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FAQ: Laminine Order and Delivery

Frequently Asked Question on Laminine Order and Delivery

How do I follow up my order and get tracking number?

To track your order, please go to our SUPPORT menu and click “Order and delivery question”

I’m having errors on the website, nothing seems to happen

It could be a browser error, especially if you’re using mobile phone or safari. Please do the following:
1. Google Chrome
– “Control H” on your keyboards
– Choose ‘Beginning of time’
– Check first 4 boxes
– Click “Clear browsing data” button

2. Safari
– Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
– Scroll down and tap on Safari.
– Scroll down and tap on Clear Cookies and Data.

3. Microsoft Internet Explorer
Click this link – http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/clear-the-history-of-websites-youve-visited

What does NFR stand for and what does it mean?

NFR stands for Not For Resale, and means that product shipped to any location designated as NFR is to be used by the purchaser for personal use and should not be resold to others.

Can a P.O. Box be used as my shipping address?

No, our shipping carrier requires a physical address. However there are other ways to do this such as through SKYBOX which can provide a physical address on your behalf. LPGN is not associated or is responsible should you decide SKYBOX as your delivery address. Althea Distributor have had customers who successfully used this facility.

Is direct shipping available in Caribbean Islands, Africa, Middle East and Asia?

LifePharm is continuosly expanding in these areas. In the Caribbean Islands, as of January 2016 only Puerto Rico is direct delivery but it is working on other countries like Jamaica. The only African country available for direct delivery is Ghana while there are ways to ship direct to Brunei with active local IBOs in UAE, Dubai.

For Asia, Laminine is direct delivery in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines. LPGN is working to have a Singapore or Japan direct delivery. It is possible to have door to door delivery in Singapore, please contact us for more information.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Once you place your order, LifePharm (parent company) will process all orders in 48 hours. For USA and Canada, delivery is from 3 to 5 working days. For the rest of the world except Asia and few countries in Europe, delivery is minimum 7 to 10 working days.

Why is “single bottle 30s” not available in some countries?

Due to the high “minimum shipping and handling charge,” feedback from the field was that it did not make sense to have a single bottle purchase available (the cost of shipping one bottle is equivalent to shipping three bottles).

Special privilege to members:
What you can do is to order the 3 bottles (activation package) and you can re-order using your account and select 1 bottle only, this is a priviledge given to members or those who sign up with LPGN.

Delivery problems or inquiries

Do you provide a tracking number? How do I follow up my order?

No, LifePharm does not provide tracking number but you can follow up the order and they can give you the lead as to where the product is. To do this, please click here to submit a request to LPGN.

It’s been more than 10 days and I don’t have my product yet

There are few times that your order maybe delayed due to a particular holiday season or weather problems. You can make a follow up request by submitting a ticket directly to LifePham, who handles the delivery. To do this, please click here to submit a request to LPGN.

I would like to return the product (30 days money back guarantee)

For most countries except in Asia, you can contact LifePharm directly to arrange product returns. To do this, please click here to submit a request to LPGN.

Click here for the policy and instructions on how to avail of the 30 days money back guarantee.

The product I got is different from what I ordered

Please take note of your order number or confirmation, the original email used and delivery address. Please submit a ticket immediately to LifePharm. To do this, please click here to submit a request to LPGN.

Buying from a distributor

Why is the product not available in shops or stores?

LifePharm products are sold through authorized individual distributors using the LPGN ordering website. This way, all orders can be monitored, controlled, and a quick follow up can easily be made. Any LPGN products such as Laminine that is sold through drugstores or shop is not allowed. This include online shopping such as Amazon or Ebay where selling these items is strictly not allowed and violates LPGN’s IBO mandate. This can result to the revocation of an individual’s rights to sell the product.

How do I know if I am buying from an authorized person who sells the product?

All sellers should have their IBO or ID number and can be verified directly to LifePharm.

There a few individual who sells below the standard price, why is it so?

We have heard reports of the product being sold lower than the global standard price. This is made possible through a “black market” where some distributors buys the packages in large quantities to avail of the rebates, discount and commission. They in turn sell the product at discounted price.

There are dangers in buying from this type of market, which is predominantly present in Asian countries like the Philippines who have a different price standard and offers regular promotions. The product you maybe buying may be near expiration or mishandled. Laminine products in particular should not exceed the recommended temperature and efficacy may be lost.

Are there any reports of fake Laminine products circulating?

To date, there are no reported fake products of Laminine.

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  1. Do you ship your product directly to Trinidad and Tobago? Is there a distributor in Trinidad and Tobago?If yes, can you provide a contact number for that person please.If there is no distributor how can i go about being a distributor of your product in Trinidad and Tobago?


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