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Are there side effects?

The body may experience normal and temporary Laminine side effects. As such, it is recommended to drink as much water as possible. Not applicable to those who are medically advised not to take too much water.

Facts about overdose

Laminine Food Supplement is 100% food grade, approved by FDA, and has a GRAS rating. It is safe, and high dosage is encouraged for severe cases. Avoid products if you have allergic reactions to eggs.

Interaction with other drug medicines

Laminine Food Supplement is not a drug or medicine, and there is no known interaction between them. It is, however, suggested to take Laminine on an empty stomach for immediate absorption by the body.

Doctor’s prescribing information

If you wish to ask permission from your doctor before taking Laminine, DOWNLOAD Prescribing Information from PDR.net and present it.

When should I stop taking Laminine?

For the best result, take Laminine as a daily dietary health supplement for as long as you want.

How long does it take Laminine to work?

You should begin to feel an improvement anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks. Depending on the condition, take it at least 90 days for an optimum result.

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  1. Is it okay to drink laminine together with a pre-natal multivitamin?is it also normal numbness in certain parts of the body like legs, arms and feet?

    • Yes, in fact Laminine compliments other vitamins – specially C and D. For Folic acid, you can ask your physician if its ok to “overdose”. Normal reaction for first few days is sleepiness, slight body pain on certain parts and lose bowel movement. This means that the Fibroblast is starting to penetrate your cells.

    • If your hair loss is genetic, the loss is inevitable. Kung Alopecia or stress related ang hair loss, makakatulong ang Laminine dahil meron itong mga amino acid na tutulong para maging masigla ang hair, nails or skin. Dosage is minimum of 3-4 capsule per day.

  2. hi. does the laminine helps in regenerating skin cells? were making a thesis about the effectiveness of laminine on skin cancer induced mice. ive been researching about your product and though it said to cure cancer, i havent found studies or testimonials yet regarding its effect on skin cancer. and there’s only little info about its effect on skin.

    • Yes, you can read the clinical studies on Laminine – it aids in better skin, nails. We have several testimonies on patients (Philippines) who suffered from skin disorder and cancer and had dramatic recovery.

  3. hi! im charline, im a registered laminine customer, i am currently 4 months pregnant, i just want to know if taking laminine is safe for my baby? i seek the advice of my ob gyne she approved of the herbal life. I have suffered depression before i got pregnant and i undergone medication with psychiatrist, up to know i sometimes hear voices and hallucinates. I dont want my baby to get affected. I also have oral thrush itchiness in my private part and suffered UTI.need your advice thank you so much and god bless

    • Technically, Laminine is food is its safe for everyone, you shouldn’t take it if you or your family has egg allergy just to be safe and since your pregnant, you should take any other supplement with caution (minimal). Always check your OB for sugar or protein levels. Your depression may be linked to a deeper issue of course and we would personally suggest spiritual counselling (example, CCF/Christian church).

  4. Hi. I diagnosed end stage renal failure. I’m done now dialysis.I don’t have pee. 3 days ego I’m using laminine.distributor said me I need drink a lot of water.but I now again swollen and gain weight. I’m impossible drink too much. How can I take laminine for me? . Can I drink very small amount of water, when I take laminie?.

    • How many days or weeks have you been taking Laminine, what is your dosage/capsules you take per day? Yes, I suggest you take small amount of water. For other sicknesses, drinking a lot of water helps speed healing, but not in your case.

  5. I’m a pre-diabetic person, could you please advise what is the proper dosage for me to take Laminine supplements? I’m planning to try and endorse it to my relatives as well. thanks!

    • The ideal dosage is actually taking Laminine 2 before breakfast and 2 before bedtime, depending on the improvement, you can lower dosage to 2 after one month to 3 months.

  6. My 8th month old baby has diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, is taking laminine capsule might be taken as food supplement?

    • We have other cases where Laminine was taken as supplement (other sicknesses) for kids as young as 1 year old, and it made them well. For babies, if you ask us personally, we believe it will help the baby because Laminine is a super-nutrition food. Many adults have recovered with the help of Laminine as their food supplement for their liver problems. Just make sure you ask permission from the paediatrician first and make sure the baby is NOT allergic to soy or eggs.

  7. my dr. said i will be having a dialysis sooner or later, and i saw this product online, i want to give it a try and i want to know how many pills to take in one day, i want to know exactly the dosage. thanks

    • For kidney patients, you can start Laminine with 2 capsules morning, 2 capsules before bedtime. There may be a slight increase in creatine, but this is normal and will eventually normalize usually after a week. If the condition is severe, you can increase dosage to 6 capsules per day. Laminine will help the patient with extra-stamina needed for the procedure. For others, they were able to prevent dialysis after Laminine therapy.

