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Doctor’s Panel: How Laminine can help with kidney failure

Doctor’s Panel: How Laminine supplementation
can help people with Chronic Kidney Disease

English Transcript from Doctor’s Panel Interview (Be Alive TV Show)

Q: Why does a person undergo dialysis?

A: Dr. Arle Imperio
The kidney’s function is to clean our blood by letting it pass through the kidneys. It filters waste and bring the ‘clean’ blood back the the body for circulation. If the kidney fails, the wastes stays in our body and it becomes poison. If left untreated, it becomes the cause of death (among other complications). The dialysis machine takes the place for that function, that’s the function of dialysis.

Q: Why do people experience kidney failure?

A: Dr. Alvarado
Diet is the common cause of kidney failure. Too much salt, protein (from meat) and people who drinks alcohol a lot are prone to kidney problems. Dialysis is like picking up waste material in the canal because of the food we ingest in our body. Preservatives, additives these are supposedly poisonous (for the body), like preserved or processed food such as tocino, (canned) corned beef, they contain these preservatives and it goes to the kidney. During the process of filtration, these wastes are sometimes retained thus it stays in our body.

Q: How does Laminine help reduce dialysis frequency?

A: Dr. Arle Imperio
If the kidney is failing, the kidney should be restored into its normal function. The important aspect of repair now comes in. The ingredients of Laminine has three major function – Build, Maintain and Repair. We are in the repair aspect. If the function of kidney is repaired, the kidney will be working better and dialysis procedure will no longer be required.

Q: You told us that protein is not good for the kidney but Laminine is protein. What is the difference between the two?

A: Dr. Alvarado
We are talking of processed protein such as red meat. This is different from Laminine’s protein content. Laminine comes from the albumen of egg and the chicken that is not yet formed. Within the ninth day of the embryonic development, the kind of protein Laminine gets from this process is ‘preformed’. This kind of protein contributes to the repair of the kidney (and other organs), while the protein we get by eating meat may contribute to the damage of the liver.

This kind of protein (from Laminine) contributes to the repair of the kidney (and other organs), while the protein we get by eating meat may contribute to the damage of the liver.

Q: Why are diabetic people prone to kidney failure?

A: Dr. Arle Imperio
Being diabetic means having high sugar level. That high sugar level goes through the kidney, it’s additional work for the kidney until such time that the kidney fails and undergoes dialysis, it’s just one reason. Even more, if you have a lot of unnecessary items you ingest in your body, such as artificial ingredients from food preparation mentioned by Dr. Alvarado.

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Anything in excess, the body cleanses through the function of the kidney. This means if there are lots of waste material in the body, the kidney can easily breakdown. Dialysis is the solution (aside from Kidney transplant). As we get old and so does our kidney.

Q: What will happen if the person with kidney problem doesn’t undergo dialysis? How long before he dies?

A: Dr. Arle Imperio
The person can be gone it a few days, 2 weeks is long. It’s like the waste of your urine and if you do not excrete it from your body, and reaches the brain, you will be comatose. That’s why dialysis is very important.

What’s important is to support our kidney, prevent it not to age quickly or fail. This is what the ingredients of Laminine can do – to help Build, Maintain, and Repair the kidney.

Q: How about patients with several drug maintenance? (How it can damage the kidney)

A: Dr. Alvarado
Every drug has its own effect and side effect. There is an indication and contraindication. Thanks to God who created this molecule because it contains oligopeptides that will help the repair process and inhibition on the effect of oxidation. These product that comes through the body reacts to the oxygen in the blood, so there is an oxidation process.

It releases two chemicals, damaging the organ which are Singlet Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide, this can cause damage. To eliminate oxidation, we need to have our own built in antioxidants and it can be supported by Laminine.

To eliminate oxidation, we need to have our own built in antioxidants and it can be supported by Laminine.

Q: How about those who drink alcohol, how does Laminine affect toxicity?

A: Dr. Alvarado
If the person drinks alcohol first before taking Laminine, the effect is lessen up to 45%. In this level there is a what we call guaranteed potency. This guaranteed potency is in accordance with UN Alimentarius Commission. We are licensed as food, this (Laminine) is food ingredient, but not directly (the kind of) food you eat everyday like the fresh eggs you eat.

This extract is not an ordinary food, but is a ‘biogenic functional accessory nutrient’, that helps the body cope with toxicity levels.

Q: What happens if you take the Laminine before drinking alcohol?

A: Dr. Alvarado
It will prevent the metabolism of alcohol into acid because the acid point of alcohol causes drunkenness. It prevents the breakdown of acids, and in that way you will not be drunk. At the same time, the absorption of alcohol in your body will lessen.

When you (if you want to) drink beer, ten minutes before drinking, take 2 capsules Laminine, the beer will immediately be discharge together with the sugar.

Q: How will I find out if there is something wrong with my kidney?

A: Dr. Alvarado
It’s the creatinine content (that you should watch out for in your kidney). If your creatinine increases (as observed in your laboratory test), your kidney can no longer function to the fullest, thus it releases a chemical called creatinine.

When the kidney releases creatinine as its defense mechanism, it’s our kidney’s way of saying “SOS”. Your kidney is saying “I can no longer function, help me!” and this is the the battle cry of your kidney, and you must address it immediately.

Female host (Ana Rivera): We had a testimonial today, his creatinine was 10, after taking Laminine, his creatinine became 6, now its only 2.

When the kidney releases creatinine as its defense mechanism, it’s our kidney’s way of saying “SOS”.

Q: Before even the lab test, how will I know that I have a kidney problem? What are the symptoms?

A: Dr. Alvarado
The symptoms are lumbar pain, either of the sides because we have 2 kidneys left and right. Numbness, the flow of urine hurts which means maybe you have kidney stone or any trouble inside. Go to your neurologist or any physicians available, request for a laboratory analysis.

Q: Dr. Arle what is your advice?

A: Dr. Arle Imperio
Kidney is one of the vital organs of the body. It is as important as the heart. But kidney (function) is long term unlike the heart. If you have a lot of drug maintenance, later on the kidney will fail. As we get older, even if we are healthy, our kidney get older also. That’s why the goal is to get proper treatment and then delay the aging process. In reality we are get older, but all the organs in our body is aging at different rates.

Our life span depends upon the life of your weakest organ – Dr. Imperio

Of all the organs in the body, even in just one organ, our life span depends upon the life of your weakest organ. Any organ that fails in your body, you will die either liver, heart or brain. What’s important is the holistic support in the body and that’s where I strongly feel excited about that the ingredients of Laminine will support the entire body through the adaptogenic homeostatic function.

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  1. I have had so many successes with Laminine. I had 3 strokes in 2011 when my daughter discovered through a friend the success his parents had in their recoveries. I started immediately with only 1 daily and on the 21st morning I awoke with a clear thinking brain!!!! Then was discovered with a 4.5 aneurysm in my aorta, and Stage High 3 Kidney Disease. My eye doctor was astounded that my eyesight was improving at a fast rate. I had just purchased an expensive hearing aid set and had only worn them about a month. My hearing became more and more normal and I stopped wearing them. Over the next year my aneurysm began to shrink and the next few months it was totally gone. My Kidney Disease also totally healed in the next few months. I will never stop taking my Laminine!!


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