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Laminine Testimonies – Birds, Dogs, & Cats

Laminine Pet Testimonials

The main ingredient of Laminine Food Supplement comes from fertilized avian eggs or egg extract. It is fit for humans as for other animals.

The result was terrific; years after, the same animal continues to experience better health, good eyesight, shiny coat, and, most recently, shimmering feathers.

Laminine was tested on a bird.

Tinkerbell, an adult parrot, suddenly lost her appetite. She immediately became paralyzed and could not help herself even to drink water. The pet owner tested Laminine on Tinkerbell, and the results were documented from Day 1 to 7.

Day One: The Veterinarian noted that the bird had a minimal chance of surviving; Laminine was fed to her on the first day.
Day Two: She is back on her feet and eating well, but her legs are still weak.
Day Five: Tinkerbell has regained her strength, all thanks to Laminine’s nutrients.
Day Seven: Tinkerbell is fully recovered and healthier than ever. The Veterinarian felt no need for further medical attention.

Laminine has been tested on a dog.

Animals and humans have similar needs for cell regeneration to combat aging. Since Laminine can reprogram and regenerate animal cells, LifePharm CEO Wicky Suyanto tested it on his pet dog.

Snowy, an adult poodle, was suffering from joint discomfort. He wasn’t as agile as he used to be and had difficulty walking. He would limp to get across the room.

Snowy was given one capsule of Laminine for two weeks. The result was significant.

The dog was again full of life and energetic. He was able to run on all four legs again. His fur also improved and was sharper than ever. Laminine has become Snowy’s health partner for a longer and vibrant life.

Laminine was tested on a dog with a cancer tumor.

One of our customers had a very sick dog. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2015, and the tumor spread to the dog’s mouth and esophagus. It was difficult for the dog to swallow food. He is a well-loved 14-year-old dog.

The owner was willing to try anything to help ease the dog’s pain since recovery was no longer an option, according to his Veterinarian.

She researched alternative medicine, and the dog was fed herbal supplements, but nothing worked until she came across our pet blog for Laminine.

After trying natural herbal cures for three months, the owner took her chance on Laminine.

Our in-house doctor advised 2 to 4 capsules for maximum dosage. After three weeks, the vet said the cancer had spread to other body parts.

Despite the prognosis, the dosage was continued because, on the outward, the dog became active again and appeared to be returning to health.

After two months, the vet was shocked with the 3rd screening result: the cancer and tumor were gone. The apparent spread of the tumor was part of a healing reaction.

The cancer cells were being purged throughout the body, resulting in massive cell purging.

To date, the dog looks younger, and his hair and skin have improved, all thanks to Laminine’s nutrients.

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  1. My beloved dog was just diagnosed with cancer. 6-8 tumors. I am taking a holistic approach & changing her diet along with adding supplements like cod liver oil. I am going to add laminine to the regimen. How should I feed it to her? Thank you.

    • Small to medium sized dogs can take a capsule day, large dogs can take 2 to 3 capsules. You can overdose on Laminine since it’s a food supplement. We wouldn’t recommend overdosing on cod liver oil as it can have side effects.

  2. My pup is nine months old and moves hind legs but don’t walk. Should I give him vitamin B or muscle protein together with one laminine per day?

  3. Hi, I just purchased a baby conure about 2 weeks ago. All of a sudden his legs are paralyzed. I’ve been to 2 vets, and the store where she was purchased, no one can figure out why? I’d love to try this, which one should I use, and what would be the dosage for a turquoise green cheek conure?
    Thank you

    • What you can do is to pull open the capsule to get the powder. You need to give about 1/4 of the powder in the morning. You can do this by mixing it with a little water to form a thick paste, and try feeding it to the bird. Use Laminine (original formula) for pets.


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