  8. 10yrs npo kmi ng aswa ko wla p kming bby n amin tlga.inuperahan ako s ovary my cyst .gsto ko e try ung laminine n ndiscover ko my posible po kya n mbuntis ako kng mgttke ako at ilang capsule pwdeng etake sa isang arw po? Tnx and god bless

    • Syempre wala naman makakasiguro, pero ang Laminine ay nagre-repair ng damaged cell or tissues, madami na din napagaling ang Laminine but wala pa kaming personal testimony sa pagbubuntis, ang madami yung sa lalaki na nagiging normal ang erectile dysfunction. Pwede mo paging health maintenance (parang vitamins) ang Laminine para maging healthy ang system mo sa katawan.

  9. Hi, I just want to ask what will be the dosage for a CKD, Glomerolonephritis, depression and end stage of kidney.Undergone twice a week dialysis.Done First weeks 2 capsules breakfast and 2 capsules before bed time. My question was, Is it ok that he will take 1 capsule before breakfast and 1 capsule before bedtime for 90 days?

    • Laminine is not a treatment but a nutrition supplement. The nutrients Laminine possess is enough to maintain the immunity of a person with HIV or AIDS. It also contains FGF which “repairs” damaged cells, promote better skin and boost energy, that a person with AIDS or HIV needs.

    • If topical application have not worked, Laminine can help with increasing the immune system (which is another cause factor of the skin disorder), and it is known to provide a healthy skin.

  10. dear althea group,
    i just want to ask for laminine dosage for patient suffering from stroke for a long time…..

    what is the dosage also for a person who has goiter,about the size of a guava?

    lot of thanks

    • For patients with stroke, we recommend Laminine Omega as supplement to Laminine original. Ideal dosage is 1-2 capsules in the morning for Laminine Omega, and 1-2 capsule bedtime for Laminine Original. For goiter, if it’s too big already, the fastest way is of course surgery, however he should still take Laminine original at 3-6 capsules per day.

  11. Hello po sir/ maam may colon cancer po ung lola ko stage 3 na daw. Ilan pong tablet ang etake nya sa isang araw at paanu. Thanks po

    • For stage 3 cancer, minimum of 5 capsules of Laminine (original formulation) everday, 1 month. Pagkatapos ng 1 month, mag pa-check sa Doctor for cancer cells, pag malaki na ang binaba, she can take the product as maintenance minimum of 4 because of her cancer condition and age.

  12. hi. i have a 10 month old baby diagnosed with moderate atopic dermatitis (eczema). a close family member of mine mentioned your product to me. i just want to ask if my baby can take laminine as early as 10 months or should i wait until after i introduce eggs to his diet? and if i could give him laminine, what is the correct dosage for him? i have been very careful as to what food to give my child since i am so worried of his skin condition because it flares up from time to time.

    • Test for allergic egg reaction by giving 1/10th of the powder capsule. Just open the capsule and you can spoon feed the powder. Try it for 3 days. You can increase dosage to 1/4 capsule every other day for 2 weeks. Observe improvements such as better sleep, energy, and improving skin condition. Continue as needed.

  13. Laminine is a truly amazing product Miracle in a Bottle. I am using it and have passed it to friends who truly are amazed at how great it works.

  14. ask ko lang, nag take ako ng laminine for 3 weeks, 2-2-2, on the third wk, nag pa blood test, tumaas ang creatinine, me nakausap ako, ibaba daw ng 2-0-2. tama ba dosage? in less than two weeks of taking laminine, lumakas siya. mga how many months bago bumaba ang creatinine. by the way, twice a week ako nag dialysis. thanks

    • Increase in creatinine level is normal. The dosage is also fine. Laminine has amino acids which in turn makes protein, this kind of protein is needed by your kidney to start repairing itself.

  15. I have a question about this product as I’m considering to purchase for my parents. My mom has type 2 diabetes since 2001. Will Laminine cure diabetes once and for all?

    • Laminine has been recommended by doctors for type 2 Diabetes, as to how long she can recover or be cured will of course depend on how her body responsds to it. The question ‘once and for all’ will be difficult to answer.

  16. for how long tumataas ang creatinine level ng isang nag take ng laminine, can it be 2 months or more? kasi this is our 2nd month and tumaas ulit ang creatinine with dosage of 2-0-2. meron na ba naging case na tumaas ng tumaas ang creatinine for several months and what happened? thanks

    • Increase in creatinine is normal and can last to 3 months with a dosage of 4/day. Depending on the body’s response. The increase in creatinine is ok because Laminine is protein, and the kind of protein that the kidney needs to repair itself.

  17. with regards to my question above, before ako nag pa blood test, nagkaroon ako ng lbm. me connection ba ito sa pag taas ng creatinine level ko.

  18. i just want to know kung ilan dapat ang dosage ng laminine ko with regards to my question awhile ago? my latest lab result is 1300 already which is equivalent to 13 or 14 already.

    • Suggested (minimum) dosage for kidney problem is 1 capsule 30 minutes before breakfast 1 capsule at bedtime. You can take up to 6 capsules 2-2-2 if your creatine has started to decrease for faster recovery.

