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What you need to know when you chose ‘JOIN NOW’ option

✓ Who is LifePharm Global Network (LPGN)?

LifePharm Incorporated is the manufacturer of Laminine Food Supplement and all its allied products. LifePharm Global Network or LGPN is its marketing and distributor arm. Lifepharm, Inc. was established in 2001 and subsequently LPGN. The parent company is located in Lake Forest, California USA.

Since 2011, LPGN has been introducing its flagship product – Laminine, to an eager consumer base. People interested in improving their overall health and well-being have been drawn to the benefits of Laminine and the business opportunity it offers.

LifePharm was founded on its unique “By You, For You” philosophy. What does this mean? Simply, everything from its products to your compensation plan, to you our business tools and training has been developed by working closely with other Independent Business Owners to provide them with the support and resources they need to be successful.

✓ Who is Althea Distributor?

The word Althea means ‘wholesome’, from the verb meaning ‘to heal’. It originated from the Greek name – Althaia, which is a plant believed to have healing powers. When spelled back, Althea becomes the word ‘Health’.

The Althea Group is one of the hundreds of active online sellers of LifePharm products. Althea Distributor is authorized by LifePharm Global Network USA and to date meets compliance set by the company as a legitimate and premier service provider on behalf of LPGN. The company started as a home-based shop by a husband and wife team, and today has a network of 12 leaders with a full-time staff to service customers around the globe.

The Philippines is the first country outside USA & Canada to introduce Laminine globally in 2012. Today, Althea Group has expanded to Australia, Canada, with a hub in Chicago, USA. Althea Distributor is open to having more network leaders from other countries. Be part of #TeamAlthea and choose us as your sponsor.

Thank you for signing up under Althea Group!

lucy so laminineAlthea Group is headed by Team Leader Lucy So, a homemaker who was born in the Philippines. Together with her husband, they work full-time online to support customers in the USA and other leaders under #TeamAlthea.

Her short testimony is featured in LPGN’s ‘Business Opportunity’ endorsement page.

Advantages of the ‘Join Now’ option

If you purchased an Activation Pack through the ‘JOIN NOW’ option*, you automatically get an ID or IBO Number. As an IBO or Independent Business Owner, you have the following advantages:
1. Direct access to wholesale price and special packages on your reorders.
2. You have the opportunity to earn rebates, commission, or discount when you reorder.
3. You get 90 days access to Virtual Office PRO with basic version free for life.
4. You get an optional and free replicated website if you want to start your own online business.
* Being an IBO is an option which you can ignore. You are not obliged and do not have a binding commitment to the company.

laminine member advantage

What is the difference between ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Join Now’?

When you choose BUY NOW, you are buying the product at retail price and when you choose JOIN NOW, you are buying it at wholesale or member’s price through a variety of special packages. As a member, you can also avail of rebates and commission or you can just disregard all these options and just JOIN to buy the special packages. No obligations, no commitments.

→ Click here for complete difference on buy, join now option and how to place your order.

✓ LifePharm Global Network Benefits

1. Access to LGPN Virtual Office
2. Your own LGPN Replicated Website
3. Access to LGPN Virtual Interactive Partner Training Platform*
4. Access to LGPN Business Application
5. Access to LP Texts*
6. Receive the weekly LGPN eNewsletter
* Available to LGPN IBOs in the US and US Territories
* The training platform is available through your Virtual Office – Resources

✓ How do you become a member?

There are 2 ways to buy Laminine, BUY NOW and JOIN NOW option. If you choose JOIN NOW, you automatically get an ID or IBO number that offers you the privilege of becoming a distributor. This is your option which you don’t need to comply if you just want to buy the product at member’s price.

✓ What are my financial benefits?

All IBOs can purchase Laminine at wholesale price, no minimum. You can also get rebates or commission as a member (depending on rank and status), which you can use to order the product. A lot of members have benefited by sharing their → FREE replicated website. Many practically get their Laminine for free with the rebates they get from referrals.

✓ How do I access my account?

You can access your free Virtual Office or Back office by logging in using your ID number or username + nominated password.
→ Click here for more information about your virtual office.

✓ How do I reorder as a member?

As a member, you can reorder using your account in two ways:
1. Order through your URL (website address). “yourIDnumber”, choose buy or join now.
2. Login to your virtual office and click ‘Place an Order’ or ‘Enroll a new IBO’

→ Click here how to order and get rebate

Already a member?

Now that you have joined LifePharm Global Network, let us share to you some of the basic stuff you need to know as a member or what we call an IBO.

✓ What is an IBO?

