Recommended dosage for serious health issues

laminine dosage

1. For kidney health

One to two weeks
● 1 Capsule at breakfast
● 1 Capsule at bedtime

* Minimum dosage of 1 to 2 capsule per day is recommended for kidney problems because Laminine is a protein that may temporarily spike creatinine levels. Dosage can be increased as weeks progress. The creatinine spike is a temporary (side effect

2. Blood sugar levels

A limited study was done that shows Laminine can help maintain blood sugar levels when taken regularly and with the right diet and excercise. Recommended dosage as follows:
● 1-2 Capsule morning, at least 30 minutes before breakfast
● 1-2 Capsule at bedtime
● 1-2 Capsules of Laminine Omega+++ during breakfast
* Based on Group B Clinical Trial

3. Breast, Lungs, Liver, Colon health

Laminine helps with cell or organ tissue repair and regeneration. The following is recommended:
● 2-5 Capsules morning, at least 30 minutes before breakfast
● 2-5 Capsules at bedtime
● 1-2 Capsules of Laminine Omega any time of the day
* The 4 to 10 capsules per day dosage should be taken at least 90 days. Maintenance up to two years, depending on the stage.

4. To aid mental acuity

Stress is a major factor that can lead to mental health problems and even depression. Laminine can help with mental focus and reduce the stress hormone – cortisol. You can follow the standard dosage.
● 1 Capsule morning, at least 30 minutes before breakfast
● 1 Capsule at bedtime

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Herbal Supplements is discouraged – Some herbal plants may worsen the condition of people with kidney problems, says the National Kidney Foundation. It may also interact with prescription drugs you might be taking.

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