    • Laminine Digestive is a probiotic (high density) that balances your stomach lining and enzymes. Take it 1 capsule 30 minutes before eating breakfast. If this is your first week to take the probiotic, it probably is doing a lot of things in your stomach (balancing) it.

  19. ilan capsule ang pwede ko ibigay sa daughter ko na 11 yrs old?nagkaroon siya ng sipon, running nose for one day na nasa school siya. gabi pinatake ko siya ng 2 capsules, the next day she took 1 cap after lunch,nung paguwi niya galing school nawala na ang sipon niya and nag take pa siya ng 1 capsule before bedtime. hindi ba siya masyadong marami at her age? this was without vitamin c only laminine lang

    • There are no overdosing. For her age, 1 capsule per day (bedtime) is enough. If she has PE or sports activity, you can give 1 before breakfast and 1 at lunch. Laminine has NO Vitamin C. It good for energy and rapid cell & muscle recuperation from stress or too much activity. For supplements for immunity, we recommend Immune+++

  20. with regards with my creatinine which is 1300 already, you told me to take 1-0-1 for laminine original. ok lang ba kung isabay ko sa morning ang laminine digestive?

  21. congested ang ilong ko, gusto ko matanggal yun mga matagal na nakaaccumulate na sipon kaya on and off ang barado nang ilong and very sticky ang sipon ko. ma magagawa ba ang laminine dito sa case ko?

  22. if i’m going to take laminine immune for my sinusitis, pwede ko na ba itigil ang original kasi mabigat sa buget? meron din ba siyang ingredient na kapareho ng laminine original?

  23. how much yun laminine omega?sa family pack pwede ba combination ng ibat ibang laminine? ask ko lang with regards to my question jan 21, up to kelan ko iinumin ang digestive? if ever mag take ako ng laminine omega saan ko sya pwede isingit? and kung kumain ng fruits, how many hrs bago pwede mag take ng laminine, 2 hrs pa rin ba? hindi ba pwede isabay ang medication at laminine? meron akong friend na me high blood, she is taking laminine original, need pa ba nya na mag omega?

    • Laminine Omega in Philippines is also P2,900. It can be combined with Laminine but not suggested with digestive and immune. At least 1 hour apart. You can take LifePharm Digestive+++ 2 to 5 times a week, or if you are taking antibiotic or medicine to help balance the stomach lining. You can take Digestive just before breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you are taking Omega in the morning, take the Digestive by lunch time. You can take Laminine and Omega together. You only need Laminine Omega if you have high cholesterol, triglyceride or has inflammation or bone problem. The interval of 2 hours is a suggestion, but it should be at least 30 minutes. Medicine or drug may lessen the effect of Laminine if taken together because (drugs, medicine) are usually chemical based. If you want to order Family pack (P20,880), you can call our Philippine office and request for a combination. 09255338815

  24. Yes no need to take Laminine. Laminine is for cell repair, LifePharm Immune helps combat bacteria and viruses. However Immune+++ does not have fertilized avian egg that Laminine has.

  25. with regards to your answer na january 26 – kasi tumawag kami sa office niyo, me nakausap akong doctor, sabi niya pag di bumababa ang creatinine ko, baka need ko mag take ng laminine omega, kasi nung nalaman niya na ang bp ko ay 150 at minsan ay nag 160. o pwede na ba ako hindi magtake ng omega?

  26. Hello , na diagnosed po ako coronary heart desease high na daw po CAD inadvice po ako ng angiogram nagta take po ako ng laminine original 2-2-2 at laminine omega 1-1 a day matatagal po na ang bara sa puso ko .lage po sumasakit ang dibdib ko . At may hypothroidism den po ako ..l

    • For your coronary heart problem, ok ang 2 capsules per day of Laminine Omega and Laminine original should at least be 3 to 6 capsules. Gawin mo lang ito nag direcho, after 60 days check up ka.

  27. hello sir/madam
    my mother (65yr, 5feet) has hypertension, lv disfunction and ckd5. and her kidney size is 5.5cm and 8.1cm, now her urine output is about 1lit per day and no dailysis yet. i am so worried in this condition i want to know that can she regain her kidney size to normal and body to normal life by taking laminine? plis reply s soon s possible. thank u

    • Your mom should take high dosage of Laminine (original) 2-2-2 (6 capsules 3x day) preferably 30 minutes before meal. If she has high cholesterol, she can take 1-2 capsules of Laminine Omega. Do this for 90 days or until you see improvements. Minimum dosage for her condition is 3 capsules per day.

  28. with regards to my above statement can she surely regain her kidney size and recover to normal function? please reply with confidence…. thank you

    • No one can guarantee full recovery from any food supplement, drugs or medicine. We can only base it on use experience. Clinical trials on wound or cell healing resulted in dramatic recovery, it is therefore promising to say that a person may fully recover.

