the same time claiming they have the same exact ingredients, which does not make sense when you say one is better than the other.

Searching Google does not give any legitimate reference to the claims of StemFit or can you find out who the owner, source, or location of its manufacturer is. LifePharm Network Global USA is not related in any way with StemFit.

Rebranding StemFit to StemActive

When StemFit first came out sometime between 2013 to 2014, they claimed they used YTE® on their product. However, by early 2016, they introduced a new brand – StemActive which they now say uses YTE® which is the proprietary extract that comes from Med-eq Norway. StemFit is differentiated by admitting it uses a “generic egg extract” (not YTE). The good – they were honest to establish the difference between the 2 products. The bad – they initially said that StemFit uses YTE®, which it does not.

StemActive claims they use Yellow Pea and Shark Cartilage

Laminine OPT9 uses 2 other ingredients which are Yellow Pea and Shark Cartilage. StemActive claims the same thing in their website. It, therefore, appears that their product and Laminine has the same ingredients. The catch? This blends together with FAEE is a patented ingredient called OPT9, which only LPGN can claim. Laminine’s ingredients is clearly specified and supported by clinical studies in the Physician’s Desk Reference or PDR. It is reviewed and cited by medical doctors and organizations. StemActive does not have these references or citations on their website.

stemactive ingredients
StemActive claims they have the same ingredients with Laminine

Questionable source

Anyone can claim anything on the internet. Any company or product can quote medical references as well, however, if the company or manufacturer cannot be located, verified, or cited with a proper reference or even registration, you should wonder if they are telling the truth on any of their cited references or are they just riding on a known brand?

C. Debunking Dr Bill Sukala on saying:
“I would discourage consumers from purchasing Laminine”

* This article is likewise being debunked by Dr. Sukala. You can access his review/defense here.
laminine stemfit hoax scam

Dr. Bill Sukala is a Sydney-based clinical exercise physiologist and self-proclaimed “media health expert” in Australia. He writes reviews on common health issues and popular health products. In December 2013, he wrote a well structured and interesting blog discrediting the claims of LifePharm Global Network about Laminine Food Supplement.

The article is lengthy and appears to be based on scientific research. However, with all the medical quotes, jargon, and well-planned article, for us, it’s just a verbose blog stuffed with terminologies to make the article rank in google and invite more readership. We will just focus on the summary that he makes in the article, he said –

“Overall, I find Laminine to be nothing more than a simple amino acid, vitamin, and mineral supplement, all of which are readily available on a standard diet. The carefully orchestrated mix of invented jargon and scientific facts stops short of making overtly false claims but may lead consumers to make faulty extrapolations of efficacy which are not substantiated by independent scientific evidence. In conclusion, I would discourage consumers from purchasing Laminine or recommending it to others.”

Why you cannot trust Dr. Bill Sukala on this article

His motive is questionable

With great opportunities to earn a living through social media, blogging has become an important tool to earn a living. The quickest way to become an internet sensation is to publish controversial articles.

Dr. Sukala writes intriguing articles and as a result gets a lot of attention and reader response. His blog now ranks high in Google search, thanks to hundreds of people that comments on this page. His website also features other food supplements that he criticizes, even though valid independent testimonies accounts that it works.

He debunks the merit of a product that seems scholarly, spot on but does not give credit to other sources that obviously will negate his observation. His objective is aimed to discredit a product.

It should make you wonder why someone will spend time writing these kinds of articles and taking the time to respond to each comment a reader makes on his site. Either Dr. Bill is fighting a cause, or he simply wants to be famous by creating an issue and riding on the popularity of a product, in this case – Laminine Food Supplement.

Dr. Sukala’s independent review on Laminine is shallow.

He marks Laminine’s claims point by point and systematically refutes it by stating that there is no clear evidence to prove Laminine’s claims. While there are clinical studies and independent reviews on blood sugar levels, gut integrity, immune system, and wound healing that show Laminine works, he points out that these are old tests and implies it can no longer be trusted.

Just because a clinical study is old does not mean it is no longer relevant or has become false. Conducting a trial is very expensive which is the reason not all companies can afford it. Repeating or spending again for proven results do not make sense.

→ Laminine Facts

Contrary to the doctor’s independent and personal review, Laminine has circumstantial evidence to prove it works. Consider the following:

1. Registered and approved by FDA with documented clinical studies on YTE and FGF as early as 1980, 1998, and 2005.
2. Documented clinical studies on cell wound recovery and reduction of cortisol level.
3. FGF is now being explored by other pharmaceutical companies as a safe ingredient to promote healing.
4. Medical Doctors in the USA, Europe, and Asia have testified on the unique health benefit of Laminine.
5. Testimonials on Laminine that it works are present even at Dr. Sukala’s anti-Laminine blog.
6. Laminine was featured on American Health Journal (AHJ), Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR.net), American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Yes, Laminine’s feature on the AHJ and PDR.net are paid
Laminine was featured (advertorial) in the American Health Journal at PBS and the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR 2014, 2016).*

* The American Health Journal is an award-winning 30-minute health care TV series which has aired continuously for over 25 years. (IMDb)
* PDR provides physicians with the full legally mandated information relevant to writing prescriptions. (Wikipedia)

For both AHJ and PDR, Laminine was featured and accredited for a fee. Laminine underwent scrutiny and was approved by its medical board in order to be featured in their organization. Any entity or group in order to survive need funding and this is how they do it, through paid advertorials or listing. Likewise, Dr. Sukala asks for a fee when patients come to his office for a consultation.

