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Frequently Asked Questions as a Laminine Distributor

How do I become a Laminine distributor?

All sign-ups (JOIN NOW) can automatically become a distributor if they choose to. You are given an IBO (Independent Business Owner) which is also your URL (just add ‘.mylifepharm.com) which you use as your online business website. Your commission is reflected in your back office website as ‘EWallet’.

→ Click for more information on becoming a distributor


How do I earn as a distributor?

Laminine is sold through MLM, which means you have several ways to earn, but basically its getting overriding commission or rebates each time someone buys using your REPLICATED WEBSITE.

→ Click here for more information on how to earn by selling Laminine

How can I get my earnings?

You have 3 ways to manage your income in Laminine, your credit is all stored in your EWallet:
1. Use your Ewallet to buy or order products.
2. Use your Ewallet to transfer to anyone who is also a member/distributor.
3. Withdraw your Ewallet through your local bank or Payoneer account.

To buy the product if you have enough EWallet, just choose this option from the drop-down menu, when making your order placement. To transfer EWallet, use the drop-down menu and choose this option when you enter your back office or VIRTUAL OFFICE.

To transfer your Ewallet through a bank, please send a request to this email – customerservice@lifepharmglobal.com

For Payoneer, please create an account with them and coordinate this by sending an email to – customerservice@lifepharmglobal.com

About your Virtual Office

Your back office or Virtual Office ‘PRO version’ is free for 90 days. You can pay a minimum monthly fee to continue using the PRO version otherwise, you can still continue using your Virtual Office or BACK OFFICE with basic features.

Are there registration fees I need to pay as a distributor?

There are no additional fees except the annual membership fee of US$20 which is automatically deducted in your EWallet or charged to your credit card. You will receive an email notification when you need to settle this fee, usually during the anniversary date of your signup.

What happens if I don’t pay the annual membership fee?

Your back office may not be accessible after a year of inactivity or if membership fee is not paid. You will also not be able to receive any rebate or commission if the account is inactive.


Do I need to pay annual dues as a distributor?

Yes, if you wish to continue receiving bonuses and commissions. An annual membership fee of US$20 is automatically deducted in your EWallet. You will be informed when the deduction is about to take place. You can also use your credit card to settle the yearly due.

Do I need to pay monthly maintenance fees?

Yes and No. Technically there are no monthly maintenance fees unless you avail of the PRO Version of Virtual Office (optional). However, in order to continue receiving bonuses, you need to buy 1 to 2 bottles each month of Laminine. This is called your AUTOSHIP. You can do this manually or request for auto-delivery.

Even without monthly maintenance, you will still receive a commission for each Activation (3-Bottles package) or New Membership purchases under your account. Therefore if you are just starting to distribute the product and have a small network below you, you don’t really need to maintain your account each month by buying 1 bottle because you may not yet be eligible for bonuses.

*AUTOSHIP is necessary in order to maintain your PV or Personal Volume, which qualifies you to a particular level of commission. If your PV is ‘0’, you will not get an overriding bonus, but can still receive direct commissions from new members.

Depending on how involved you are in the business, you can follow these guidelines:

(1) Commission from new members under you:
No need to maintain your account, except for the annual membership fee. If someone signup using your account (free replicated website), you automatically get a commission or rebate. This will be reflected in your EWallet, every Friday.

(2) Commission from members who maintain or do the business as well:
If your downline (member under your account) maintains their account by either placing an order or having their own personal sign-ups, you will receive an overriding commission. Your account should be maintained each month, which means you are actively ordering Laminine, at least 1 bottle/box per month.


If your PV is ‘Zero’ (0), you will not receive an overriding commission, but can still get the direct commission for new sign-ups directly under you, even though your PV remains zero. You can check your PV by logging in to your account. Click ‘enter virtual office’ and locate DATA PANEL on the right.

→ Click here to know more about your PV

(3) Commission or bonus from your matrix tree.
The same rule applies as stated in (2). However, if your direct sign-ups (downlines) have reached ten (10) members, your rank becomes ‘PREMIER ACCOUNT’.


As Premier rank, you will higher overriding commission from your direct downlines and direct members of your downline, and so forth. This is known as the MATRIX TREE, where you can receive the unlimited commission, depending on how big your network has become. To maintain a Premier account, you need to buy at least two (2) bottles/boxes of Laminine or equivalent PV or price range.

Where can I download flyers and brochures?

Please go to our DOWNLOAD PAGE for forms, brochures, presentation materials and other useful material for distributors.


What material can I use if I want to present to a customer?

→ Laminine Product Presentation*
→ Laminine Omega Product Presentation

Laminine Presentation Ingredients
Sample Presentation

* This presentation has a password and is available to Althea downlines only. Please send us an email.

What are the things I should learn about the product when selling?

You can review the clinical studies on Laminine and review the following page to learn more about the product:
● What you need to know about Laminine
● Compare products
● Complete benefits of Laminine
● Complaints and side-effects

Clinical Studies

→ Clinical Studies
→ Clinical Studies – Full Prescribing Information, PDR.net
→ Clinical Studies – Cortisol
→ Clinical Studies – Laminine Omega
→ LPGN Magazine
→ LGPN General Policy & Condition

Where can I get upline support?