  29. may i ask what kind of laminine is best to provide to my father in law to lower his creatinine because his kidney is not doing well. and what will be the recommended dosage for his case? thank you.

    • For kidney related diseases, 1-2 Laminine for the first week. Continue dosage at 3 capsules (maximum 6) the next week up to 3 months. Check for creatinine levels after. For more information, you can text us at 09255338815

  30. with regards to jan 26, 2015 question. dapat nagdialysis ako twice a week. kaso nag try ako mag once a week, to my surprise from my last time ako nag dialysis me 4 days interval, ang increase ko ay .7 pero nagbawas ako ng konti konti lang na intake ng fluid.pero ang laki na nabawas sa timbang ko. what does it mean, hindi na ako masyado nag reretain ng water kasi nag improve na kidneyko? pero we haven’t check for the creatininepa. balak ko na mag alternate twice a week na dialysis and alternate na once a week. thanks

    • Yes water causes the extra weight. Basta bantayan lang ang creatinine levels, until it becomes normal. For the dialysis, its best to ask your doctor if you can have it every other week, or at least once a week. It maybe too early to lessen the frequency of your dialysis. Normally a person taking Laminine for kidney takes at least 3 – 6 months to settle down.

  31. I let my sister who was diagnose with stage 4 breast cancer metastasis n sa lungs, liver and bone. Nag google search ako nakita ko sa US site nyo 5-5-5 ang pag inom but i gave her 4-4-4 is it enough ? Nakita ko kasi sa dose site mo 3-2-4 i think . Please reply asap tnx

    • For Cancer stage 4, high dosage (especially if metastasized) of 15 capsules is recommended for 1 month. Then check for cancer cells, if the improvement is significant you can continue 9 capsules for the next 3-6 months or as budget permits.

  32. Good Day, my husband is Hypertensive.. and his 2D echo result reading is LVH (Left Ventricular Hypertrophy). We want to try Laminine.. Any distributor in Tacloban City Area? thank you.

    • We do not have an officein Tacloban Leyte but can deliver through LBC (BPI or BDO bank deposit). For hypertension, we recommend 1 capsule Laminine and 1 capsule Laminine Omega+++ before breakfast and 2 capsules Laminine at bedtime.

    • Recommending a product is tantamount to endorsing it. Organizations (like kidney) are careful not to be labeled as ‘endorsing’ a product. In the same way that any person cannot just recommend a product unless there is a purpose for it, such as advertising endorsement.

  33. saan po tayo pwede makaorder dito sa southern leyte. gusto ko sana magtake sa laminine para po malunas na po ang skit ko mataas kasi ang creatinine ko. sana po mayroon dito sa amin laminine na malapit sa amin. sa maasin city mayroon po ba? anong panagalan ng tindahan. kung sa ormoc din or tacloban ano pangalan ng tindahan. please po reply. maraming salamat po

    • For Leyte, you can order through bank deposit, we deliver through LBC. For creatinine problems, we recommend Laminine (Original), at least 3 capsules per day. You can text Philippines order at 09255338815

  34. is it okey, taking laminine with other food herbal supplement? i took laminine last nov and this feb bumaba na ang creatinine ko until march na result. the problem nag karoon ako ng pneumonia , during my dialysis, na congest pa ako, kaya na confine ako. tumaas ulit ang creatinine ko. my dosage is laminine omega in the morning but we change it into 2 na ngayon kasi mataas ang bp, and one laminine orig sa lunch and before bedtime. dati kasi ang take ko ng laminine is 1-0-1 (feb – nung bumaba ang creatinine ko)
    want to ask lang tumataas ba ang creatinine pag umiinom ng atibiotic? bababa pa ba ulit ang creatinine with this current dosage?

    • Its ok for as long as the herbal supplement is taken in moderation. You should be taking at least 3 capsules of Laminine (Original) and 1 to 2 capsules of Laminine (Omega). Laminine (Original) will be the one to help lower your creatine. If you had a sudden increase in creatine, this can be connected to your diet. Yes, certain medicines, drugs, antibiotic can elevate creatine.

  35. My creatinine level is 445. Can laminine help? The doctor told me no medication was available and only 2 possibilities remained. Dialysis or transplant.

    • Yes we have had several testimonials on kidney/creatinine problems. Initial dose of Laminine may temporary increase your creatine for a few days because Laminine is basically protein (the kind of protein that your kidney needs to repair itself), it will then begin to subside in 2-3 weeks. You can start with a low dosage of at 2 capsules, increasing it to 6 capsules.

  36. with regards with my question last april 27. this may, my creatinine was now 845 ( a decreased of 178 ). do i have to stay on my dosage which is 1 laminine omega in the morning, 1 laminine omega during lunch. sometimes i add 1 laminine orig but most of the times, i take it before bedtime. should i increased my laminine original? but this past few days, i took 2 laminine original after my dialysis. is it okey not to take laminine during bedtime because i already had my 2 laminine after my dialysis. i’m afraid that the creatinine will go up again if i take a lot of it just what happened during the first two months of taking laminine. what do you suggest?

