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Laminine Jamaica opening soon!

Last August 12, 2016, more than 700 guests attended three days of Laminine Jamaica’s powerful and empowering orientation. It was also the opportunity to showcase the and recognize rank achievements of Laminine Distributors in Jamaica who have started to etch their career with LifePharm Jamaica.

Prizes, product were given away. An introduction to Virtual Office trainings was also presented. If you live in Jamaica and missed out on this lively destination event, you can check out all the fun had on the LifePharm Facebook page.

LifePharm Executives in Jamaica

LifePharm® Research Scientist Dr. Edward Andujar, VP of Field Development Steve Brown, and Field Development International Accounts Manager Sonya Olivas flew as well to Jamaica to speak at a packed health and wellness event hosted by Silver IBO Beverley Holness.

Silver IBO Beverley Holness hosted the first health and wellness event for more than 700 guests in Jamaica from August 12th through the 14th. Dr. Edward Andujar, Steve Brown and Sonya Olivas attended.

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