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Dealing with colon problem

About colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer or a tumor relating to or affecting the colon and the rectum is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the United States (excluding skin cancers which pair the same). The American Cancer Society’s estimates for the number of colorectal cancer cases in the United States for 2016 in 95,270 new cases of colon cancer and 39,220 new cases of rectal cancer. The increase is steady and upward compared to previous years.

Overall, the lifetime risk of developing colorectal cancer is: about 1 in 21 (4.7%) for men and 1 in 23 (4.4%) for women. This risk is slightly lower in women than in men. (Source: American Cancer Society)

At age 50, it is advised for everyone to have a colon screening, and when possible colonoscopy. The procedure is actually simple and the sedation is usually 15 minutes only, outpatient. If doctors find something suspicious, a Laparoscopy may be done which is a small incision to remove colon part that is suspected to be cancerous. Polyps form naturally as we age and if there are occasional blood on the fecal matter, go to your doctor immediately.

What you can do daily

A daily bowel movement should be monitored and encouraged. People who are constipated should also consider a routine checkup and if a small polyp is observed, a yearly checkup is ideal. Even small polyps can become cancerous in 5 to 10 years.

Regularly eating vegetables and even juicing helps. Bottom-line, eat fibrous fruits and vegetable – they clean our colon.

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