    • Laminine Omega is a supplement for Laminine (Original). If you want a significant improvement on your creatine, you need to take Laminine Original, at least 3 capsules per day. You can just take 1 Laminine Omega if you have cost concerns. Laminine Original has more FGF to repair damaged cell, such as kidney.

  37. Hello, I wonder if I could use Laminine if I am after the second kidney transplantation. I’ve already read that Laminine rebuilts the cells of kidney but I’m afraid of the interactions with the immunosuppressive drugs and of the stimulating effect of Laminine on my immune system. If I can take it – then in what dosage? I’ll be grateful for Your answer. Regards

    • To date we have not encountered any side effects or interaction with other drugs. Laminine will basically help your cell regenerate, give you the amino acids you need to assist the body’s natural response to repair (stem cell – like behavior). From our experience, you can start 3 capsules for 2 weeks and increase this to 6 capsules for the next 6 months. You can have your regular check up anytime to see improvements.

  38. with regards to your answer dated april 28. you said that increase in creatinine may be due to the diet. just want to ask, what are the foods that will cause high creatinine. thanks

    • Too much meat is not recommended. Low-protein diet is recommended for kidney disease patients, Beans, bean products, fish, milk, egg white and lean meat are high in protein, they need to be avoided in theory. However, to meet the physical demand, kidney disease patients can take some fish, milk and lean meat. They contain high quality protein and cause little extra renal burden.

  39. with regards to my question jun 1, 2015. 11 yrs old lang siya, pag umaga sneeze ng sneeze and pag napapagod ubo ng ubo. ilan dapat ang iinumin niyang laminine original? ano ang suggestion niyo. thank you.

  40. Hi! I just undergone cs delivery few days ago…i would like to know if how many capsules of laminine should i take for faster recovery…thanks

    • Yes we had several testimonies on gangrene. Laminine is proven to promote rapid wound healing, also help diabetes maintainance. If the condition is severe, patient can take at least 5 capsules per day.

  41. so far naging malakas ako and bumaba na ang aking creatinine. nung na hospitalized ako ng april, it went 1000 plus and decrease to 865 nung may. before ako ma hospitalized bumaba na ang crea ko for two months (feb and march) after taking laminine nung nov. ang crea talaga nag shoot up since nov to jan pero bumaba na siya. this jun hindi pa kami nakakapag bld test pero ang napansin ko hindi ako nakakaihi since nung nag taginit. pero before that gumanda na ang urine output ko pero nag start mga 2 to 3 weeks ako, di na ako masyado umiihi. ano ba ang pwede niyong i suggest. can i go for a portable sauna or can you please explain kasi i’m so worried. meron na ba naging ganun case.
    waiting for your reply and thanks in advance.

    • During summer, minimum water intake in a country like the Philippines should be at least 10 glasses. It is possible that you are not drinking enough water which resulted into less urinating habit. Portable sauna do no help also, it just encourages more perspiration which is healthy for the skin.

  42. with reg to your answer jun 23. im on dialysis and how can i make 10 glasses of water when i have a limit intake of water????? how i wish i drink more.and lumaki nga ang wt ko today during my dialysis.

    • Yes you should limit your water, what we mean by you have to drink 10 glasses, this is the ideal water intake and if you take less than this, urinating won’t be frequent.

  43. my problem is low rbc, wbc and platelet count, how many capsule should i take in a day.. thank you and God bless

  44. Do you have testimonies for Laryngeal cancer? I have stage 4 hypo laryngeal cancer and have undergobe chemo and radiation.

    I started taking laminine 3-3-3. What is best dosage and how to take it?

    Would appreciare your immediate response.
    thank you.

    • We don’t have first hand testimony laryngeal cancers (or specific to larynx and hypopharynx) but Laminine works for all organ types or body tissue since its job is to signal stem cells in our body to repair (cancer) itself. For stage 4, you should take Laminine at the highest possible dosage (at least 9 capsules per day for 30 days). You should maintain Laminine for at least one year. You can reduce dosage when cancer cells goes down, but from our experience with other cancer patients, you should continue dosage at least 6 months, and lower it after. For Stage 4, the lowest dosage should be 4 capsules, even if the cancer cells subsides.

  45. Thanks for your immediate reply. What is best dosage, is it 3-3-3 or 3-2-4.?
    Also, is it best to take laminine 2 hrs after dinner or right before bedtime?

  46. I am scheduled for chemo again by ist wk sept. Is it safe to continue w/ my laminine dosage of 3-2-4 while undergoing chemo? I’ve been taking 9 capsules since aug. 1, 2015.