Just because a company or a professional asks for a fee does not discount their ability to perform. What would be wrong is when a product or a person claims something which does not work, is not safe to use, and cannot be proven by physical evidence or first-hand testimonials. Thus, an article that is based on an individual’s personal view should equally be scrutinized as to its intention.

Any article that is based on an individual’s personal view should equally be scrutinized as to its intention.

Dr. Sukala should have made his assumptions based on the following research:

a. Roberts, Pamela R, et al. Nutrition Vol. 14, No. 3, 1998.
b. Arvanitakis, Constantine. Am. Jour. of Physiology, Vol. 231, No. 1, July 1976.
c. Joseph-Silverstein, Jacquelyn, et al (June 1989) Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor in the Chick Embryo: Immunolocalization to Striated Muscle Cells and Their Precursors. The Journal of Cell Biology, 108: 2459-2466.
d. Hatten, M. E., et al (1988) In Vitro Neurite Extension by Granule Neurons is Dependent upon Astroglial-Derived Fibroblast Growth Factor. Developmental Biology, 125:280-289.
e. Seed, Jennifer, et al (1988) Fibroblast Growth Factor Levels in the Whole Embryo and Limb Bud during Chick Development. Developmental Biology, 128:50-57.
f. Gospodarowicz, D, et al (1986) Molecular and Biological Characterization of Fibroblast Growth Factor, an Angiogenic Factor Which Also Controls the Proliferation and Differentiation of 7. Mesoderm and Neuroectoderm Derived Cells. Cell Differentiation, 19: 1-17.
g. Seed, Jennifer, et al (1988) Fibroblast Growth Factor Levels in the Whole Embryo and Limb Bud during Chick Development. Developmental Biology, 128:50-57.

Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF2) in the Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE) of Laminine plays an important role in the regulation of cell survival, cell division, angiogenesis, cell differentiation and cell migration. (Reference: How FGF works)

Hirohashi S.Jpn. J. Cancer Res. 82:1263-1270(1991) [PubMed] [Europe PMC] [Abstract]
“Receptor specificity of the fibroblast growth factor family.”

Ornitz D.M., Xu J., Colvin J.S., McEwen D.G., MacArthur C.A., Coulier F., Gao G., Goldfarb M.
J. Biol. Chem. 271:15292-15297(1996) [PubMed] [Europe PMC] [Abstract]

→ LifePharm’s Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Sukala dismisses Laminine’s ingredient as ordinary which is entirely false

It is true that you can get Amino Acids from food. However, in order to get the right amount, you need a supplement. A supplement will give you the finest quality of Amino Acids and you don’t need to eat in bulk or take red meat into your body.

Only Laminine to date contains Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE), a proprietary formula. This means that LifePharm Global Network has exclusive rights to the unique blend of ingredients that are combined to become Laminine (OPT-9 formula). You cannot find elsewhere a supplement that contains FibroBlast Growth Factor (FGF) or FAEE.

Dr. Sukala stated himself that he has not tried Laminine Food Supplement yet

In one of the comments on the article page of Dr. Sukala, readers ask if he has tried Laminine, his answer was a resounding no. We wanted to screenshot the post but when we came back to the site, the comment was removed. You can still see traces of readers asking if he has tried Laminine, but you will no longer see a categorical ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer from Dr. Sukala.

Apparently, Dr. Sukala would be willing to spend thousands of dollars for chemical analysis of Laminine

Dr. Sukala stated “I am currently investigating labs which can do a full chemical analysis on the product to see what its specific constituents are, if it is pure egg protein, or if it is, perhaps, adulterated with something else.” Why would a blogger spend thousands of dollars just to disprove something. Either someone will finance this investigation or he’s just bluffing.

It all boils down to testimonies
Dr. Bill insists that Laminine testimonies cannot be trusted, well he has to deal with hundreds if not thousands of testimonies. When asked by one reader if Dr. Bill have tried Laminine, his answer was “No”.

The bombshell: Laminine is sold through MLM, and it’s an inconvenient truth for them
Dr. Sukala states “I won’t say that Laminine is an MLM scam, but I do think you should do your homework before investing in any MLM “business opportunity.” For more information on whether joining a multi-level marketing company is right for you, visit: http://www.mlmwatch.org”

If Dr. Sukala says that Laminine is not an MLM scam, what is the point of further saying “you should do your homework before investing in any MLM business opportunity”, unless you want to create an issue about Laminine being sold as MLM.

Laminine is not an advocacy, it is a business and just because it’s sold through MLM does not make it any less effective.