IBO stands for Independent Business Owner. If you purchase an Activation Pack or equivalent, you will be given an IBO number or membership ID, which identifies you as a member. You can use this IBO or ID number to access your account.

Why use the word ‘Business Owner’, when you just want to use Laminine as a supplement, nothing more?

Laminine has a business side to it which does NOT imply that you are committed to it if you become a member. This is something that confuses many customers thus become cautious and afraid of signing up with Laminine (LifePharm Global Network).

There are no permanent commitments when you sign up as a member.

✓ How do I access my account & change settings?

You can go to your account and change username, password, auto-delivery options, place an order, or add your own member. LifePharm upgraded its system last March 2015. If you cannot access your account, please click ‘Forgot Password’. A temporary password will be sent to the email you used when you registered.

Click image below to log-in to Virtual Office PRO (2015 Version):
access laminine account pro

IMPORTANT: As a member, you can have your personalized website url which you can use to tell others about Laminine & start earning rebates. Just login to your account to create your personalized url. By default, your username + is your default url ( You can assign an alternative url (example) ‘yourname’

✓ Buy Laminine at Wholesale / Member’s Price

If you have an IBO number and know your password, you can purchase Laminine at wholesale price using your Virtual Office. For example, a 1-Eco Bottle (120s) is sold at US$172 in the USA. If you purchase the same item through your Virtual Office, you can buy Laminine 1-Eco Bottle at US$132 (+ Shipping) only.

→ Click here to see price comparison.
→ Email us if you need help with your Virtual Office, or visit our QUESTIONS / FAQ section on top.

✓ Scientific, Medical Findings, and Accreditation

Laminine Food Supplement is approved by the FDA. It is 100% food grade. It is the only product that contains Fertilized Avian Egg Extract, which contains FGF (FibroBlast Growth Factor). FGF is clinically proven to reduce stress, restore damaged cells, increase libido, and provide quicker muscle recovery.

Laminine Supplement is accredited by the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) which is the authoritative source on prescription drugs.

Although Laminine is not classified as a drug or medicine, PDR’s endorsement mean it can now be safely prescribed as an alternative to other medicines with similar relief. PDR is a doctor’s reference when giving prescription drugs or medicine. PDR publications are found in virtually every physician’s office, pharmacy, clinic, and library.

Disclaimer: Laminine is not a drug or medicine nor is it meant to replace drugs or medicine.

→ Click here to go to Clinical Studies of Laminine

Recommended Dosage

Laminine is taken as a food or nutritional supplement. Updated recommended dosage (2015) is 1 capsule, at least 30 minutes before breakfast, and at least 1 capsule at bedtime. There are no adverse side effects and overdosing is recommended for life-threatening conditions such as cancer, kidney failures, and immune disorders.

Laminine can be taken as regular dietary supplement to delay cellular damage caused by poor diet, toxic environment, or even genetic predisposition. Certain hormones are also affected by Laminine such as Cortisol and Serotonin, which is proven to reduce stress and provide better rest.

→ Click here for Recommended Dosage
→ Click here to know how Cortisol affects our body
→ Click here to know how Laminine works as an anti-depressant

Side effects or Complaints

To date, there are no adverse side effects of Laminine Food Supplement. The core ingredient has been around since the 1980s, and was discovered in 1929. There are no interaction with drugs or medicine but common effects may include soft bowel movement, slights pains, or sleepiness.

→ Click here for more information on Laminine side effects and complaints

✓ Useful links for new IBO

→ Downloads page
→ Quick review on Laminine’s benefits, usage, and indications
→ How to get discount in form of rebate or commmission
→ Understanding Back Office and Virtual Office Pro
→ Personalize your FREE replicated url

✓ Contact LifePharm (LPGN) for questions

32 Rancho Circle Lake Forest, CA 92630
Hours: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm Pacific Time
U.S.A.: 949.216.9600 • 800.400.1287

→ Laminine quick review and frequently asked questions

How to start laminine business

lamiderm apex
How to buy Laminine and Lifepharm products.
With 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.
Got questions? Contact us.

Disclaimer: We do not offer medical advice. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information and views expressed on this site are solely those of the owner of this site and do not constitute advertising of LPGN. Results will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each person. If you have concerns, please consult your physician or call LPGN at 800.400.1287.

buy laminine How to buy Laminine and Lifepharm products.
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  1. hi I ordered laminine online tonight and I tried to edit my shipping address to make the letter capital but when I tried to go back to my order it’s all gone , I already paid for it but I am worried I would not get my order . Could you please help me on this matter . Thank you .


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