If you signed-up under Althea Group, we become your upline and can help you start your own business online. Please get in touch with the agent you registered with.

Product orientation or seminar in your area

Depending on where you live, LifePharm orientation or seminar is available only in key cities in the United States. For other countries, these events can be conducted and arranged by any distributor.

For Premier Silver Directors or above
You can conduct your own LifePharm Products and Opportunity or LifePharm events and get financial support from LifePharm (parent company). These events can be done in restaurants or other venue places where you can invite potential sellers like you or customers who would like to know more about the product.

How it works
When you schedule a meeting or event in your local area that has 25 or more IBOs/Guests in attendance, LifePharm will:
• Send one LifePharm Home Office Executive Team Member to speak (based on scheduling and availability)
• Provide one box of each LifePharm Product for display and to raffle off at the event
• Reimburse up to $200 for room rental

Please go to LifePharm Events for more information

3. Online coaching

If you belong to Team Althea, we’re here to support your own network by sending us an email or video chatting. Let us know how we can help?


Should I declare my income to IRS or Tax Revenue in my country?

Depending on your laws and the amount of commission you have with LifePharm. Most countries that sell Laminine have their tax withheld automatically. For example, if you are a US citizen and lives in the USA, your income or commission from LifePharm is automatically deducted 35% as a tax payment. However, if you submit an IRS form and file your own income tax, the tax deduction can be reduced.

For other countries with their own tax law, the deduction made can be applied to your personal tax return. Be sure to request ‘proof of tax payment’ from LifePharm or the Laminine business center in your own country, as proof of tax deduction.

If all these confuse you, you do not really have to do anything, since tax deductions are automatically made each time you earn a commission.

What is the IRS Form W-8BEN and what is it used for?

The Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding, is used by foreign persons (including corporations) to certify their non-U.S. status. The form establishes that one is a non-resident alien or foreign corporation, to avoid or reduce tax withholding from U.S. source income.

Once I submit a W-8BEN form, how long does it take for the new address to be updated in the system with the proper country and address change? Australian address and other information will be updated within two business days.

If I submit a W-8BEN form with my (example) Australian address, would that address be automatically updated in my existing Auto-Delivery order on file? No. You must first CANCEL your existing Auto-Delivery order with a U.S. shipping address. Then, re-create a new Auto-Delivery order, at which time your correct Australian address will populate.

Tax Revenue Forms for IBO

→ Form – W9 (USA)
→ Form – W-8BEN (Other countries)
→ Form – DirectDeposit (USA) to widthraw money from your EWallet to your bank*

IMPORTANT: If you are a United States (U.S.) resident and reporting taxes in the U.S.:

The IRS requires that you submit a W-9 form to LPGN in order to receive the proper tax form (1099 form). Please download the W-9 form, indicate your IBO Member ID# in the ‘account’ field and be sure that all information on the form matches your information in the Virtual Office. If you signed up for an individual account with LPGN, please make sure to include your Social Security Number.

For Business Accounts

If you signed up as a business account with LPGN, please fill in your Business Employer Identification Number.

Please ensure that the taxpayer identification number (TIN) on your account with us is accurate and matches the name and TIN on your IRS records. LPGN will not process any W-9 forms that do not have all required fields filled out. LPGN is obligated to withhold 35% of all commissions earned if we do not have your W-9 form on file by February 15, 2016. We assure you that all information submitted is secure and will not be shared with any third parties.

Please submit the W-9 Form to:

Fax: 949.216.9601
Email: W9@LifePharmGlobal.com

If you are a Non-U.S. resident (Other countries)

The IRS requires that you submit a W-8BEN form to LPGN in order to receive the proper tax form (1042 form). Please download the W-8BEN form, indicate your IBO Member ID# in the ‘account’ field and be sure that all information on the form matches your information in the Virtual Office.

Please be sure that the taxpayer identification number (TIN) on your account with us is accurate and matches the name and TIN on your government records. LPGN will not process any W-8BEN forms that do not have all required fields filled out. We assure you that all information submitted is secure and will not be shared with any third parties.

Please submit the W-8BEN Form to:

Fax: 949.216.9601 or
Email: W8@LifePharmGlobal.com

Other Forms

Transfer of (IBO Account) Ownership Form

What happens if I don’t submit the tax form?

If you just use the product and not for business or selling, you don’t have to do anything. However, LifePharm is obligated to deduct 35% tax from your EWallet (commission), paid directly to the IRS.

However, if you submit your tax form, instead of being deducted the 35% withholding tax, you have the option to file your own tax at a lesser percentage amount. For countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia & some European countries, a tax is automatically deducted according to their tax rule percentage much less than 35%. LPGN is obligated to withhold 35% of all commissions earned if we do not have your W-8BEN form on file by February 15, 2017.

Download tax form to file income tax

At the start of the year, the 1099/1042 Tax Form is available for filing. To do this, please login to your account. “Enter the Virtual Office,” scroll down and click “Tax Forms Now Available.” The password to open the PDF file is your social security number.

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