Laminine is sold through MLM, and it’s an inconvenient truth for Dr. Sukala which is likely the reason he wrote the article, among his other hidden agenda. MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing, also known as Networking. It is a marketing strategy similar to other MLM companies such as Amway.

MLM is a powerful marketing tool likewise advertising, to make a product popular.

The bottomline

These reviews are all at face value. Striking a controversial review on a popular product like Laminine solicits much-needed traffic and discussions from readers, which these websites need to increase traffic to their blogs.

D. Customer complaints on Laminine

1. More expensive in Asia compared to USA & Canada.
2. Cannot buy 1 bottle on initial order (except USA, Canada, UK).
3. Has a renewal membership fee of US$20.
4. Delivery delays.
5. Does not work as an immune booster as some website claims.
6. Healing effect stops if you quit taking the product.
7. Does not seem to have a long-term effect.
8. Has side effect.
7. Has addictive effects, becomes weak if you stop taking it.
8. Instead of being sleepy as it claims, I was awake the whole night.
9. Effect too slow for me, forced to spend more for faster results.
10. Some clinical studies are not published and old.
11. Ordering is difficult and confusing.
12. Membership required for Australia, Canada, NZ, France, Germany, Italy, Spain & other European countries.

If you have questions about the product, please contact CustomerService@LifePharmGlobal.com or call 949.216.9600 • 800.400.1287

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  1. Anyone can say its good, bad, real or fake.. I guess the best answer will be testimonies or testimonials from people who got cured or healted by Laminine

  2. There laminine articles i read that says that your food supplement product is nothing special, disturbing facts like its almost a scam.. any comments?

    • Laminine is being taken as a regular food supplement by more than 10 Million individual users around the world. It is natural that when a product gains popularity, it either becomes a threat to other products or manufacturers, which is not to say Laminine is better or more effective than other drugs. Laminine is not intended to replace drugs or medicines. (edited)

  3. I’ve been taking Laminine for a year and it has helped me with my back pain a lot. I’m saying this because there are damaging writeups on laminine and it pains me to know that they do not know what they’re talking about. Some are even DOCTORS! yet they haven’t even tried the product. To all who read my comment – take Laminine, trust it! it really works – Denise

  4. I have been using Laminine for more than a year and it normalized my triglyceride / uric / cholesterol spike. I myself are looking for flaws, coz this product is too good to be true – but after a year, I realized this product is really good and true to what it’s saying. To those who are saying its a hoax or scam – THEY are the hoax and scam, they have their own hidden agenda! – Alfred

  5. Swanson Vitamins online sells the ingredient that laminine and stemfit fight over and search for Youth Tissue Extract
    Dr. Eskelands is there – thats the one laminine has and the Dr Strands is the Med-Eq product that stemfit has
    We just take it with shark Cartilage and Green Tea Extract so we have everything Laminine has…
    Problem solved?

  6. I’ve had issues with anxiety for the past 2 years. I bought Laminine 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t done a thing for me. My sleep hasn’t improved and my stomach issues are still the same. After taking something for 2 weeks, you should notice something. I don’t at all. Stay away from this product!

  7. My mother has a tumor in her nose and classified by doctor as stage 4 cancer. Could laminine help to cure my mother even without the aid of chemotherapy?
    Looking forward to your response

    • Based on our in-house testimonials, yes we have seen several cancer patients recover. Dosage recommended by our Doctor is 9 capsules per day for 4 weeks. (If the cancer in the nose is not too big, she can lower minimum 6 capsules) Check for cancer cells after 30 days of continuous intake. Then patient can continue dosage for the next 24 months at a lower dosage. Disclaimer: Laminine™ is not intended to prevent or cure any disease, illness or condition. It has no approved therapeutic claim. If you have concerns, please consult your physician. Laminine™ is a Registered Trademark of LifePharm Global© (Edited Nov. 18, 2015)

  8. I started to take laminine 2 weeks ome in the morning one in the even along with the omega same dosage and started feeling itchy all over my body and rash broke out on my stomach and small areas on my hand so I stopped. Is that normal should I continue despite the itching and rash

    • If you have allergic reaction to eggs, you can stop for a week to see if it subsides. What we normally recommend for people who have allergic reaction to high amounts of egg extract is to take 1 capsule of Laminine every other day, until the reaction is overcome. For patients with severe healing reaction, rash can be present, but should generally go away in a week or two.

  9. I love these pills they make me so so happy. Hence why they are often referred to as “the happy pills”.

    God’s gift to us is Laminine, its not wonder that a cross is shown in the atomic structure of these pills. God wants us to be happy, take these pills, they will cure any, ANY ailment. Really, they’ll cure cancer, glaucoma, alzheimers, dimentia, parkinson’s. They are that good. Worth every penny!!

    What more could you ask for? Get yours today!! and get happy!! 🙂 Peace, love and god ..oh and Laminine!! I love it!!

  10. Everybody should understand that miracles do not exist. If this would work, the “inventor ” would not have died at the age of 59… Ha-ha -ha. The saviour of humanity could not help himself… Wake up.


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