    • Yes no problem with it, in fact Laminine will help you recover faster after chemo as it will boost your energy, helping your body cope up with the stress and damage of healthy cells that comes along with chemo.

  47. I have diagnosed CML chonic myeloid lekeumia. have been taking laminine for 5 days. My dosage 4-3. Since i m taking laminine i stop medicine from doctor. Doctor gave me hydroxiurea to decreasing my white blood cell. My question, can laminine cure leukemia ? Should i still take the medicine from doctor together with laminine or i can stop taking them ? The laminine reseprentative recommended me to take laminine immune for fast recovery for my blood cell and bone marrow. Since i was diognased, i have been eating healthy with vegan diet and coffee enema.

    Would be so much appreciate your fast respone ty

    • We would still recommend to follow your doctor since Laminine is a supplement. You can stop your medicine after a few weeks should test result and your doctor favors it. Laminine can definitely help your condition and we have unverified testimonies on Leukemia. You should take Laminine at 2-1-4, always higher at bedtime, when cellular repair takes place.

  48. My mother has a lump and based sa FNAB result is negative for malignant cell and has suggestive fibrocystic change. Ang advice ng doctor is i-excile and lump to further test, pumayag kami dahil mukang ok naman at benign ang understanding namin. until sa excisional biopsy (im not sure kung tama ang term ko) nakita na may invasive ductal carcinoma ang lump. We’re afraid specially si mother ko and she decided na di i-remove ang whole right breast nya. Until my friend, suggested to take laminine, altho i never had an idea about the product, my interest now is, paano gamitin ang product na ito if nag-me-maintenance siya sa puso, may joint problem din sya sa tuhod, Iyan din ang reason kung bakit ayaw nya dumaan sa matinding procedures esp chemo. May i have a favor to give me idea and enlightenment with your product and recommended intakes based sa sakit ng mother ko. Sana matulungan nyo ako.

    • For breast cancer, she should take at least 6 to 9 capsules per month. Breast cancer are usually the easiest to manage specially at an early stage. She can try it for 30 days and check again for cancer cells. She may need to take Laminine for 5 years, at a lower dosage after 6 months to a year.

  49. Hi, i’m feeling some kind of a muscle pain like “rayuma” on my left buttock down to my left thigh. Is it a side effect of taking laminine? Sometimes i find it difficult to go down the stairs or walk.

    Please advise. Thanks,

    • You should first consult a doctor to rule out that its a complications of something else (such as Sciatica) or related to other parts of the body. If its just posture or uric acid, Laminine may help in eliminating these symptomps

  50. I have psoriasis on my skin. On elbows. Should I take Laminine only or Laminine Omega +++ or Laminine Digestive? I am very keen on learning these details.

  51. Hi, can you take laminine while still undergoing chemotherapy? My mother has stage 4 cancer at this point. For more info, please contact our Philippines distribution office – 09255338815

  52. Hi. I always have lumps because of my Melanoma (skin cancer). I had 3 surgeries in 7 months. Will Laminine stop those lumps from recurring?

    • Laminine is known to help address skin and cancer issues, we would recommend for you to take at least 4-8 capsules per day. Our cancer patients who survived continues to take Laminine in the hope to prevent recurrence.

  53. My dad has advanced gastric lymphoma and is internally bleeding with low hemoglobin level and platelets.
    Will laminine help and what dosage?
    Thank you

    • Yes, Laminine will help proliferate blood, increase platelet as we have seen in dengue patients who took Laminine. Take 1-2 capsules for 2 days and if he doesn’t have any allergic reaction (with egg), take at least 5 capsules for at least 2 weeks.

  54. Thank you for the reply.
    He is taking 6 per day. But is it normal that he starts having diarrhea and nausea after laminine and the bloody stool is still continuing?

  55. Thanks again for the reply.
    But my dad is constant bloody diarrhea,
    We don’t know if he’s losing blood or its the laminine working.
    Please help

  56. I have a goiter the size of large plum. Should i take laminine original or omega? I have been told to avoid soy. Is this product safe if i cant have soy due to having a goitre?

    • We don’t have a direct testimony on Glioma, but we did for tumor. Since Laminine has studies for faster wound healing and cell tissue repair, Laminine may help him recover. Recommended dosage would be at least 2 capsules for 30-90 days. You can check for improvements after within this period.

  57. My sister have Multiple sclerosis since last year. I have tried to give her many kind of supplement. Can she take the Leminine? And can it be take before dinner?

    Please reply me through email.


  58. Hi I was told buy a laminine rep. That the marine protein was shark cartilage and not marine plants. I wanted to make sure that it did not have blue green algae as an ingredient and was assured that it was only shark cartilage. But in your reply to Denise you stated that it was marine plants. Can you clarify for me what the “marine protein” is?

    • Sorry for the late reply, we tried to clarify with LifePharm re: marine protein & not having blue green algae, but they have not replied yet. As far as we know, shark cartilage is used as marine protein. LifePharm is very concerned with how they make the product, using only organic and of course non-harmful ingredients to both humans, animals, and environment. It is rated 100% food grade and very much FDA regulated. It is 100% made in the USA.

