Delivery Option


● Orders placed through LPGN website is subject to additional shipping fee.
● Shipping and handling cost is approximately 10% of your order.
● The product will be delivered door to door through DHL Global.
● Delivery is usually 3-5 working days for North America & at least 7 days for other countries
● Delivery to Asia is 1-5 working days
● Product is shipped through US hub, Europe, or Asia.

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lamiderm apex
Frequently asked questions on Lamiderm Skin Care Serum.
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These countries do not have a LifePharm business center and or is not yet allowed to receive direct shipment of the LifePharm product. If your country is not listed in direct-delivery list, you can do the following:
1. Althea Distributor will order the product on your behalf and we will forward ship the item to you, subject to additional shipping & handling. Payment can be made through PayPal.
● Delivery is at least 7-14 working days or you can avail of expedite shipping.
● Delivery is currently not available in most Middle East countries, except Lebanon and UAE.

Countries (not included in the accredited list) we have successfully delivered the product with no customs requirement: Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, France, South Africa, and Hong Kong.

2. Use a third party shipper – You can consider signing up for a private shipper and get a USA address. When you order LifePharm products directly online, you can put your personalized “remote USA address”. The private shipper in turn will deliver the product to you. This means you need to pay for shipping twice.

DISCLAIMER: Orders for Option 1 are placed through LifePharm Global Network or LPGN, who is responsible for shipping your order. All orders will be processed in 24-48 hours and farmed to DHL Global. Delay in shipping is not within the control of Althea Distributor or any other distributors. Althea Distributor can help you follow up orders should you experience delay. For deliveries to Asia and Europe, products are directly shipped by Althea Distributor through regular or special parcel.

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