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FAQ: How to Order Laminine

How do I buy LifePharm products such as Laminine Food Supplements?

For instructions on how to buy, please go to any of the following links:
1. How to place your order
2. How to buy Laminine

Laminine is not available in my country, how can I order it?

If your country is not listed on the COUNTRY DIRECT DELIVERY, Althea Distributor can ship your Laminine order via courier. Delivery normally takes 7 to 15 days, depending on the country. Additional courier fees apply.

Some Middle East countries do not allow food supplements through courier. If you have relatives in Australia, Canada, or the USA, we can ship the product in these countries for FREE, and you can either hand carry them or ask someone to send it to your country. You can pay through PayPal.

LPGN is expanding worldwide. For countries not included in our auto-delivery list, you can buy from an individual distributor who in turn can ship the product to you using post office carriers.

SkyBox option

If you live in countries with no LPGN direct delivery available, you can set up your own USA (or Europe) delivery address through SKYBOX. They, in turn, will send the product to you. You can do more with a SKYBOX USA address, such as shopping on eBay and other US-based online shopping websites.

To date, we have had customers who successfully had their orders delivered through SKYBOX. However, the policy between LPGN and US-based delivery address providers can change anytime without prior notice. Please check with SKYBOX if your country is included in their list.

In 90% of the shipments, the total transit time is within 4-7 working days (customs clearance not included) plus an additional 3 to 5 working days for LPGN order processing.

How to order auto-delivery each month or cancel this option

You can have the product delivered to you on a monthly regular basis. You need to be a member to have this option. Just login to your account (PRO Virtual Office Version 2015) and go to ‘MY BUSINESS’ > ‘MY AUTO-DELIVERY.

For active resellers, Auto-Delivery is a great way to make sure you meet your monthly PV (personal volume) requirements.

Important Note: If you currently have an Auto-Delivery on file, please check your order and your credit card information to make sure everything is accurate.

I am already a member but was registered by another person/upline. Can you facilitate my order?

If you are registered to another group or individual, your up-line should be the one to process your order. You can send us an email, and we will do our best to assist your claim, either through your country-direct or through LGPN USA.

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