    • Depending on when the child takes it, should ideally be at bedtime (about to sleep). Laminine is an adaptogen and can energize a child if taken at day time. 1 capsule is ok for a child until 14 years old and below.

  59. Hi im male 28. Suffering from backpain and wad diagnose last month of january for having a high level of creainine. Now my mother sent me abroad two kinds of laminine softgel and the other one. Let me ask if whats the difference between the two capsule. I am now started taking two capsule before bedtime.

  60. Hi! My nephew has just been diagnosed with renal parenchymal disease. We do not know what stage it is yet but he is only 1 year and 9 months, can my nephew still take laminine? If so, what is the recommended dosage for a 1 year old child?

    • 1 capsule per day for children below 7 years old, but since he has a special need, our Doctors would usually recommend higher dosage up to 3 capsules. Please make sure your child is not allergic to eggs. What you can do is to give him half/capsule dose for a few days and see if there are any allergic reactions. You can increase the 1 capsule dosage to up to 3, within a week or two. While we do not have a direct testimony on renal parenchyma, we do have on kidney recovery for adults.

    • Anyone can take Laminine, but for children or infants, please ask your pediatrician first to avoid any side effects or reaction from Laminine, such as egg allergy. Dosage for infants is half or 1/3 capsule per day. You can refer to PDR 2016 when relating it to your doctor.

  61. Im ridha from indonesia. I got anxiety and depression for almost 6 years. And if i want to consume laminine,
    1. How many capsule should i take a day??
    2. And how long i can feel the good effect? Can i still take laminine during consume antidepression medicine from pschyatric?
    3. What if i take laminine while pregnant? Is it okay to the fetus??

    Thank you so musch for your answers, really glad to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    • You can take 3 to 4 capsules per day. You should begin to feel improvement in 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how your body responds, as there might be other reasons for the anxiety (aside from mental stress or sudden hormone imbalance). Take it at bedtime (just before you sleep). If you take it earlier and you need to do something (or some thinking), Laminine’s effect on you might be the opposite cause it is an adaptogen (adjusts to your body’s need).

  62. Hi, My 3 yr old has ASD, just wondering if I tried him on Laminine what would the dosage be for him? ASD isn’t listed in the above disorders/diseases, has there been any documented trials or evidence of its use in ASD?

  63. I am currently on hemodiayls for the past 19 years I was told about your product and would like to try it can it hep me in any way after being on dialysis so long …my kidneys failed because of high blood pressure :can I be advised about the dosing …I live in the Caribbean Trinidad need speedy advice please. .thanks

    • Laminine (original formula) for Fibroids and related abnormal growths is recommended. Laminine Omega is recommended for choletsterol issues and bone health or inflammations. Minimum dosage for abnormal growths is at least 1-2 capsule in the morning and 2 at bedtime. Laminine is also found to influence hormones which is good for people with fibroids.

  64. Ask ko lng po bakit tumaas creatine ng asawa ko nung ng take sya ng laminine? At ngayon lalo sya nanghihina.. Tapos lalo tumaas BP nya, hinahapo sya lagi.. Hirap sya humiga at di makatulog ng maayos.. Bakit ganun?

    • How long is he taking Laminine and how many? Laminine is protein and side effect includes temporary increase in creatinine, which is normal from 1-3 weeks. This protein helps the with the kidney repair and is not dangerous. Kidney patients can take 1 capsule per day for the first few weeks if there’s creatinine spike. There’s also side effects such as healing reaction.

  65. Actually my uncle has taken 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules at night (but not at bedtime) for 1 week. Stomach pain is still there but it became less severe. Meanwhile, the feeling of incomplete defecation still remains. Sometimes after a rather heavy meal, he feels urgency to immediately to go to the washroom but sometimes not. So he is reluctant to go to the party because the urgency is unpredictable. Sometimes he feels the need to empty the bowel but nothing comes out even after trying quite a long time. The good thing is his stool which was mostly black before taking laminine now turns up mostly brown. Does this mean laminine has stopped some of his intestine bleeding, or the egg white contained in Laminine makes the stool color less black? Today I bought 1 box of Digestive Plus online but it takes some days to arrive.

    • If stool is red (small amounts of bright red blood), it usually comes from either hemorrhoid or small tear (fissure) in the anal passage. This usually happens if the person stays too long sitting and emptying himself (thus it is not advisable to stay long sitting on the toilet). Laminine repairs cells/organs. If there’s a wound inside, it may have started to heal because of Laminine. The white in Laminine does not affect the color of the stool. He should also take at least 8 glasses of water and it is important to include fibrous/leafy diet on his condition and remove any kind of spices and artificial flavorings that may cause further irritation.

  66. He never has red stool. He doesn’t have hemorrhoid. BTW, I cannot buy Digestive Plus in Indonesia. Have asked several distributors and all said Digestive Plus is unavailable in Indonesia. Your sole agent here – Lifefarm Global Network Indonesia (lifefarmglobal.co.id), also don’t have Digestive Plus picture at their website. So where can I buy Digestive Plus?

  67. She emailed me on Nov 26, quoting Digestive Plus at 2070 pesos and shipping fee at 1500 pesos. Then I asked her on Nov28 if there is package price (like 1 package = 3 box). When I buy Laminine +++ and Laminine Omega here in Indonesia, buying in package is much cheaper. Further, I think shipping fee is about the same whether you buy 1 box or 3 boxes. But she never replies me until now. Obviously she is not a good seller.

    By the way, do you have other distributor(s). It seems to me she is lazy.

    • Sorry about that. You will definitely get the product cheaper if you buy it directly in Indonesia. Also, Laminine products is really more expensive in the Philippines compared to others. Shipping fee whether 1 or 3 boxes will still be the same. The price for P1,500 shipping is up to 6 bottles/boxes.

    • We do not know a specific chronic myeloid leukemia case, but generally, amino acids with FGF activates stem cells in the body to normalize blood cell production (naturally). Laminine works in general for all forms of cancer.

  68. Can laminine help to stop seizures for persons who have generalized seizures and suffer epilepsy and can they take it with their doctor prescribed seizure medication?

    • We do not have an official count on this, but the FGF-2 (such as contained in Laminine), effects the nervous system that include neurogenesis, neuroprotection and neuroplasticity. It may increases excitability (such as brain focus) but it can also decrease seizure-induced cell loss, thus preventing further brain damage. It’s really a case to case basis.

  69. Hello
    My 7yr oldson has autism. Can he take it? If yes what’s the dosage ?
    Also I showed this to couple people who work as nurse/ doctors and they are saying this is bad for kidneys
    Please advise

    • General dosage for children below 12 can take 1 capsule every other day or daily as needed. Contrary to what they said, this is good for the kidneys. They probably said that because technically, Laminine is protein. If you have a high creatinine level, it may elevate the creatine but it is a normal (good) side effects. It will return to normal, as the kidney begins to heal.

  70. Hello, I am an 18 year old female diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have irregular periods, excessive hair growth, acne on face, chest, back and shoulders. Can Laminine be taken to help heal my Pcos and get rid of my symptoms? What dosage would you recommend?

    • As for the symptoms, it will likely still be there since we do not have a testimony yet on PCOS. However, we did have on hormone related problems. General dosage would still be minimum 2 capsules to 4 per day.

    • Yes, Laminine is very good for cancer-related diseases. She can take the suggested high dosage of 6 capsules per day for at least 30 days. Check up after and continue dosage. For more info, please go to recommended dosage for cancer.

  71. what is the difference between Laminine and Laminine omega+++, is it advisable to take the two products at the same time? is happen when I did it?

  72. what may be the effect of Laminine if I will give it to my pet? And can I give it the other product of Laminine to?

  73. My 15 yr old daughter was diagnosed with inflammation in the brain and brain stem. Which of the Laminine should she use and in what dosage please?

  74. Hi.tanung ko lang po kasi nag pa mri po ako at sabi ng mri ay may disc bulge sa spine at cerebellar tonsillar herniation and syrinx.at mild rightward deviation of the cervical spine may be positional due to mild scoliosis. At straightened cervical lordodis due to muscle spasm. At beginning disc desication. At sabi ng dr na nag recommend or nagbigay ng dosage ay 5-5-5 sa laminine at 2-2 sa omega. Ok lng ba tong dosage na binigay at sabi nya ok lng daw isabay ko tong usana product.wala bang contra tong usana at laminine? At parang lumamig ung chest ko isang gabi na dto ko maintindihan. ? May side effect ba ung laminine can u xplain me this..thanks po

    • When Laminine begins to affect the body, there has been reports of side effects, which is generally normal, given that the body begins to react to proteins that help the body repair itself. The dosage recommended by the Doctor should be OK.

    • Depending on the weight, if the child is taller or heavier than most of his/her age, Laminine intake should be at least 2 capsules per day. If there are no allergic side effects (with high concentrated egg protein) after 1-2 weeks, dosage should be increased to at least 4 capsules per day.

  75. I’m giving my my Pomeranian dog laminine for her erlichiosis. Every other day 1/3 of the capsuleto prevent seizure and to maintain her platelets Ct.she is doing fine. For me, I take laminine in am and imuregen at bedtime and feel so sleepy.can you advise me how to take them. And How can avail of the discount or distributor price of laminine . Thanx

  76. the recommended dosage on the bottle for adults is one capsule twice a day, so why do you recommend up to four? I have just bought it for my son, who is autistic, but pretty high functioning and he is 12 years old, so I will start with one capsule a day.


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